Purple and Blue Geometric Curtains and Bed Set

Perfect for a teen ;) They are only in one color because TSR Workshop is giving me some probs but THEY’RE SO CUTE I couldn’t help but share. ♥ 

The Items in this picture from left to right:

Feel free to reblog or tag me if you use it! I’d love to see. ♥


hey there! i just finished making a thing!

it’s a palette for anything you want. i will be using it to make hair recolours (some of which are on their way ♥). you can totally use it, no need to ask, just credit me plz ;;;)

here’s the fun part: i made this palette a list of different flavours of ice creams (in french mostly tho cause i like the sound of it sometimes idk). but yeah, ice creams can be mixed together, so if you want to make your own recolours with this palette, you can come up with fun combinations with fun names, like menthe et chocolat (mint & chocolate) and stuff like that. you can also add your own flavours if there aren’t enough, or remove some, if there’s too many.

so yeah have fun♥


 W’s 365 Days of Sims [179/365] - Godric Gryffindor  (Hogwarts Founders series)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, I thought I’d create Sim-versions of the Hogwarts founders! Here we have the brave and noble Godric, founder of Gryffindor house. Godric believed in teaching the most courageous and adventurous students of Hogwarts.




Finally got out of the house, Don’t Worry little London is at my parents house. I need to have fun sometimes. Celebrating My Bestie GLO DAY 😘😝🇳🇬. WE WERE SO TURNT! 😂🍾. Even though, it was a Bored ass club like the f**k. I kinda feel so nauseous 😐. ANYWAY, I hope everyone has a good NIGHT!😘