The Tallest men on the earth

rivers ‘til i reach you || a playlist for early morning breeze and long drives through the woods.

so may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten (l i s t e n)

i. holland road - mumford & sons  ii. animal tracks - mountain man iii. the girl - city and colour iv. goodbye england (covered in snow) - laura marling v. rivers and roads - the head and the heart vi. flowers in your hair - the lumineers vii. marshmallow unicorn - rachel sermanni viii. lonely handed - emily and the woods ix. kathy’s song - simon & garfunkel x. dirty paws - of monsters and men xi. gypsy - suzanne vega xii. upward over the mountain - iron and wine xiii. fire - jesse thomas xiv. an interlude - the decemberists xv. gale song - the lumineers xvi. dancing barefoot - first aid kit xvii. king of spain - the tallest man on earth xviii. road - nick drake xix. part one - band of horses xx. wishing well - the oh hellos xxi. our own pretty ways - first aid kit xxii. down in the valley - the head and the heart xxiii. halcyon - the paper kites xxiv. digging shelters - neil halstead xxv. woman king - iron and wine

The Legend of the Faerie Wife

This is a ditty that came to mind as I was reading @takemeawaytocamelot ’s wonderful Red Jamie and the White Lady story. I’m honored that she’s let me in on some of the development of RJWL and that I get to share this companion piece with all of you!

You can find RJWL HERE.


An excerpt from “History of Clan Fraser”

The Legend of the Faerie Wife

This story begins over two hundred years ago, with a Fraser of Lovat. He was traveling alone, away from his home and kin. He came upon a faerie hill and stopped to rest amongst the large stones that circled its crest.

It is said that suddenly the wind rose and howled; the stones cracked as if the world opened up around him. Terrible things tried to escape the mouth of the earth as it opened. Then, silence fell and there before him, lying asleep in the smooth grass, was a beautiful woman; a faerie from the hill.

He gathered the woman in his arms, carrying her away from the hill in fear that it would swallow her again. She awoke then, lost and confused, unable to say where she had come from. He brought her home to heal, not knowing that this choice would forever alter the future of his line. Time passed and the pair became friends.

She became a healer, performing miracles to the awe and disdain of those around her. A village girl, who was jealous and wanted the Fraser man for herself, spread hateful lies about the new healer, declaring her a witch in whispers behind her hand. While other folk began to fear the woman, the Fraser man grew to love her; his faerie from the hill.

One night, under a rowan tree, he confessed his love, offering her his beloved mother’s ring as a symbol of his loyalty. It is said that she warned him of the danger in loving a woman such as she, but his heart was already hers. Confessing her own love for him, she gave the only gift she possessed; a kiss. They were hand-fast there, under the moon and stars, and the man and his fairie were one.

More time passed and the love between them only grew stronger but, while their hearts were full, their arms were empty. Months passed, and still they were not blessed with a child. Despite this trial, their passion for each other never dwindled. The man continued to care for his home and tenants and his wife continued her healing.

One day, the jealous village girl saw the Fraser wife dancing in the forest, calling upon nature to bless her with a child. Angry and spiteful, the village girl spread new rumors about the strange healer and her witchcraft. The villagers, fearful of evil demons coming upon them, began to shut their doors at the woman’s arrival. Shunned, she returned home, seeking solace from her husband.

It is said that the Fraser wife received messages, warning her to flee before her day of judgement. It was believed that she had cursed her husband, deceiving his heart and mind so that he would take her to wife. Unless she released him, they would kill him to fully rid the world of her dark influence.

Fear for her beloved husband gripped her heart and she made preparations to return to the stone circle. Although her mind was set, her heart and soul cried out for him; her lover and friend. She sought him out, aching for one last moment. Her husband, unaware of her machinations, guided her to the rowan tree and they were home in each other once more.

The Fraser man woke, cold and alone. Fear gripped his heart, for his wife was gone. Mounting his horse, he searched high and low, finding the villagers doing the same. Realizing where she had gone, he rode for the faerie hill with all due haste, praying that he would be in time. His wife foremost in his mind, he did not see the village girl watch him ride away.

He reached the hill, crying out as he saw his wife approaching the tallest stone, prepared to disappear back into the earth. Seizing her hand, the man pulled her away and into his arms, shaking with fear. Their lips met, their tears mingling as they professed their love again, at the place of their first meeting.

Then, angry cries rose up as the village men with the fastest horses arrived, dismounting and drawing arms to take the witch they sought. The Fraser man drew his sword, gladly willing to give his life to see her safely away. She turned, trying to reach the stone, but the way was blocked.

Then, a great stramash erupted. Her husband guarded her, twisting and parrying, taking down each man who tried to harm his wife. Unarmed, the woman could only watch. Suddenly, the three remaining village men attacked at once, and her husband cried out. He stood again, taking down another. Then another. Then, after felling the last of the attackers, the Fraser man reached for her as he fell to the ground.

The woman held him as his life’s blood left him, crying out as words of love and tenderness left her lips. He kissed her ring, the symbol of his loyalty, promising to find her again. He smiled, the knowledge of her love and safety enough for him as he passed from this world into the next. It is said that the place the Fraser man fell, high up on the fairy hill, is covered with blue flowers; the color of his eyes.

News of the man’s death spread quickly and the truth of the jealous village girl’s lies became known. Many mourned him, for he had been a brave and kind man. Despite this, the healer was still looked upon with judgement and mistrust.

The Fraser wife had her husband buried under their rowan tree before she disappeared. Legend has it that the woman roamed the world for a time, living in solitude until she should also pass from this earth and join her husband in the world beyond.

Then, just as heartache and despair became too much, the touch of her husband’s life resounded within her womb. It is said that the woman and the Fraser man’s love was so perfect that the child was gifted with the magic and knowledge of the faeries. As winter turned to spring, the Fraser wife gave birth to a son with eyes the color of the flowers on his mother’s faerie hill.

be in my place - LISTEN
was i ever part of knowing/with your hands in mine/little screams into the wonder/and a wild set of rides (cover art by evelmiina)

sagres/the tallest man on earth, shiver shiver/walk the moon, i won’t let you down/ok go, loose lips/kimya dawson, vie en rose/pomplamoose, balloon/ent, lovers in japan (acoustic)/coldplay, obstacles/syd matters, heartbeats/jose gonzalez, slow & steady/of monsters & men, falling/florence & the machine, shenandoah/goldmund


PEOPLES OF ARDA » Númenóreans

∟ The Númenóreans, Kings among Men. But they did not thus escape from the doom of death that Ilúvatar had set upon all Mankind, and they were mortal still, though their years were long, and they knew no sickness, ere the shadow fell upon them. Therefore they grew wise and glorious, and they were tall, taller than the tallest of the sons of Middle-Earth; and the light of their eyes was like the bright stars.

The Soundtrack Of Autumn.

My cozy autumn playlist, for listening during chilly nights and rainy days while enjoying a cup of tea, or some hot chocolate.

Milo Greene // Autumn Leaves — Mumford & Sons // Winter Winds — Death Cab For Cutie // Stay Young, Go Dancing, The Sound Of Settling — Iron & Wine // Fever Dream, Flightless Bird American Mouth — First Aid Kit // You’re Not Coming Home Tonight — Of Monsters And Men // Little Talks, King And Lionheart, Dirty Paws — Daughter // The Woods — Andrew Bird // Fake Palindromes — Half Moon Run // She Wants To Know — Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille // Dreams — Broken Bells // October — The Lumineers // Stubborn Love, Slow It Down — NeverShoutNever // Coffee And Cigarettes — Fleet Foxes // Can’t Help Falling In Love, White Winter Hymnal — Laurena Segura // Permafrost — The Head And The Heart // Down In The Valley, Rivers And Roads, Winter Song — Generationals // Trust — The Tallest Man On Earth // King Of Spain — Metric // Artificial Nocturne — Brand New // Jesus Christ — Soap & Skin // Me And The Devil — The Temper Trap // Sweet Disposition — Little Green Cars // My Love Took Me Down To The River — Mikky Ekko // We Must Be Killers, Pull Me Down — Now, Now // Lucie, Too — The Fray // Happiness — The Paper Kites // Paint — Of Mice And Men // When You Can’t Sleep At Night — Gregory Alan Isakov // Dandelion Wine — The Staves // Winter Trees — Emma Louise // Jungle — Ben Howard // Keep Your Head Up — The National // England — A Fine Frenzy // Rangers — Matt Corby // Brother — Andrew Belle // In My Veins — Hozier // Take Me To Church, Like Real People Do, Cherry Wine — Amelia Curran // Devils — Civil Twilight // Letters From The Sky — James Vincent McMorrow // We Are Ghosts — Zac Brown Band // Colder Weather — Front Porch Step // Drown — Dead Man’s Bones // In The Room Where You Sleep — Warpaint // Shadows — Sarah Blasko // We Won’t Run — The Ultimate Bearhug // All Hallows Eve

i knew you’d come back; yeah, i knew him. i knew Luke


Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, Queen // Let’s, Boy Meets Boy Off-Broadway Cast // The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!, Sufjan Stevens // Oh, Boy!, The Crickets // Anything Goes, John Barrowman // Moonage Daydream, David Bowie // Burden of Tomorrow, The Tallest Man On Earth // Nature Boy, Nat King Cole //  He’s Coming Back, Hunx & His Punx // Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing, The Four Aces

With Manwë dwells Varda, Lady of the Stars, who knows all the regions of
Eä. Too great is her beauty to be declared in the words of Men or of Elves; for the light of Ilúvatar lives still in her face. In light is her power and her joy. Manwë and Varda are seldom parted, and they remain in Valinor. Their halls are above the everlasting snow, upon Oiolossë, the uttermost tower of Taniquetil, tallest of all the mountains upon Earth. Of all the Great Ones who dwell in this world the Elves hold Varda most in reverence and love. Elbereth they name her, and they call upon her name out of the shadows of
Middle-earth, and uplift it in song at the rising of the stars.

Music Recommendations: Alternative/Indie/Folk/ Sorta Pop/Acoustic

BooksbandspizzaFeb2016 - Day 6

I am the kind of person who constantly likes having something new to listen to. I don’t have a specific genre that I like. I listen to whatever sounds good to my ears. If you’re like me, then this thing that I’m about to start might help.

I have decided to start recommending different artists to listen to for specific genres. Note: there are some genres I don’t really listen to, so I can’t recommend any artists for that. (Like rap)

Below, are the artists I recommend for the genre/s seen above along with a link to my fave song from that artist. (Just click on the artist’s name, it’ll redirect you to the song) If you want to see my recommendations for other genres, Click here:

PS: This list actually has no end. Like I said, I am perpetually discovering new artists so if you reach the end of this list, you can refer back to it later in the future to see if I’ve added more artists.

I hope this helps! :)

1. The 1975
2. Of Monsters and Men
3. Passenger
4. Young the Giant
5. The xx
6. The Naked and Famous
7. The Paper Kites
8. Florence + The Machine
9. Walk the Moon
10. The Neighbourhood
11. Twenty One Pilots
12. The Shins
13. Atlas Genius
14. Daughter
15. The Smiths
16. Kodaline
17. All Time Low
18. Troye Sivan
19 The Maine
20. Halsey
21. Two Door Cinema Club
22. The Cab
23. Coldplay
24. We The Kings
25. Melanie Martinez
26. Foster the People
28. Vampire Weekend 
29. Modest Mouse
30. Band of Horses
31. Cage the Elephant
32. The National
33. alt-J
35. Alabama Shakes
35. The Funeral Suits
38. Fort Atlantic
39. Mikky Ekko
40. Paper Lions
41. Passion Pit
42, 30 Seconds to Mars
43. Bryan Ellis
44. Marble Sounds
45. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
46. The Civil Wars
47. Gregory and the Hawk
48. Neon Trees
49. The Courtneers
50. The Cinematic Orchestra
51. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
52. Bon Iver
53. Rocket to the Moon
54. The Ready Set
55.Tallest Man on Earth 
56. Santigold
57. M83
58. Tom Odell
59. Pacific Air

anonymous asked:

you have such a great taste in music can you share your playlist's?

aw thanks! I went to art school in a very hipster town so I found a new love for alternative/indie there. Here is my running playlist 

  • Stay With You ft. Mike Posner / Avicii
  • Not Giving In ft John Newman / Rudimental 
  • Safe & Sound / Capital Cities
  • Beautiful People / Chris Brown remix
  • Fancy / Drake
  • Immortal / Kid Cudi
  • Let it Go / Dragonette
  • Lorde (the weekend remix)
  • Teenage Crime / Adrian Lux
  • Sweetest Girl / Wyclef Jean 
  • Silhouettes / Avicii
  • I’m God / Clams Casino
  • She Wolf / David Guetta
  • Every Chance We Get We Run / David Guetta
  • Anything Could Happen / Ellie Goulding
  • Safe & Sound / Capital Cities
  • Go Outside / Cults
  • So Much Love / Fedde Le Grand
  • Let it Roll / Flo Rida
  • Tin Man / Future Islands
  • Waspy / G-Eazy
  • Hear Me / Imagine Dragons
  • Alive / Kid Cudi
  • Cut It Out / Kitten
  • The Longest Road / Morgan Page ft. Lissie
  • Angel / Mr.Little Jeans
  • Dust & Bones / Night Terrors of 1927
  • Mountain Sound / Of Monsters & Men
  • Ghosts / On An On
  • Don’t Move / Phantogram
  • Disparate Youth / Santigold
  • You’re a Wolf / Sea Wolf
  • Sweet Nothing / Calvin Harris
  • No Tell / Smoke & Jackal
  • Don’t You Worry Child / Swedish House Mafia
  • Closer / Tegan & Sara
  • Wolf Like Me / TV On The Radio
  • Pryda / Allein
  • Brooklyn We Go Hard / Jay-Z ft Santigold (love love love)

andddd some others just for fun

  • Electric Feeling (Henry Green remix)
  • Coffee / Sylvan Esso
  • Play it Right / Sylvan Esso
  • Hey Mami / Sylvan Esso
  • Bridges / Broods
  • Love is all / The Tallest Man on Earth
  • Waves / Blondfire
  • Rococo / Arcade Fire
  • My Number / Foals
  • Morocco / Moon Taxi
  • Don’t Swallow the Gap / The National 

no matter what « a last of us fanmix

i. my silver lining by first aid kit ii. love is all by the tallest man on earth iii. youth by daughter iv. o children by nick cave & the bad seeds v. my little girl by jack johnson vi. lead me home by jamie n commons vii. luppulagio by sigur ros viii. your bones by of monsters and men ix. ghost towns by radical face x. the ice is getting thinner by death cab for cutie xi. 20 years by the civil wars


i’m doing this for loyalty. love. // a megstiel playlist (part 1)

(1) No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine // (2) Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac  // (3) Love Love Love - Of Monsters and Men // (4) She’s Always A Woman - Billy Joel // (5) White Blank Page - Mumford and Sons // (6) Kids on the Run - The Tallest Man on Earth // (7) Stubborn Love - The Lumineers  // (8) Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov  // (9) Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars  // (10) Stay - Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko)  // (11) Touch - Daughter // (12) Heavy in Your Arms - Florence + the Machine  // (13) R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys // (14) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths

(listen) (pt. 2) (pt. 3



‘‘the pain from an old wound.’’ a feeling of a place where we ache to go again. [listen]

i. objects objects - deptford goth / ii. manhattan - cat power / iii. new york city - among savages / iv. night - bill callahan / v. goshen - beirut / vi. fake empire - the national / vii. windowsill - arcade fire / viii. there’s no leaving now - the tallest man on earth

The children of the forest, sometimes referred to simply as the “children” are a mysterious non-human race that originally inhabited the continent of Westeros long before the arrival of the First Men during the Dawn Age more than 12,000 years ago. The giants call them woh dak nag gram (‘little squirrel people’). They call themselves those who sing the song of the earth in the True Tongue.

Little is known about the children. They are a mysterious and magical people who have not been seen by humans for thousands of years. Tales describe them as diminutive humanoid creatures, dark and beautiful, at their tallest no larger than a human child. They are long-lived. Their true names would be too long for human tongues.

The children did not use metal, weave cloth or build cities; instead they lived off the land, using stone implements, wearing bark leg-bindings and shirts of woven leaves, dwelling in caves, crannogs, and hidden tree villages. Males and females both hunted side by side. The children had no books, no ink, no parchment and no written language.They were a people with a deep connection to the land. The children wielded obsidian weapons and bows in battle, but also used powerful magic.

Legends say the children of the forest were gifted with supernatural powers and magic; having power over the beasts of the wood, the ability to wear an animal’s skin, the skill to create music so beautiful as to bring tears to the eyes of any who heard it, the greensight ability (although maesters believe that the greensight was not magic, simply another kind of knowledge) and the ability to speak to the dead. It was the children who carved the faces on the weirwoods to keep watch over the woods. They believe that their wisdom had something to do with the faces in the trees.The children of the forest believed that the weirwood trees were gods, and when they died they became a part of them

The vision


Sleep came in turns for the young prince. He almost never could feel comfortable in bed. His body hurt when sitting or laying still on the same place for too long. However tonight it was a little better. His eyes were closed, and Henry Tudor the Seventh laid peacefully in his bed, asleep.

However it wasn’t for long that the prince gained little of the much needed rest he deserved, and a portal of what seemed stars moving in a circle soon appeared in front of him. No, he was there, inside the portal. And something passed by him, at a very, very quick speed. It almost looked like a person shrouded in light, but he couldn’t register it properly. 

He began feeling nauceous, and soon, he awakened, having fallen out of bed.

Jeu was but a lowly slave, trying to escape his masters as quick as he could. However he was not independent, for he had no money to buy any food or water. He was just running to the city of Brest, when a loud noise caught his attention. It almost sounded like an explosion, and he went to look at what it was at once. There, in a crater of disappearing dust, laid a person. 

Jeu looked to the heavens and swallowed. Had he come… from …. Up there? Maybe he was an angel. A fallen angel. 
But where were his wings? Was it true that once they touched the earth they became human?

A dog in the distance barked. Jeu looked up to see lights flickering, men shouting.
He wasn’t the only one who’d heard the crash. He needed to protect this person… Quickly, Jeu lifted the unconcious human and ran off, quick enough for the dogs not to be able to follow him. He needed to get them off course… 
Jeu headed for the forest, jumping into one of the tallest trees he could find, and hoped he wouldn’t be spotted, waiting till the people had stopped searching for whatever caused the commostion…

The young boy looked at the odd person, laying him on a branch hoping he’d be comfortable…


With Manwë dwells Varda, Lady of the Stars, who knows all the regions of Eä. Too great is her beauty to be declared in the words of Men or of Elves; for the light of Ilúvatar lives still in her face. In light is her power and her joy. Out of the deeps of Eä she came to the aid of Manwë; for Melkor she knew from before the making of the Music and rejected him, and he hated her, and feared her more than all others whom Eru made. Manwë and Varda are seldom parted, and they remain in Valinor. Their halls are above the everlasting snow, upon Oiolossë, the uttermost tower of Taniquetil, tallest of all the mountains upon Earth. When Manwë there ascends his throne and looks forth, if Varda is beside him, he sees further than all other eyes, through mist, and through darkness, and over the leagues of the sea. And if Manwë is with her, Varda hears more clearly than all other ears the sound of voices that cry from east to west, from the hills and the valleys, and from the dark places that Melkor has made upon Earth. Of all the Great Ones who dwell in this world the Elves hold Varda most in reverence and love. Elbereth they name her, and they call upon her name out of the shadows of Middle-earth, and uplift it in song at the rising of the stars.