500 Follower’s Gift!

3 recolours of Hexameter’s one horse cab. Two were by Sunni for her NPC defaults and the other is a basic walnut by me.

1 recolour of Hexameter’s two horse cab, just a basic walnut.

8 dresses for CF-AF, 2 Spencers for CF-AF.

4 refits of Sherabihm textures for TF - AF.

These all come in Shasta’s yeti colours. Meshes included.

Download here~

Thanks to: Hexameter, Sunni, MsBarrows, Iamliz13, Trapping, SadoAlice, AAS, Airdrie, Heget, Andavri, Sherabihm, CuriousB, and Shastakiss.


For the GoS The Person Below Me challenge: Irving Graun

Prompt by @evil-llama-sims:

TPBM will make a criminal sim who is of supernatural origin and quite unlucky in their malevolent endeavors in a sympathetic and endearing way!

Irving doesn’t posess any vampiric powers, he just got some recessive X-chromosome-linked count Orlok aesthetics from his great-grandmother. But he really leans into it, with the black eyeshadow and the creeping and jumping out at people in dark alleys in the hope that they’ll drop some valuables.


Wow, look at all these big thing that have been happening at once: 100 followers and the start of the gameplay phase of this blog! Prior to this full-fledged transition, and to commemorate this event, I want to share something special with you all. This project has come such a long way and as some of you know, it all began in Sims 2. Here are some screenshots of the very first “Midtown”, which was pathetically named “Newtown” in ts2.

The Burbank

The Patricia: Really wish I had that fence set in Sims 3…

Long Tall Laundromat: Now it’s actually “tall”

Bowl-O-Rama vs. Reel, Rock & Roller-rink: I hate the Sims 3 Tron-esque bowling items, therefore, the alley became a rink. Too bad; I adore the Sims 2 bowling stuff. Aesthetically, it would have been perfect for my retro world. #stillsalty

The Grocery Store: Obviously, received a massive upgrade

Sandra & Dee’s Salon: Sims 2 has the perfect vintage beauty salon set, which I unfortunately could not find an equal for in the Sims 3.

The Nightly Double Drive-In

Town Electronics 

Thank You

To all of you! I simply cannot say it enough. When I created this blog, I had never imagined I would meet such wonderful and genuinely helpful simmers. This project has had its issues: several file corruptions, a factory reset, a blue-screening PC, phantom corrupt lots, a total map rebuild, reoccurring white-out lots, those weird… water hills…But with every success and failure, each of you was supportive and positive. What’s more is that whenever I had an issue, I could rely on your help! I always receive such encouraging comments/feedback and even some amazingly creative suggestions. Some of you introduced me to items/approaches that I had never known about or would never have thought of myself. The end result would not have been the same without all of you.

Going Forward 

Yeah, yeah, Midtown game-play (DUH) but what else? Well, I may return to the idea that got me into world building in the first place: Building an ancient Asian village! I also plan to return to my roots with the Sims 2 where I would blog about my Victorian hood and upload some of the CAS parts I make for it. In terms of this blog, I may upload some of the lots I have built as well as some little surprises along the way.

Whatever I decide to do, whatever blog I may post to, I hope to have the same continuous support and enthusiasm I have had from all of you! Thanks again :)


charity: i don’t know about you girls, but i’m tired of us constantly bickering with each other. we’re all stuck in this…not-ideal situation, so why are we making it worse for each other?

faith: you have a point. it’s not like i’m going to university or moving out any time soon, so i guess we might as well learn to live with each other. truce?

charity: truce :)

holy shit.


Goopy GilsCarbo stepped out of his usual life in @dramallamadingdang‘s GilsCarburg to enter an alternate reality in Ferndale :) He walked by Ian, Peter and Renee’s house and they invited him in to hang out and chat a bit.

I honestly only did this because Goopy will always remind me of iCad! And it was so weird to see him looking like he does in my game, and not like he does in hers!