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  • New item/3D mesh
  • Comes in 20 swatches
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Slight slider issue when you make the boobs really, really big
  • Please respect my T.O.U

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Big thank you to @hallowsims, @phaedra-sims, @blahberry-pancake and all other creators I used content from.

Why Why Outfit - The Sims 4 Outfit

Hey guys! Today we bring you an outfit inspired by Shannon Williams song from 2015 ‘Why Why’ This outfit was just super cute so we had to make it in The Sims 4! We hope you enjoy the mod and as always, feel free to recolor it and let us know if there are any issues you are having! A good thing is that the plaids don’t require solids so you won’t have to download the solids if you’d rather only have the plaids!  Also a big thanks to @blogsimplesimmer for helping us with the edge issue we had with the skirt! Thank you so much for downloading! 

Info & Download Below!

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Ariana Grande Focus Collection


  • 4 Outfits
  • 1 Shoes
  • 1 Fishnets

Better With

Focus Inspired Makeup Collection here by @candyforniasmoonlight

Miley Fur Earrings here by Me



Day 005 →  Deity

Or in this case, deities. My hype for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is absolutely through the roof right now, so for this challenge I decided to make Din, Nayru, and Farore: the three goddesses that shaped the land of Hyrule and created the triforce.

(This is one day late!)

See all: Simzra’s 30 Days of Sim Making Challenge

due to my very long hiatus my interests have changed greatly and honestly I don’t really see myself continuing as a mainly Dan and Phil blog. I’ll still participate in the phandom from occasion but won’t post fanfiction of them anymore (probably). I’ll still keep up all my fanfiction on AO3 (Motivational_Blood) but I’ll probably get rid of it from Tumblr and change my name and stuff to something I like more.

In the meantime, like and/or reblog this post if you post any of the following as these are really my main interests right now and I’ll be sure to follow you.

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- Life Is Strange (is this still a fandom??)

- *** MUSE ***

- MCR (idk if this is still a fandom either)



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Hii!! i made some looks with some of my favorite chokers!! I also made a cas (here) and i would really appreciate it if you could check it out and subscribe!! (


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The Sims 4: Traces of Vampires Found in Game Code | SimsVIP
With the release of today’s Sims 4 Game Patch, traces of Vampires and Game Pack 4 have been found in the game files. Back in September of this year, Sims 4 Soundtrack composer Ilan Eshkeri, released a video of the team creating “Spooky Music”. As I combed through the game files to check for new information and
By SimsVIP