The Tadpole

  • My kid: I want to drop out of high school
  • Me: Let me tell u a story about this band
  • My kid: Uh okay..dont know how this is relevant.
  • Me: One guy in this band thought flip flops were thongs
  • My kid: How is this relevant to my question
  • Me: Let me finish, that same guy thought the possibilities were endless and the drummer thought tadpoles were baby turtles
  • My kid: Mom answer my question.
  • Me: They dropped out of High school. Dont become luke and ashton.
  • My kid: ill ask dad.
  • Me: He was in the band. He was the bassist he said some dumb shit to

anonymous asked:

today's video was fun but I was so uncomfortable sometimes. stop talking about sex tadpoles u weirdos

take a shot every time they said the words “fertile” and “fertility”

anonymous asked:

I thought I was the only one that wished dil would end. or that they would at least only do milestones and big things. they've just made sooo many. I appreciate he's special to them, but like come on. at least this last one was really good. I mean, can you believe we're all made from tadpoles?

it would be really great if they would only do milestones with dil. like.., filler episodes just aren’t that entertaining. but the newest one was good because it actually had a purpose. the next one will probably be good because the babies will come. but like it’s so difficult to watch an episode with dil and have no point to it

anonymous asked:

i like to imagine dan and phil experimenting with shrooms or other hallucinogens. i'd imagine phil taking shrooms and being the giggly fucked up one, saying stuff like that one part in todays dil video 'isn't it so weird we come from tadpoles' and dan taking them and thinking the world isn't real and having an experience close to ego death. (also them fucking on acid cuz that's the coolest shit)

it’s unrealistic but it’s still fun to imagine them having sex to lsd by asap rocky while high on some type of drug. maybe just weed

5sos are a bunch of 18-20 year old children who laugh uncontrolably about chest hair, bald spots, tadpoles and fake dogs named ketchup, they’re just four happy kids who get hurt if someone ate their cereal or almost cry when they hold a kitten or freak out if they lost their stuffed lion how could someone hate them

tango is honestly the most effective at chirping on the team and he isn’t even trying?? but like anytime the other team screws up it’s “were you actually aiming for the goal?” or “who were you trying to pass to anyway?” or just “did you do that on purpose or…??” 

once he asked one of the opposing d-men “what position do you play?” mid-game and the dude just. lost it.