The Tadpole

Hanahaki!Reader x Jungkook

Hanahaki Disease: a fictional disease where the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.It can be cured through surgical removal, but when the infection is removed, the victim’s romantic feelings for their love also disappear. 

I decided to try something new and write this scenario in bullet form! Enjoy! 

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  • You always loved flowers, but never knew that you would suffer from them 
  • You have always been in love with Jeon Jungkook, your childhood best friend 
  • You both were at the age of five when you both met. It all happened when you complimented his favorite red sneakers he wore on the first day of school, which ultimately won over his heart. 
  • He then enthusiastically asked you to be his friend and you were like “okay” because why would you say no to someone like Jungkook? 
  • Ever since that day, you both became very close and did everything together
  • On weekends, you both went to the nearby pond in your neighborhood to catch tadpoles
  • On other days you both would spend it indoors watching movies or playing video games 
  • There was never a day that went by where you both weren’t together 
  • As you got older, you began to notice certain traits and quirks that made Jungkook the person you fell in love with 
  • He was always kind, sweet, sincere, and also the biggest, weirdest dork you’ll ever meet. He never fails to make you laugh and you always have a smile on your face whenever he’s around 
  • He was basically a perfect human in your eyes - a gift from above 
  • As your love grew for Jungkook, so did the distance between you both 
  • Jungkook came running to you one day after class ended, telling you about this girl he has been talking to for quite some time and was wondering if you could help set the two up 
  • The way he asked you, hands clasped together, eyes full of hope, made you feel uneasy
  • He liked someone else…someone that wasn’t you 
  • And you hated the fact that you knew - that you weren’t the one that made him feel this amount of happiness that this mysterious girl did 
  • You felt your throat itch and burn. Your stomach was rupturing in pain and your heart was swelling up. Then you felt your lungs being constricted within your body. 
  • Before you could say anything to Jungkook, you ran to the bathroom, barged into an empty stall, and bent over the toilet, seeing crimson red roses fall into the waters, along with a few droplets of blood 
  • With the sight of flowers and blood before you, you sat down and knew what you were suffering from. 

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Most frogs are extremely vocal during the mating season, but the goliath frog is not.  In fact, it has no vocal cords, despite having excellent hearing!  During the breeding season, males will push rocks together into semi-circular nests where they will battle with other males to attract females.  The females will lay strings of several hundred eggs attached to masses of a single aquatic plant on the river bed.  Her tadpoles will feed only on this species of plant for the first three months of their lives before they metamorphose.  

Oddly, considering the adult frog’s giant size, the eggs and tadpoles are no larger than those of other frogs when they are young, though they grow to be quite large as they approach metamorphosis!

why keith is considered ‘the best pilot of his generation’

  • can eat a whole mandarin in one bite, skin and all
  • knows all the words to ‘paul blart mall cop’
  • swallowed some tadpoles at the garrison because a kid dared him he wouldn’t and he also wanted to see if they’d grow into frogs in his stomach
  • his favourite snack is tomato sauce on ice cream
  • once made eye contact with a baby at walmart and refused to look away for 46 mins for fear of looking weak
  • stubs his toe on a daily basis and doesn’t even flinch
  • mispronounces 'ask’ as 'axe’
  • spells it as 'axe’ too
  • 'i’ll just axe him nicely shiro’ 'ok keith let’s not do that’
  • chews on pencils instead of sharpening them
  • still believes in santa claus at age 18
  • 'i have a crush on lance what should i do?’ 'flowers are always nice-’ 'you’re right shiro i’ll steal his social security number and get him arrested for fraud, then bail him out so he falls in love with me’
  • can sing in a perfect falsetto all the words to celine dion’s 1997 smash hit 'my heart will go on’
  • bought his jacket from the kids’ section
  • legally changed his name to 'flurb’ because he was feeling sad and needed something to make him laugh
  • can flip pancakes perfectly
  • doesn’t need to use conditioner
  • wears leather and carries lighters to impress boys but lies down on the sidewalk and wails when he sees a small dog
  • grew a mullet because nobody trusts him near scissors
  • can’t use his knife to cut it either because truthfully he doesn’t know what knives are used for, he just thinks they look cool
  • got expelled for coming to an exam 2 hours late and yelling 'what the hap is fuckening’
  • keith: 'so i’m half alien…is this why i pour milk before cereal?’ kolivan cringing: 'no that’s just you’