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Avery arrived at the offices and got directed to a small conference room on the ground floor. There were 7 other people at the table. One was an older man, he was clearly in charge here. But it was what seemed to be his assistant, a younger man in a black shirt and bold red tie who lead the meeting.

???: Afternoon everyone, Avery, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. My name is Jackson, I am marketing lead. The silver fox over there is my father, Mark, and he is CEO of Bay Publishing. We are over the moon with your sequel, so over the moon in fact we want to do a press tour for it.

Avery: Press tour?

Jackson: Yes. You would be away for 6 weeks. You would travel to Newcrest, San Myshuno and Willow Creek doing talk shows, radio shows - we have a university lecture lined up and a chance for you to read to some kids at a library and then talk to the mums about your book. It would be the prefect marketing scheme for your book. 

Avery: I have a wife and a kid. I can’t exactly up and leave with no notice?

Jackson: How about you speak to your wife and phone us in the morning with an answer. I urge you to consider this seriously.

Avery: When would it start?

Jackson: Next week.

Avery: Right, okay. I will speak to my wife. Thank you so much for this opportunity, but I hope you understand I have to make sure my family is on board.

Jackson: Of course. We are totally willing to work around you, but if you can handle the 6 weeks I can guarantee the results will be worth it. This will make your book huge, I can assure you. I am very good at my job. Right guys?

The rest of the group nodded yes and smiled. They all seemed like intelligent, talented people, and after all, this was the biggest publishing company in the area, so Avery trusted Jackson’s judgement. He just had no idea how Melody would react, he has never left her, ever. She might not even feel comfortable with it given they have just moved. And they have Poppy, who is quite a handful, it would be a lot to ask of Melody. He would have to wait and see.


‘Z’ got the ball and headed towards the net. The crowed cheered as their favourite player ran down the length of the court with nobody fast enough to stop him. Even the few crowd members in their little boxes were screaming their lungs out as Z passed the ball to Alex and Alex launched himself at the net.

His heart was beating out of his chest, was he about to do it? Or was he about to fail in front of his idols?

The ball slid into the net with ease and the crown erupted. The Springers won. Alex was still in shock as they headed off court; he got changed and headed home with Beth. He would have to wait for a phone call if he was being considered… Him scoring didn’t guarantee anything, everyone in the court can shoot and play well. It’s whether the team thought he was the right fit for them.