The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Are you….

Chronically ill/ a spoonie?
Mentally ill?
An intersectional feminist?
A generally cool person?

Do you like….

Criminal Minds?
Paget Brewster?
Thrilling Adventure Hour?
Talking to a socially awkward, Queer unicorn who trash blogs?

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"Describe this podcast in 2 words"

Wtnv- “gay science”

Tbtp- “spooky demons”

Tanis- “Nic why”

Wolf 359- “Eiffel NO”

Limetown- “damn government”

The Bright Sessions- “SUPER POWERS”

Wooden Overcoats- “death business”

Ars Paradoxica- “freaky time”

Lore- “scary PBS”

Astonishing Legends- “spooky bros”

Sword And Scale- “depressingly true”

Thrilling Adventure Hour- “comedy plays”

Alice Isn’t Dead- “mysterious roads”

EOS 10- “space hospital”

Myths And Legends- “original version”

Serial- “journalistic goals”

Hey!! Thing about podcasts

if you post for any of the following podcasts or just podcasts in general please reblog since they’re so hard to find on tumblr

- Welcome to Night Vale

- Wolf 359

- The Bright Sessions

- The Penumbra Podcast

- Thrilling Adventure Hour

- Orbiting Human Circus (of the air) 

- Alice Isn’t Dead

- Kakos Industries 

And whatever others! 

  • Steve: Wanda, what kind of alternate realities did you create?
  • Wanda: Well, they're like this one, only there's some where we all made different choices. And some where everybody's got the other gender. Or different preferences.
  • Steve: Whaaat?
  • Wanda: Yeah. And there's one where we're all teenagers in high school together.
  • Steve: What? Different...choices?
  • Vision: We...we're teenagers?
  • Steve: What?
  • Vision: Am I the high school?
  • Steve: What?
  • Vision: I'm the high school, aren't I?

Sadie Doyle lists types of dogs.


Here is 2/? of my podcast recommendations for anyone looking for something good to listen to. I’ve put The Bright Sessions here as well because it is my favourite at the moment and I want to share it with as many people as possible. These can all be found on iTunes.

If there’s a podcast that hasn’t featured on either of my posts that you think deserves a shout out, let me know what it is and I’ll give it a listen. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, preferably fiction.


Very important message from Croach the Tracker (via Mark Gagliardi’s twitter)