The Tag of Rassilon


Personally, I’m hoping this gets quite a few Rebloggings of Rassilon.


The Tumblr Post of Rassilon.

  • TARDIS: Sorry doctor you're stuck with these teachers for the next three years
  • TARDIS: Also the chameleon circuit broke
  • TARDIS: A button got stuck so Susan's going to stab you all until you fix it
  • TARDIS: I've conveniently landed where you'll lose me have a nice time trying to find me again
  • TARDIS: Hey an alternate dimension filled with nightmares let's go there
  • TARDIS: You know what's better than Heathrow? Anything.
  • TARDIS: I was bored so I changed my entire interior layout
  • TARDIS: Also I deleted all the bedrooms
  • TARDIS: Hey I let the master in
  • TARDIS: Fuck you Charley
  • TARDIS: Oops I possessed your companion
  • TARDIS: I brought the other one back to life but now he can't die
  • TARDIS: You know where you could have a great vacation? the planet of carnivorous wasp people.
  • Doctor:
  • TARDIS: love you
creepingmonsterism replied to your postAnother Gallifreyan headcanons: I’m kind of…

I always wondered whether the Pythia’s Curse was actually real or was more of a just so story about why the Time Lords moved away from sexual reproduction

Hadn’t even thought of that. Been a long time since I’ve read Lungbarrow, so can’t remember how much confirmation there was one way or the other. But it would be a very Rassilon thing to do, using that story to manipulate Gallifreyan society into the path that he designed, while all the time claiming he did it because he’s a great hero who saved them from a terrible enemy!