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1/Well yeah they went with the rockstar approach...For years that's what Harry was being projected as from critics (Rob Sheffield of RS and others).. So it's fake it until you make it and Harry was already a media darling except for the few articles about his love life.. whereas with Craig David he had been dubbed a has-been a washed out artist and he did not have the media's favour..So they had to start rebuilding him. With Harry they went for let's brand him a rock legend,

2/ let’s use the Azoff’s family connections and his Hollywood older friends to appeal to the older crowd. Then let’s use credible music artists that appeal to that genre and market him. Just look at the venues he is playing at such as The Garage or Troubadour all cool rock venues… His interview in AM or RS…Everything was done to put him in your face “Harry is a born rockstar. He is the real deal and he is here to stay..Accept it” That was their approach.


Thank you! You did a great job of recapping their approach and I understand what they did I just don’t understand why the did it.

For millennials autonomy is so important and that’s why there’s big business with influencers. Nobody wants to be told what to do and what to like, there’s an immediate rejection with that. In fact millennials strongly want to participate in the co-creation of a brand. Any marketing campaign targeting that demographic would have to appear authentic, which his campaign was anything but. Maybe I’m wrong with who his target audience was.🌼


Only Angel at the Troubadour x