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I am grateful and proud to have in my company today my daughter and companion in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children - Princess Madeleine. Since 2007, I have had my daughter, Madeleine, mom to two and a half, by my side.
—  Queen Silvia of Sweden fondly speaks of her daughter, Princess Madeleine, while giving a speech at the seminar “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for Children: Collective Actions and Innovative Solutions” organized by the World Childhood Foundation at the United Nations Headquarters Building on October 2, 2017.
Red means it’s recording! (Part 2)

Summary: It’s a few days after you guys recorded the boyfriend/girlfriend tag and you are left drawing a blank on your next video idea. Until your boyfriend suggests food. And next thing Bucky knows, you have him seated in front of the camera once again. 

Warnings: Just cute shit. That is all.

A/N: I was asked to do a part 2. I was honestly secretly hoping someone would!! Hope you guys enjoy it!! Part one is here: Click Here XX

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You are seated at your desk as you scan your brain for any ideas for the next video. You huff as you rub your eyes. You look down at the black screen that is looking back at you. You look out the window as you close your laptop.

“Why do all of my ideas have to be gone?” You question as your eyes are following a bird.

“They aren’t gone, you just need some inspiration,” Bucky says, still reading some book Steve gave him. You huff again as you pull your attention to your boyfriend. You sit there staring at him before you belly growls. “Food usually inspires”

“That’s only you Bucky,” You say, getting up and walking towards him. “But i do want lunch. Join me?”

“Always” Bucky says, setting his book down. You grab your long cardigan and throw it on. He opens the door and you guys start you adventure down the hallway.

Once in the kitchen, you begin your mission of making lunch by opening the fridge. You sigh as nothing looks great. So you make your way to your cupboard and spot it. The menu to your favorite place ever. You smile as you hop onto the counter and pull out your phone.

“Can you just get me my usual?” Bucky says as he goes through his own cupboard.

“Yes sir,” You say as the phone starts ringing. Once your orders are placed, you grab a water and make your way to the elevator.

Once inside, you lean against the wall and close your eyes. You scan your brain once again until it starts hurting. You sigh again and open your eyes to see Bucky looking at you with concern.

“Baby, don’t let it stress you too much.” Bucky says as he reaches out to you. You give him a side smile as you let him pull you to him.

“I just don’t get why i can’t think of anything” You whine as you look up at him. Then it hits you. A smile spreads widely across your face as the elevator reaches the first floor.

“What? What is it?” Bucky says as he lets you go and you guys get off of the elevator.

“Please don’t hate me..” You say as you pull out your money and step outside to pay and tip the delivery guy. You take the bag of food and you guys make your way back up to your shared room.

You plop down on your desk chair and take a big a bite out of your food. Bucky sends you a confused look as you send a innocent smile.

“Isn’t one video of me good enough?” Bucky questions in between bites.

“But you’re loved! By my audience! Please baby!!” You beg, sending him puppy eyes. He sighs, setting his bowl down.

“What is your idea?” Bucky asks.

“We should do a ‘Read the comments’ video. Like we read the comments from the boyfriend/girlfriend tag! It would be soo fun!” You exclaim. He sighs before taking another bite of his food. You pout as he swallows his food.

“Anything for my sidekick.” He simply says as he takes another bite of food. You smile as you grab your own bowl and go back to eating.

Once you have finished your food and makeup, Bucky is back in his place in front of the camera as you try to focus it. You smile at him as this time he doesn’t look that nervous. You take your place right next to him and press the record button.

“Hello my sweet dolls!!” You exclaim at the camera. “You all make it very well known your love my man, so i thought i would bring him back once again.”

“Hey guys..” Bucky says as he smiles and waves at the camera. You pull your laptop onto your lap and look back up at the camera.

“So i won’t lie, i have been struggling that last few days to come up with a good video. But thanks to food and Bucky, i thought that Bucky and i could read the comments you sweet dolls left for us on our last video. And as always, please like and subscribe if you want more of my man.” You say looking at Bucky. He sends you a warm smile as his arm instinctively wraps itself around you. “Let’s get this started.”

“‘ Why can’t my boyfriend and i be as perfect as you guys are’, well if only you really knew me.” Bucky says as he reads the comment over your shoulder. You try to swallow a laugh as he sends you a warning glance.

“You aren’t lying.” You say, trying to concentrate on the laptop in front of you so you don’t have to see the hurt in his eyes. “‘Can we see your scar from falling for your girl bucky?’”

“I mean it isn’t all that cool. But i give my fans what they want,” Bucky says as he rolls his pant leg up. He tries to lift his knee up high enough for the camera to catch the scar. “This scar is the only one i am glad to have”

“You are welcome,” You say, smiling at him as he sits up right again. He lets his pant leg fall back to it’s original state before looking back at the laptop. “‘How long did it take for you two to truly be this happy? My girlfriend and i are struggling really hard. I love her but i don’t think i be with her much longer.’”

“Well sir, first off, we aren’t always that happy. Every relationship has its ups and downs. You just have to remember that the ups are worth the downs. Relationships are like flowers, you have to water it, give it the soil it needs, the foundation and sunlight that will help make it grow. Y/N is the sunshine to my foundation. You just have to realize that your girl will have her cloudy days and you will have to be the sunshine and foundation. And visa versa. You are together because something put you by her side. Don’t let whatever you guys are fighting take you from her side. I can tell you right now, Y/N and i fight. But if she ever left my side… I do not know where and what i would be.” Bucky says. You kiss his cheek softly causing him to smile.

“I love you too” Was all you said as you turn back to the camera then your laptop.

You guys get about halfway through the comments before they start to turn inappropriate.

“‘ How many times have you guys fondued?’ First off, is this Steve? And Second off, sir, a good man doesn’t kiss and tell.” Bucky says. You keep scrolling as he goes on a rant on how he doesn’t want to give away the best part about dating. Then a comment catches your eye. The air in your throat disappears as you feel your stomach drop. ‘Why is his arm metal? And why does it have a star on it?’ was what you read in your head as your eyes went over and over the comment. You scan your brain to remember what Bucky was wearing in that video. He must have been wearing a tank. But how did he not think to cover his arm? He usually does, even when he only appears in the background.

You close your laptop and set it on the ground. These actions were all too fast for Bucky’s liking as he gives you a confused look. You sit silently for a second before everything happened in a flash. Before you knew it, Bucky has the laptop in his metal hand and his skin one is holding you back. You huff as you give up on trying to get it from him.

“Bucky please” you say barely above a whisper. You watch him open the laptop and soon the tears threaten to escape. You see his jaw clench as he closes his eyes and looks back at the camera.

“Guys.. Bad things happen to everyone. Sometimes we become people we never wish we were. But like i said earlier, find your sunshine. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Now i am not comfortable talking about my arm. At least not yet. But i know you will respect that. Y/N does and i love her for it. We all have demons. Even Y/N. But i thank god for her being able to look past mine” Bucky says, turning to look at you. A tear makes it way down your cheek as you look into his eyes. He wipes it away softly with his metal hand before rubbing your cheek. You smile at the contact.

“Guys, thank you for watching. Sorry this video is a little short but i have a man who needs my attention.” You say turning to the camera. “Please like and subscribe if you want this man back on my channel. Thank you sweet dolls.” You and Bucky once again bring your hands to the camera lens to cover it. You press the off button.

Once your recording equipment is back in its holding place, you set your laptop and camera on your desk.

“I promise i will edit this one” You say, turning to Bucky. He shakes his head getting up and moving to you.

“Do not edit that one. It showed the people what they really wanted. The loving and caring girlfriend you are! I meant what i kept saying Y/N. You are my sunshine and i seriously thank whoever that you were brought to me.” Bucky says, kissing all over your face. He earns a soft giggle from you.

“Okay.” You mumble as his lips ghost across yours.

“After all, you are my sidekick. I didn’t get my scar for nothing” Bucky whispers before he crashes his lips into yours, melting away the worries from moments before.


Louis Tomlinson appreciation post. It really upsets me how often Louis’ kind and charitable actions go unnoticed. The other day at school I mentioned Louis and someone immediately asked oh yea isn’t he the one who was caught in that video doing drugs? And yea that was him, but does that really need to be the first thing people think when they hear his name? He’s smoked marijuana and that’s not necessarily something people see as being very great but that doesn’t cancel out all the good things he has done. I generally avoid conflict and am fairly quiet in school so you can imagine the boys surprise when I began to tell him off. “Louis Tomlinson is the one who works tirelessly to make his fans happy. Louis is the one who spent time in Ghana helping the children and raising millions of dollars to vaccinate and treat the babies and children dying in their hospitals. Louis is the one who died his hair red for a concert and interview to raise awareness of Red Nose Day. Louis is the one who bought his local football club and organized a charity football game which he played in despite an injury. Louis is the one constantly tweeting, visiting, and sending gifts to children in hospitals for cancer or anything else and offering their families his condolences. Louis is the one who is an ambassador for the Ray of Sunshine Foundation. Louis is the who’s love for his mother and his siblings is unbelievable. Louis is the one who works tirelessly to support Eden Dora Trust for encephalitis after meeting Eden and realizing how much he could do to help. Louis is the one who was part of an anti bullying campaign and showed us that things do get better. Louis is the one who works closely with Bluebell Children’s Hospice and Operation Smile along with dozens of others. Louis is the one who helped raise 500,000 euros for cancer and $825,000 dollars for poverty. Louis is the one who was a part of BBC Children in Need and the Elephant Project for Alzheimer’s awareness. Louis is the one who is never happier than when he is doing something to help someone in need. Louis is the one who saved my life and is the reason I am here today and I will defend him until the day I die. You are the one standing here ridiculing one of the most generous people in the world who you know nothing about. Think about that.” I’m sick of Louis being seen as the rude or arrogant member of the band and his amazing qualities and actions overshadowed by the media. He is not just some celebrity who doesn’t care about anything but money and fame. He is an outstanding human being and deserves to be recognized as such.