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Corey is doing 2 shows and a movie out soon,

Aldis has a new show in March,

Jason has 3 movies coming out

and Neil has a movie coming out too.

O’shea, what are YOU doing?

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To the people complaining about last night’s episode of Raw and debating whether or not Roman’s injury was fake….

Sports entertainment is scripted, in whole or in part. The fights are dangerous and the performers certainly risk serious injury on a daily basis, but in the end, it’s a SHOW. We’ve known this for years.

With the recent rash of injuries to prime talent, and the ratings already in the shitter, I have a hard time believing that management would risk another head trauma to a star player this close to the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

If Roman’s broken nose was fake (and I saw the crowd footage, I believe it’s possible), then isn’t that a GOOD thing? I mean, would people really rather that someone’s face ACTUALLY get smashed in for the sake of entertainment? Isn’t is enough that he, and his colleagues, regularly get themselves beaten to a pulp for the viewing pleasure of the unwashed masses?

(That being said, not knowing which injuries are real and which are just a product of the storyline is kind of irritating, because some of us actually do worry about our favorites, and even the ones we don’t like, because they’re still human beings.)

You don’t watch a murder mystery and complain that the actor didn’t ACTUALLY get stabbed. You don’t watch a horror movie and complain that no one ACTUALLY died. It’s entertainment, not bloodsport. If you’re there to see people get hurt, there’s something the matter with you.

So let’s cut Roman a little slack, huh? The guy contends with enough as it is. He shouldn’t have to break bones for crowd appeal.