So… here’s a little idea I’ve been toying with lately. As you guys already know, my computer got infected and hacked due to downloading some CC that was behind links. I lost my Netflix account to hackers and seriously risked losing my PayPal account, too. Needless to say, I won’t be touching an link (or other similar service) with a 10-foot pole from now on.

However, here’s the thing: I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that finding cc that is not hidden behind a paywall or an link lately is becoming harder and harder.

And this is why I’d like to start an “Ad-free Creators United” project, a database/cc finds blog to make it easier for everyone to find creations that are NOT hidden behind an or Patreon link. To do this, however, I’ll need the help of a few fellow simmers, aka… YOU!

What are you looking for?
TS2, TS3 and TS4 players who are willing to help me hunt down FREE custom content for sims games and help me keep the cc finds blog updated.

What does “free” content mean?
Any cc creation that is NOT hidden behind an, or Patreon link.

Will this be something like Paysites Must Be Destroyed?
Nope. The blog will be solely dedicated to promoting creations that are shared for free (with no or Patreon links) by their original creators. Basically, it’ll be just a cc finds blog for free creations. No re-uploading of pay content.

How do I participate?
Send me an ask or a message if you’re willing to help me with the finds blog. Please, only send me your message if you’re ACTUALLY willing to work on this. If you don’t have enough time and/or are unsure on whether you can work on the blog itself, you are encouraged to reblog this post and spread the word around.

Fine, I want to take part to this. How many people do you need?
For now, I’ll need:

  • 2 persons to take care of TS2 cc finds;
  • 1 person to take care of TS3 cc finds (I’ll be the other person :D);
  • 2 persons to take care of TS4 cc finds;

Last but not least…

Are you a creator who doesn’t use Get your name added to the database!
If you’re a creator and you’re sharing your creations for free, please reblog this post and fill in the following form:

  • Creator name: [your name]
  • Blog url: [the blog where you share your sims creations]
  • Games you create for: [a list of the sims game/s you create cc for]
  • What you create: [CAS, furniture, objects, retextures, mods, traits, retextures, recolors, mesh conversions, new meshes? List anything you usually create for here]

In the Sims 3, there is a hidden trait named “Immune to Fire.” Firefighters and Sims working in the Firefighter profession have a 50% chance of passing this trait on to their children. Sims with this trait cannot be killed by fire.

Fire Fighters are able to survive countless fires; not least because of their natural immunity to fire. It’s a trait that they pass on to their children.”


The name is pretty self explanatory. These are custom eyes for my most featured sim at the moment and sharing is caring :)

The details:

  • 1024px (used actual ref pics and they weren’t super HQ/clear)
  • Three channels
  • Four presets
  • Compressorized
  • Male & Female ~ Toddler - Elder // Disabled for Random // Thumbnail included
  • Credits: Bioware for the texture I used as a sclera base; the fave, Jake; TSRW
  • Please adhere to my TOU (emphasis on NO REUPLOADING)
  • To see these in action click here.
  • Notes: The sim shown utilizes the aWT Eye Mesh Fix by Buhudain & the iris slider. The contacts aren’t 100% natively recolorable (maybe like 90%); during editing, I didn’t bother to remove much of the original color since I made them for one specific sim. Also darker eyes will probably look kinda weird because of the iris ring detail channeled with the eye whites.

Download (SimFileShare)

Press the heart button if you like them! Even a click goes a long way!!


Shorts and crop top set new meshes by me. Everything recolorable except the flowers. Please don’t edit/convert/reupload/etc. And let me know if there are any problems in game to fix!

For Sims 3
Download Crop Top
Download Shorts

*right click open in new tab if link doesn’t work first time :)

Thanks to:

@chof-pixls for the base sim
@mimisapje for all her problem solving help!

Identity pride plumbbobs for the queer Sims player!

Set one: Intersex, trigender, neutrois, polygender, genderfluid, demigirl, demigender, agender, genderflux, greygender.

Set two, containing transgender, nonbinary, androgyne, genderqueer, demiboy, aporagender, pangender, and intergender.

(Need Simmers) Mental Health Awareness Poster!

Hey, everyone, as World Mental Health Day is approaching (10th October)  I am creating a mental health awareness campaign and I need some simmers help.

I suffer with mental health and a lot of people I know on here do as well and also irl,  I wanted to create a mental health awareness poster with as many simselfs as possible in the backgrounds.

I will publish a poster related to the campaign every Friday.

 if any of you want to be apart of this campaign to raise awareness of mental health. 

Send me a png file of your simself posing (full body) wearing the MHAC Hoodies

download here (xx)

Take a screenshot with no background or a green screen (jpg) and send it to over messages on tumblr and I will include you and tag you in the posters.

Sims must be ALPHA and HQ

I need everyone to reblog the posters so they can get around and do their job. I will release more information on them later on in the week.



My first clothes cc mesh! This patterned off shoulder romper!
This is my first mesh so let me know if there are any problems in game if you use!

Completely recolorable in 3 areas: main fabric, pattern, waist/shoulder bands

Mesh and pattern 100% by me Please do not reupload, convert or edit in any way

Download for Sims 3

Sorry about my ugly sim