I haven’t posted in a week :o I’ve been depressed and haven’t had the energy to open my game. I feel a bit better today, so I made this Sim. And since my game is open atm I’m actually going to play my rainbow legacy. I haven’t played it in like, 2 weeks now. So expect pictures of that soon..


I rolled ROS for this household and this is what I got: 

Minor events:

*  Online friend: Attempt to strike up a new friendship with someone over the in
ternet. You can IM and call, but only invite them over when you’ve become friends. [2]  *

Major events:
*  Blind Date Rampage! - Sim must go on (d4) blind dates - one each night - until complete  *

Aladdin asks the match maker for a blind date (I didn’t feel like rolling to see how many so I just figured maybe about 4) His first date was Tiger Lily, that was kinda surprising. 

Sims Ask Thing

So I’ve seen maybe 2 ask memes about sims, so I thought I would make one to hopefully get in depth and stalker-ish with your favorite blogs!

1. What’s your favorite sims death?
2. Alpha CC or Maxis Match?
3. Do you cheat when your sims gain weight
4. Do you use move objects?
5. Favorite mod?
6. First expansion/game/stuff pack you got?
7. Do you pronounce “live mode” like aLIVE or LIVing?
8. Who’s your favorite sim that you’ve made?
9. Have you made a simself?
10. What sim traits do you give yourself?
11. Which is your favorite EA hair color?
12. Favorite EA hair?
13. Favorite life stage?
14. Are you a builder or are you in it for the gameplay?
15. Are you a CC creator?
16. Do you have any simblr friends/a sim squad?
17. What’s your favorite game? (1, 2, 3, or 4)
18. Do you have any sims merch?
19. Do you have a YouTube for sims?
20. How has your “sim style” changed throughout your years of playing?
21. What’s your Origin ID?
22. Who’s your favorite CC creator?
23. How long have you had a simblr?
24. How do you edit your pictures?
25. What expansion/game/stuff pack do you want next?
25. What expansion/game/stuff pack is your favorite so far?

Thank you for using this! Feel free to leave feedback/suggestions for another one of these in the replys :)


The results are in! Here is a compilation of the data from the survey I ran on Adfly and donations!

If you would like to read the open ended opinion responses, please see the PDF here! Names and urls have been edited out for privacy. I am not responsible for any responses found it the PDF, please do not contact me about anything in the PDF.

Again, this survey is not an official survey. It is based purely on respondents’ answers.

Thank you @magnolianfarewell, @mamalovesnuts, and @applezingsims for help with proofing the infographic!

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