The Tammys

An excerpt from One Day:

Jason let out an exasperated groan.

“I wish I had a whipped cream can,” he muttered.

Despite the immense pressure, Richard cracked a smile.

“You’re thinking about food now?” Johnny Finklebrucker screamed.

“N-no,” he said. “I just need an aerosol can. Any aerosol can.”

Tammi and Trixie exchanged glances before grabbing their purses. They both pulled out a can of hairspray and a can of spray deodorant.

“Do these work?” they asked in unison.

Jason could only grin.

Moments later, he led the charge through the library. The heroic group consisted of Tyler, Richard, and Lee. The popular kids had volunteered to stay outside to keep idiotic passersby from entering.

Jason turned the corner and froze. Entropy was standing over a collapsed Lucius, gun in hand.

“You see,” he snarled. “I don’t need any super weapons to end you.”

“You should try it,” Jason called, causing the brothers to look up. “Super weapons are fun!”

Without further ado, he lit the can on fire and threw it as hard as he could. Lucius scrambled for cover as it exploded. Tyler screamed and Lee shielded him, though there was no need. Jason easily deflected the fire. The flames started spreading across the bookshelves but they were all burn free.

Even better, Entropy was lying on the ground, burned and dazed.

Lucius scrambled to his feet and staggered over, looking as though he had permanently passed the point of shock and awe. “D-Did you just create a bomb?”

Jason glanced at the ground and sheepishly said, “Ye—”

His guardian pulled him into a tight hug. “I am so proud of you!”

care for some BG commentary?

reason #289 that this whole thing is fake: I had a bunch of dead shifts at work so I spent a godforsaken number of hours searching FB for pictures of “Freddie” outside of the Tammi/Briana/Ashley bubble. And I mean, I was piecing together their family tree going back 3 generations so I could find relatives far and wide on FB lol I didn’t post this on my own blog because we know this is fake already and people would probably give me shit for searching so hard but like, I was bored and I’m nosey af so whatever.

I was determined to find pics of Freddie that either made this whole thing look more legit like he’s a real family member, or a mistake-picture like if he is genuinely related to the Clark’s I’d find a picture on an obscure friend/relative’s account where he’s mislabeled with his real name or something. Anything at all that shows he’s part of that family, whether he’s really related to them or it’s just part of the act, you know?

And I found ONE. ONE SINGLE PICTURE! in all of their family and friend’s facebook accounts. I found one uncle with a pic of him holding “freddie” (I think it was Brett’s brother if I remember my search correctly). How unrealistic is that? A whole year of this baby being around and he doesn’t show up in the background of any family gathering pictures, he’s never mentioned by anyone, there isn’t a single mention of “the newest member of the family” or LITERALLY ANYTHING. The kid genuinely does not exist outside of Tammi/Briana/Ashley’s posts.

It’s just not how real life works! I know this has been screamed about before but it just is funny that they thought this out so poorly. If they wanted to make this idiot-proof Tammi and Brett should have become legal foster guardians of a newborn so the baby would really look like part of the family for a year or two and B would have real things to document at weird times of day & night like messy feedings and sickness and tantrums at 3 a.m. like you know, things normal parent’s have to deal with… but all we get from B is perfectly happy/staged pics and nothing in between that shows what life is really like with a newborn - but it all just goes to show they really didn’t think this would go on for so long. 

When we have babies they show up in our friend’s pictures because they’re excited to meet our kid, especially the first kid! Relatives, especially in the first few weeks, take so many pictures with the newborn, it’s always a time that’s well documented. But “Freddie” genuinely does not exist to anyone outside of those three women.

As an example of this, our newest family member just turned 1 and I went on my sister’s FB and looked through her friends list and it took a total of 15 minutes to find 6 other people that had a picture of her baby in one of their own albums. Because the baby is real and real interactions happen and nobody has a reason to be shady and act like the baby doesn’t exist. 

Damn, anon. I’ve nothing to add. Great points and great job. I’m just here like:

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Ayu, ¿Sabes algo sobre la teoría de que Freddie es medio hermano de Brianna? O sea, Brett es pareja de Tammy, más no el padre biológico de Brianma, entonces se dice que la mamá de Brianna y ese señor tuvieron un hijo y ese niño es Freddie...

Sé exactamente lo que acabás de decir, que Freddie podría ser hijo de Brett y Tammy y por eso el bebé se parece TANTO a ese lado de la familia. En lo personal, es mucho más posible y creíble que F siendo hijo de Louis.


Tammy did an interview w. Vibe magazine & said women who leave* their men during infidelity is weak.
lol she needs to disappear.
don’t nobody want waka girl. so you good. y'all have fun.

Its like cheating on someone is so strange to me…like I could never do it so I try so hard to understand why other people do it? Like why not be honest and say you’re sleeping with other people? Why should one person be faithful in the relationship?

Like Tammy Rivera said its weak of a woman to leave her man just because he’s cheating on her…like what does that shit even mean?

Artists lineup~

Since I already sent out the emails to applicants, here is the official lineup for the artists, that are going to submit into this zine with their artwork ♥

The list can slightly change since some artists havent replied to my messages yet!! ♥ So please if you see yourself on this list and havent got the message/ havent replied, please do so!

Also, please share this post so people know that this zine is happening!!! Thank you so much! I updated FAQ, so please check it out! If you have a question that is not there, be sure to drop me an ask ♥

Auri (tumblr, twitter)

Tammy (tumblr)

Alex (tumblr)

Dino (tumblr)

Sim (tumblr, twitter)

Shiyue (tumblr)

Pixie (tumblr, twitter)

Mon (tumblr, twitter)

Grace (instagram)

Jes (tumblr)

Rainy (tumblr)

Meru (tumblr)

Kenkatsuki (tumblr)

Leiram (tumblr)

Kawovan (tumblr)

Mida (tumblr, twitter)

Shaera (tumblr)

Naru (tumblr)

Slei (instagram)

Chip (tumblr)

Yuka (tumblr)

Holilil (tumblr)

Ceri (tumblr)

Stee (tumblr)

Tsune (tumblr)

Yui (instagram)

Annie (instagram)

Shy (tumblr)

Nusrat (tumblr)

Isa (instagram)

Pudu (tumblr)

Im so grateful that so many people applied for the zine!! ;; Im still so sad I couldnt take everyone in and trust me, I would if I could! You are all so so talented ;; Again, I was so overwhelmed by the applications, thank you so so much!!