Harry, Primrose and Louis gathered together this afternoon in our NYC office to discuss some exciting future project for The Interview.

What the three discussed is yet unknow as they privately held a boar meeting of the three of them, but we’re sure we’ll find our more soon!

On another note: We wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people who helped us and supported us so strongly during these difficult times we had this year.

You shared with us our best moments, but also our worst. We may not have been always right, in fact we messed up a few times, for which we deeply apologise, but we’re working on it.
Hey, nobody’s perfect.
We learn and grow as we go and the more times we fail, the more we will learn. 
But this time we’re onto something big.

We also thank everyone who showed some interest in joining the team.
All in all: We love you all for reading, supporting and being part of our growing family.
We’ll be A LOT in touch in 2017!

Yours truly,
The Interview’s Team

PS: Guys, all these photos are by one of our amazing ride-or-dies and one of our managers: @floydiansim, it would really mean a lot to us if you go and follow her blog!
Give her a shot!
Super talented photographer and set-builder. You will love her blog, we promise you, she’s amazing! Go give her some love and be kind to one another always.


The Testimony of Mr Malcolm Landgraab IV

The testimony with Olive Specter had left agent Mole with a pit in his stomach that he couldn’t quite explain, but as Malcolm Landgraab came in and sat down, it disappeared. Much better. This he could deal with. 

“Mr Landgraab, thank you for joining us.”

“Of course. I want Mortimer’s killer caught as much as you do. Poor Cassandra, she’s absolutely devastated. What is it you need to know?”

“Why don’t we start with your movements during the evening?”

“I was with Cassandra all night.”

Natasha looked up from her notes, surprised. “Is that it?”

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