The Sims 2


Since some Sims (ahem…) couldn’t keep it in their pants, and because you amazing lot are now 70 -2 following me, I’m offering you the Bock-Chartoff’s next home, 12 Pine Spring Lawn.

It’s a mostly CC-free house except for some floors and wallpapers, and it comes empty.

It costs $27 625.

Credit to @shastakiss, @witheredlilies and @strawberrikhunnie whose awesome CC I used to build this lot.

As always, use CleanInstaller to install this, and back-up your game !



“None of your military ranks made you a hero of mine. You are my hero because you are my husband, my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my everything.. You don’t have to try to impress me, to impress anyone. I just want your love, Buzz. Nothing more.” 💕

Sometimes the most private spot in the Greek House was outside the Greek House.

“So I’ve been thinking,” Oliver began. “The end of the year’s coming up, and we’ve never talked about it, but I want you to move in with me after graduation.”

Raquel’s eyebrows quirked. “You want me to come back to Owl Creek with you? I love you, Oliver Welsh, but I’m not sure I love you enough to move to Owl Creek.”

Oliver gave her hands a persuasive squeeze. “If I can stand all this snow for love, you can stand a little heat. And Owl Creek’s not so bad. It produced an outstanding specimen like me, didn’t it?”

Raquel looked thoughtful. “Weelllll … there is a really good Oceanography institute nearby.”

A smug grin blossomed across Oliver’s face. “Have you been researching this?”

“I might have talked to my professor.”


Kristen gave Henry a stern lecture about breaking the dishwasher, which he wasn’t happy about. To make it worse, his little brother Elias started autonomously doing dishes in the sink right after like a total suck up. Henry pulled out a sponge and started wiping the counters down, but you could almost picture him swearing under his breath.

Key: Where’s Jackson? He hasn’t been to dinner in like….days, now.

Nina: Has he come home at all? Should we be worried? He’s seemed pretty down ever since Samantha’s sudden death… don’t think he….

Myers: He blackmailed Bella Goth into taking him to Twikkii island where he’s gonna try to bribe the evil Witch Doctor into helping him resurrect Samantha. That’s what it said in the last entry of his diary he left on his typewriter.

Nina: It’s worse than I thought.

Key: You know how teens are…..moody, angsty, love spending thousands of dollars on dangerous journeys around the world looking for the grim reaper….teen stuff.


Off to Ayston.

Rosalind Clarke, your father has just died and all you can think of is money?

I suppose you and Samuel are quite a match.

As you may remember, Samuel somewhat tricked Rosalind into being forced to marry him.

He then flattered and fawned to both her and her father to get her to the altar, and ultimately she capitulated to save her reputation mainly.

Theirs is a tolerably happy marriage, but Rosalind has rolled a want to get pregnant - presumably to produce an heir so she can quit her husband’s bed.

So… here’s a little idea I’ve been toying with lately. As you guys already know, my computer got infected and hacked due to downloading some CC that was behind links. I lost my Netflix account to hackers and seriously risked losing my PayPal account, too. Needless to say, I won’t be touching an link (or other similar service) with a 10-foot pole from now on.

However, here’s the thing: I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that finding cc that is not hidden behind a paywall or an link lately is becoming harder and harder.

And this is why I’d like to start an “Ad-free Creators United” project, a database/cc finds blog to make it easier for everyone to find creations that are NOT hidden behind an or Patreon link. To do this, however, I’ll need the help of a few fellow simmers, aka… YOU!

What are you looking for?
TS2, TS3 and TS4 players who are willing to help me hunt down FREE custom content for sims games and help me keep the cc finds blog updated.

What does “free” content mean?
Any cc creation that is NOT hidden behind an, or Patreon link.

Will this be something like Paysites Must Be Destroyed?
Nope. The blog will be solely dedicated to promoting creations that are shared for free (with no or Patreon links) by their original creators. Basically, it’ll be just a cc finds blog for free creations. No re-uploading of pay content.

How do I participate?
Send me an ask or a message if you’re willing to help me with the finds blog. Please, only send me your message if you’re ACTUALLY willing to work on this. If you don’t have enough time and/or are unsure on whether you can work on the blog itself, you are encouraged to reblog this post and spread the word around.

Fine, I want to take part to this. How many people do you need?
For now, I’ll need:

  • 2 persons to take care of TS2 cc finds;
  • 1 person to take care of TS3 cc finds (I’ll be the other person :D);
  • 2 persons to take care of TS4 cc finds;

Last but not least…

Are you a creator who doesn’t use Get your name added to the database!
If you’re a creator and you’re sharing your creations for free, please reblog this post and fill in the following form:

  • Creator name: [your name]
  • Blog url: [the blog where you share your sims creations]
  • Games you create for: [a list of the sims game/s you create cc for]
  • What you create: [CAS, furniture, objects, retextures, mods, traits, retextures, recolors, mesh conversions, new meshes? List anything you usually create for here]

In the Sims 2: Bon Voyage, there is a hidden NPC named Bigfoot Bigfoot, who may only be seen if summoned by the Tombstone of Life and Death. Bigfoot Bigfoot is not an actual Bigfoot, but rather a regular Sim with the appearance of a Bigfoot, and does not have any of the unique features associated with the Bigfoot life state. Adding him to the game may cause corruption.