The Tomb of King Tutankhamun


Three Dimensional C.T. scan image of the Ancient Egyptian Mummy of Yuya; the grandfather of Akhenaten & Great Grandfather of Tutankhamun.

Mummy found in Tomb KV46, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, alongside his wife Thuya.
Age of death: 50-60 years, no explanation for death itself however.
Stature: 166cm

“C.T. Images of Yuya show that the embalmers stuffed the throat (hypopharynx) of the mummy with a heterogeneous, low-density material. Filling the throat helped to give the neck a full, life like appearence, as demonstrated in this oblique frontal 3D CT image.”

Father of Queen Tiye
Grandfather of #Akhenaten
Great Grandfather of #Tutankhamun


The golden mask of Tutankhamun is back on public display after a much-needed makeover.

The 3,300 year-old mask has returned to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo after being painstakingly restored following a botched attempt to glue its beard back on.

The beard was hastily stuck back on to the mask  after it was accidentally knocked  during work at the museum in August 2014.

At the time, the blue and gold braided beard was glued back on with the wrong adhesive, damaging the priceless relic and prompting uproar among archaeologists.

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Two fetuses found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun are very likely to have been twins and the children of the Pharaoh. By comparing different blood groups, experts believe this may be the case. (Source)

Oh this, what’s this you ask? It looks like a picture of a duck on some piece of fabric?

WELL MY FRIEND…Let me tell you…

This is an ANCIENT piece of fabric…a tunic to be specific, and it belonged to TUTANKHAMUN HIMSELF.

Tutanhamun wore a tunic with little duckies on it and that is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time.

My scan from the book: Tutankhamun’s wardrobe: garments from the tomb of Tutankhamun


The 4th and innermost coffin of Yuya.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

On 5 February 1905 James Edward Quibell stumbled upon an unbelievably rich and little disturbed tomb. The occupants turned out to be Yuya (Joeja) and Tjuyu (Toeja), father and mother of Queen Tiye (Teje), the principal wife of King Amenophis III of the 18th dynasty. The small tomb was stacked to the ceiling with coffins and funerary equipment of the finest quality so far to have come to light in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

The tomb of Tutankhamun, who was his great-grandson, was still to be discovered 17 years later in 1922.

Images by Hans Ollermann