CHUCK: Son, when you’re older, you can be whatever you want to be.

GABRIEL: Okay, daddy…

Two millennia later…

An Archangel

A Trickster

A Pagan God

A Porn Star

A Janitor

A Doctor

A Cop

A Flirt

A Ladies Man

Sam’s Man

An Ally

A Friend

A Brother

Another One Who Bit The Dust

A Trickster (still)

CHUCK: Look, Gabe, when I said-

GABRIEL: Shut up Dad; I’m fabulous!!!

(I LOVE GABE SO MUCH!!!!! - Jess)

things i want in season 11:

  • gabriel
  • gabriel messing with cas and dean and making destiel jokes
  • gabriel flirting outrageously with sam
  • gabriel being a sassy bitch
  • richard speight jr
  • just gabriel