The Tadpole


Most frogs are extremely vocal during the mating season, but the goliath frog is not.  In fact, it has no vocal cords, despite having excellent hearing!  During the breeding season, males will push rocks together into semi-circular nests where they will battle with other males to attract females.  The females will lay strings of several hundred eggs attached to masses of a single aquatic plant on the river bed.  Her tadpoles will feed only on this species of plant for the first three months of their lives before they metamorphose.  

Oddly, considering the adult frog’s giant size, the eggs and tadpoles are no larger than those of other frogs when they are young, though they grow to be quite large as they approach metamorphosis!


Yesterday we went for a walk to Šeškinės Ozas (”ozas” is the lithuanian for the geological-geographical term “esker”, and it means it used to be a glacier in here! :O).

There was this tiny pond absolutely full of tadpoles, who were very friendly and came right away to taste my finger XD Til now, i had only seen tadpoles on the tv or books, and the ones from @stickyfrogs, so i enjoyed a lot meeting these ones! ^_^

Sadly i don’t know that much to know how old they are or which species they belong :( (but there is a total of 8 frog and toad species in Lithuania, so, not that many to check! XD)

I’ll try to come back there in a pair of weeks or so to see how they’re growing :)

Edible Arrangements

(Hilly knows a couple things as a tadpole. He knows there’s probably a lax bro hitting on him, and that Bitty’s super-secret boyfriend may or may not be a middle-age lumberjack sugar daddy.)

Hilly knows a few things about Samwell’s hockey dynamics. He knows he is a tadpole; he initially expects to be hazed to the ground and forced to eat dog food or something like his roommate, who is currently rushing a frat. He expects the Haus to be dirty and filled to the brim with red cups and sticky floorboards. He also knows not to hang out with the lax team because Ransom and Holster said so, even though a cute boy who he thinks is from the lax team winked at him in his Intro to Anthropology class. He knows that NHL’s very own Jack Zimmermann, son of ‘Bad Bob’ Zimmermann and legendary hockey extraordinaire, is a Samwell alumni, and had slept in the very room which Chowder, their goalie, currently inhabits.  

But Hazeapalooza turns out to be nothing as bad as he expects (he even gets homemade pie out of it, even if Holster gives him the side-eye). And the Haus is cleaner than a sports frat house should be. The hockey team is nice (and surprisingly socially aware) and Hilly likes Samwell fair enough, but he misses home sometimes.

But Bitty makes things better. Hilly likes Bitty a lot. He likes hanging around the Haus and watching Bitty roll pastry dough with a practiced, methodical hand because it reminds him of how his mom used to bake cookies for him and his sister. Bitty doesn’t mind too much (he thinks) that Hilly may want to go on a date with a lax bro. Bitty bakes him peach cobbler with crumbles toasted a golden brown and talks about his family’s jam recipes. Bitty is open and warm and welcoming. However, the one thing Bitty doesn’t talk much about is his boyfriend.

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some very assorted headcanons for the tadpoles
  • whiskey’s last name is wisnewski, and he spent part of his childhood in poland. it’s part of why he’s really quiet
    • Based on several Quiet Polish Bros™ I have known
    • he’s just glad they aren’t calling him Wiz like his last team did
    • Doesn’t have to conflict with any other like Argentinian headcanons (I’ve seen lots of those), just make it his other parent
  • whenever tango scores eventually the team just yells out as many words that rhyme with his nickname as they can think of
    • Eventually it goes on to the point where they aren’t actual words but they’re still very enthusiastic about it
  • ford is that person who turns down Bitty’s offers to lick the batter spoon out of fear of raw egg-contracted salmonella. 
    • He pretends he isn’t hurt
    • He is a little
The Signs as things found in nature

Aries:wildfires, olive branches, alpha wolves
Taurus:mushrooms, wild horses, mossy stones
Gemini:flowers in concrete, snakes, hurricanes
Cancer:moonlight, rain showers, the womb
Leo:peyote plants, lava, fireflies
Virgo:bear families, weeping willow trees, spiderwebs
Libra:gold, chameleons, salt
Scorpio:caves, thorns, icebergs
Sagittarius:water lilies, El Nino, tornados
Capricorn:rabbits, kudzu, earth quakes
Aquarius:the northern lights, sand, waterfalls
Pisces:pearls, cherry trees, tadpoles

On the topic of betta fish:

Hi, I live in Thailand (once called “Siam”).

It seems like there is a big, popular understanding about where you’ll find wild “Siamese fighting fish” aka “betta fish” in Thailand.

Apparently, the common North American (and European?) idea is that you’ll find beta fish in places like this:

I can understand this misconception, especially if you’ve never experienced what our monsoon seasons are like, nor have ever seen a rice field before… among many other things.
The fact is, you’ll never see betta fish in such tiny bodies of water. I have seen tadpoles in small puddles like these… and, in shallow gutters/”khlongs”, I have even found little guppies and fresh water crabs. But try as I might (and I have really tried), I have not once found a single betta fish in these kinds of environments.

Betta fish naturally occur in these kinds of environments:

Yes, the water can be shallow (knee-deep), but the territory is often wide, vast, and dense with soft, vertical growing foliage. The water is not stagnant like in a puddle, nor is it barren with wide open space. In this environment, a wild betta fish has many hiding opportunities.

I can only assume that betta fish do not naturally occur in small puddles (be it in the jungle or otherwise), or within Khlongs/gutters–because it is not an optimal environment for them and they cannot survive it. 
Please note that I do not, nor have ever raised betta fish. I have only looked to admire them in the wild and these are my observations. 

As someone who raises a variety of wild/’exotic’ animals, I have found it critical to the animals health and behavior–to recreate their natural environment as closely as possible, while omitting natural dangers from the set-up. 
Doing so will allow your animal to exhibit its full range of natural behaviors, and exist optimally. For you, this means being able to watch your animal preform behaviors and show off colors you might never have had the chance to see, otherwise.
I my opinion, this is much more rewarding than spending time, energy, and emotions into trying to defend a tiny, barren, and stagnant fishbowl set up.


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The one where they all have kids.  Prompted by this headcanon.

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