The Tadpole


For @ransomweek - March 28: “Remember that time…”

warnings: senior year nostalgia, oblivious pining, excessively soft bromance

“Okay,” Lardo said, taking another swig from the bottle of gin they’d been passing around. “Worst class you’ve ever taken?”

The noise of another kegster, not their last together but frighteningly close to it, thrummed through the floor of the attic. Sometime after midnight Nursey and Chowder had started trying to go through various Haus rules, proper kegstand procedure and ratios for tub juice, with the Tadpoles like Holster and Ransom had done for the past two years, and Ransom had found himself hit with senior-year nostalgia again. It was the kind of weird, happy-sad ache that pulled from under his ribs and made him want to hold onto everything tighter.

He was going to graduate in May. He’d been accepted to med programs at Emory and UPenn, and he was waiting to hear back from a couple other schools. His future wasn’t some nebulous concept any more; it felt real. It felt too close. It was so much easier just to melt back against his bed, next to his two best friends, and to soak up the way their words seemed to roll around the room and fill it up completely.

Holster snorted and leaned against Ransom, reaching around him for the bottle but not moving away once he had it. “International Finance Theory with Professor Lawrence.”

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Random non bird related fact of the day, i have hundreds of tadpoles in my yard (old pool with 2ft of water thats turned into a mini ecosystem with grasses and such) and they’re at the stage where they’re growing their tiny little front legs and oh my gosh 😍
I want to see hundreds of frogs disperse from my backyard.

Avie wasn’t interested when i told her we have baby frogs.

Hazeapalooza 2k16


Rating: T (with maybe a bit of M at the end it depends on the type of person you are)

A Twango fic ft. Whiskey’s inner monologue, a blindfold that might be jock strap, and the magical Haus basement where dreams come true


“Tadpoles, this evening you partake in the most sacred of hockey rituals. Hazeapalooza bonds us in the Samwell brotherhood. Tonight you Taddies will crawl onto the shores of manhood naked, blindfolded, and– oh lord– bitch ass shit faced.” Bitty squinted at the index card in front of him, struggling to read aloud the rest of Shitty’s speech. “I’m sorry boys, I’ve had one too many beers tonight to pretend that I can read Shitty’s handwriting. The rest here is just chicken scratch. I’m gonna cut the spiel a little short.” Bitty conceded.

“Basically, we’re gonna walk y'all back to the house with blindfolds and we’re gonna make you drink a lot. Rans? Holtz? Do you guys wanna take it from here?” Bitty stepped away from center ice to begin distributing slices of pie, and the two captains proudly took his place.

Ransom puffs out his chest and looks confidently over the cluster of kneeling tadpoles, “Gladly, Bits. Now Listen up Taddies, ‘cause me and Holtzy are about to teach you fools a lesson on personal limits and knowing when to say no…”

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Tango accidentally completed all of the 3 year web design coursework the first semester of his freshman year in high school. The teacher had it online in case anyone wanted to get ahead, and he just sort of hyperfocused and finished it all over thanksgiving break. He helped redesign the schools website second semester, and was completely in charge by his junior year. He was also the Tech Guy™ if a computer wasn’t working, and had way too many random cables and usbs in his backpack.

tango is honestly the most effective at chirping on the team and he isn’t even trying?? but like anytime the other team screws up it’s “were you actually aiming for the goal?” or “who were you trying to pass to anyway?” or just “did you do that on purpose or…??” 

once he asked one of the opposing d-men “what position do you play?” mid-game and the dude just. lost it. 


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Edible Arrangements

(Hilly knows a couple things as a tadpole. He knows there’s probably a lax bro hitting on him, and that Bitty’s super-secret boyfriend may or may not be a middle-age lumberjack sugar daddy.)

Hilly knows a few things about Samwell’s hockey dynamics. He knows he is a tadpole; he initially expects to be hazed to the ground and forced to eat dog food or something like his roommate, who is currently rushing a frat. He expects the Haus to be dirty and filled to the brim with red cups and sticky floorboards. He also knows not to hang out with the lax team because Ransom and Holster said so, even though a cute boy who he thinks is from the lax team winked at him in his Intro to Anthropology class. He knows that NHL’s very own Jack Zimmermann, son of ‘Bad Bob’ Zimmermann and legendary hockey extraordinaire, is a Samwell alumni, and had slept in the very room which Chowder, their goalie, currently inhabits.  

But Hazeapalooza turns out to be nothing as bad as he expects (he even gets homemade pie out of it, even if Holster gives him the side-eye). And the Haus is cleaner than a sports frat house should be. The hockey team is nice (and surprisingly socially aware) and Hilly likes Samwell fair enough, but he misses home sometimes.

But Bitty makes things better. Hilly likes Bitty a lot. He likes hanging around the Haus and watching Bitty roll pastry dough with a practiced, methodical hand because it reminds him of how his mom used to bake cookies for him and his sister. Bitty doesn’t mind too much (he thinks) that Hilly may want to go on a date with a lax bro. Bitty bakes him peach cobbler with crumbles toasted a golden brown and talks about his family’s jam recipes. Bitty is open and warm and welcoming. However, the one thing Bitty doesn’t talk much about is his boyfriend.

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hi i’m very emotional about tango looking up to chowder as a role model??? like??? tango’s look of adoration in that extra??? chowder’s friendly dad-hand on his back??? chowder showing the tadpoles the ropes of the smh and helping them adjust and encouraging them and them being super comfortable talking to chowder about everything, their problems but also their little victories and things they’re happy about??? i have Emotions


Most frogs are extremely vocal during the mating season, but the goliath frog is not.  In fact, it has no vocal cords, despite having excellent hearing!  During the breeding season, males will push rocks together into semi-circular nests where they will battle with other males to attract females.  The females will lay strings of several hundred eggs attached to masses of a single aquatic plant on the river bed.  Her tadpoles will feed only on this species of plant for the first three months of their lives before they metamorphose.  

Oddly, considering the adult frog’s giant size, the eggs and tadpoles are no larger than those of other frogs when they are young, though they grow to be quite large as they approach metamorphosis!

This is the Tadpole Galaxy in all its glory. It’s located 420 million light years away from Earth in the direction of the constellation Draco. It’s most prominent feature and it’s claim to fame is its tail that stretches 280,000 light years long. It was caused when a smaller galaxy passed by. Just like an actual tadpole, it will loose its tail as it gets older.