The Shadows and Light Series


Well, I know @klapolloweek is practically over, but I needed to finish this. The theme was for day 7: Formal. The pic’s specific theme depends on your own interpretation~

I couldn’t decide which one looked better, so I put both haha 


“Are you ready ?“ she asked, spinning the chamber.
Kell gazed through the gate at the waiting castle. "No.”
At that, she offered him the sharpest edge of a grin.
“Good,” she said. “The ones who think they’re ready always end up dead.” 

BOOKS READ IN 2016 »  a darker shade of magic and a gathering of shadows,                                                                                             v.e. schwab 


Kaladesh Masterpiece Inventions - pt. 2

Sword of Feast and Famine - Steven Belledin

Sword of Light and Shadow - Matt Stewart

Lotus Petal - Slawomir Maniak

Painter’s Servant - Magali Villeneuve

Sol Ring - Volkan Baga

imgur album

pt 1

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[170313] ‘Light’ Asia tour documentary «Light’s Shadow» premier

✩ He didn’t sell the DVD and gave it free to fans as gifts of White Valentine’s day. He thought the beautiful moments/memories he had with fans were priceless.

→ So touching, Xu Weizhou is our sweetest bae ♡ How can we stop loving this adorable kitten


augus each uisge series - #1

ok so this is probably the starting point of quite a lot more augus scribbles that i’ll continue uploading as I clean out my sketchbook - so imma call it a ‘series’ and hope it’ll help me keep motivated. 
i think we all know that augus belongs to @not-poignant and i can’t stop thinking about how much i love him - that being said i only read FTDWR & ISWF and not the other parts of the SALverse (nor the Fae Tales - yes shame on me i know) and my augus is always based on that– 

please click pictures for better quality T°T 

Alternative Titles for the Shadows and Light Series:

‘Go Away, Feels King, the Nightmare King is Easier To Deal With.’

'The Feels Series.’

'No, REALLY, Seraphina / Mother Nature Are Deaaaaaad.’

'How Augus Made A Personal Feels Issue Into A Huge War and Everyone Was Slow on the Uptake. Well Done Everyone.’

'Not Poignant Thought That Chapter Wasn’t That Bad, SHIT’

'In Which North is Awesome and Cinnamon Cookies Fix Everything.’

'How The Two Loneliest People on The Planet Got Their Porn On And Jack Became an Insta-Sub.’

'In Which Gwyn is Awkward But Looks Really GOOD Doing It.’

'The Adventures of a Perplexed Nightmare Trying to Deal With Her Mid-Life Crisis and What the Fuck is that Yellow SANNNND-OH NO WHYYYY Oh I’m Back Now.’

'Bunnymund Became A Douche Whoops.’

'From the Feels We Feels’ and 'Into Feels We Feels.’

'Is Toothiana Even In This?!?!?!?!?!!?????’


okay, time to get back to writing.


Sycra’s series on light and shadow is wonderful. I think any artist can glean at least one thing from it. Heads up though, it’s 17 parts!

I finished it! Happy three year anniversary, rise of the guardians! I know I’m late, but better late than never.

This movie has to be my favorite movie ever. It has its faults, yeah, but it brings me so much joy. This fandom has to be one of the nicest fandoms I’ve ever been in and I’ve stumbled across some of the most fantastic artists and fic writes ever. 

So to celebrate I drew Jack Frost, my favorite character. Perhaps next year I’ll be good enough to tackle North! 

I hope everyone has a good day and life and I hope Rise of the Guardians has brought ya’ll the same joy it has brought me.