The Shadows and Light Series

Alternative Titles for the Shadows and Light Series:

‘Go Away, Feels King, the Nightmare King is Easier To Deal With.’

'The Feels Series.’

'No, REALLY, Seraphina / Mother Nature Are Deaaaaaad.’

'How Augus Made A Personal Feels Issue Into A Huge War and Everyone Was Slow on the Uptake. Well Done Everyone.’

'Not Poignant Thought That Chapter Wasn’t That Bad, SHIT’

'In Which North is Awesome and Cinnamon Cookies Fix Everything.’

'How The Two Loneliest People on The Planet Got Their Porn On And Jack Became an Insta-Sub.’

'In Which Gwyn is Awkward But Looks Really GOOD Doing It.’

'The Adventures of a Perplexed Nightmare Trying to Deal With Her Mid-Life Crisis and What the Fuck is that Yellow SANNNND-OH NO WHYYYY Oh I’m Back Now.’

'Bunnymund Became A Douche Whoops.’

'From the Feels We Feels’ and 'Into Feels We Feels.’

'Is Toothiana Even In This?!?!?!?!?!!?????’


okay, time to get back to writing.

End of the day practice. Was playing with perspective (urgh actually reading books to learn that proper instead of eyeballing it) and felt like drawing some animals/not really human? stuff. Finding the right balance for the character was a pain but I think it worked out okay? Meh, sleep time. Work’s been a bitch. 

(I think I may be spamming the Shadows and Light fanart thing, but there are some really interesting original characters I haven’t seen much ie the creatures and stuff. So here have a Gulvi.)

Housekeeping: Updates and ISWF info.

Hi folks,

This is just a quick housekeeping message to let everyone know that I will be *trying* to go back to slower updates now that things are on a slightly more hopeful note in ISWF (i.e. closer to once a week, as opposed to this completely unsustainable once every two or three days).

Partly this is because I need to slow down, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a day where I didn’t actually write, and I need to take some days off more often for my health. And partly this is because it is a complex plot, and I want to take some more time plotting things out. :) Since I’ve always maintained I want to stick to mostly ‘once a week’ updates, this isn’t really a surprise, so much as just…going back to what I keep saying I’ll do. Lol. We’ll see if I can do it though, I’m not good at relaxing. Plus I really want to write ISWF! Hehehe.

I apologise for being behind on my inbox, and also on some emails. I could never, ever, ever have predicted this fic would get so popular, and had no idea that one day I’d genuinely have to figure out how to balance all of this stuff! It’s good for me though to learn, and hopefully slowing down with ISWF overall means I can get to everyone’s stuff more promptly. :) I can’t reply to *everything*, but I do try and get around to most things. :D

Some quick, general answers to some questions I’ve been getting a bit in reviews/asks, under the cut because SPOILERS:

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Between the Shadow & the Soul — Part One Masterpost

Originally posted by ilovett

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the Darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.”
― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”
― Stephen King

Between the Shadow & the Soul Masterpost: Here

Part One: The Last 28 Years

  1. Twenty-Eight Years Ago
  2. Eighteen Years Ago
  3. Twelve Years Ago
  4. Ten Years Ago
  5. Five Years Ago
  6. Two Years Ago
  7. Present Day

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Part THREE (3) of my Spirit Series!
An inspiration I found naturally, someone whose fashion designs I admire, and who is always kind and helpful to my friends and I when needed. He is strong but lighthearted and loyal, and his humerous antics with the twins always make me laugh. Glad to part of #lestwinsclique with one of its most key members, as some others are, in this series titled “Love, Light, Shadow, Spirit” where I attempt to represent an element of those depicted as I see them and/or as directed by them. Sgalo let me choose the color and design for him, so I chose one of my most favorite and cool combinations that I thought might describe him. Hope you like it Sgalo! Much Love to you! #digitalart #digitalpainting #artwork #drawing #portrait #digitalportrait by #wolfladylove @wolfladylove find this and more at facebook WolfladylovesArtShop Link in bio. ‼️PLEASE DONT CROP/CHANGE THANKS‼️

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stacyandthesnark  asked:

What sources do you get your mythology from/where have you read up on all this stuff? I really love mythology and folklore, but have always had a hard time finding collections of fairy tales with actual fae in them and not Cinderella or what have you. Do you have any specific books/websites/etc. you'd recommend? Apologies if you've already answered this; I'm reading through your tumblr but haven't seen it. Also, I can't leave an ask and not say how much I adore your story. It's incredible!

I don’t tend to use websites, though there are some good ones out there from memory. I have a fairly significant stash of books (between 20-30 I think), some of which are now out of print, and some of which are still in print. Some of my go-tos are here:

The Lore of the Forest: Alexander Porteous

Popular Tales of the West Highlands: J. F. Campbell

Celtic Fairy Tales: John D. Batten

Folk-Tales of the North Country: F. Grice

Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties: William Henderson

Shetland Traditional Lore: Jessie M. E. Saxby

Don’t be afraid to use your library. Don’t be afraid to pick up books that are 100 or 200 years old (they’re often better than contemporary versions, even if sometimes you have to put up with reaaaally oldschool language). Remember that at this stage, the best mythology on these sorts of fae are in hard-copy books, and so far - sadly - haven’t been transcribed as often online. This is partly because many of the best books - still - are either out of print, or were published 200 years ago and you know… you’re more likely to find them in second hand bookstores etc. It’s kind of a niche area. I mean, the more classic ‘Shakespearean’ fae not so much, but actual mythological creatures in the lore? Yeah, that can be harder to get a grasp on. Also, people just don’t tell stories about the fae as often anymore except *cough* in things like paranormal romance. Heh.

anonymous asked:

will you ever write spin-offs of the FtDWR and ISWF?

Time is a really huge factor, like, a huge, huge factor.

I’d like to write a sort of fluffy, extended epilogue for ISWF between Pitch and Jack, just sort of… resolving everything properly. I don’t know, I don’t tend to do that as an author. I like open-ended endings which demonstrate hope, but… I’m really hooked in on this Pitch and this Jack, and I’d like to show their future as well. That would probably only be about 4 or 5 chapters though (and has the tentative working title: The Light that Follows). And I don’t know if anyone would want to see that?

And there IS a Gwyn/Augus spin-off which is now canon, called Game Theory, which is - oh god - now about 65k long and has the most ridiculous, epic plot for something that started off as porn-with-angst. I’ve maintained a few times, and will maintain again, I do not expect people who are uncomfortable with certain themes to read this, because it is DARK. But it will be very well tagged on AO3 anyway. :)

Other than that, no other stories have really pinged me in the Shadows/Light verse. So it’s pretty much those two? Possible fluffy epilogue, and actual dark Gwyn/Augus spin-off.

anonymous asked:

I feel like your fanfiction itself has created a whole new mini type fandom. (its just that awesome) if this fandom had a name, what do you think it would be ?




Everyone who reads this story is so damned creative and awesome, I’m going to throw it out there to everyone else. I… I can’t name the readers of this fic. I think I’d need therapy for narcissism or something. *blush*

hikariheart  asked:

I don't think this has been asked yet, (and it's completely pointless to ask as far as it having any part in the story, but I'm very curious for some reason.) You've mentioned that the fey are all pretty much pansexual... does that go for the guardians as well in your fanfiction? I'm mainly curious about Jack's and Pitch's sexuality, but if you have a headcanon for what the other guardian's identify as I'd love to hear that as well!

Um… my thoughts on the Guardians tends to vary. Within the Shadows / Light ‘verse however, I see Pitch as being pansexual, Jack as gay, North as straight, Toothiana as ‘oh god I’m too busy for relationships I’m going to admire Gwyn from afar can I see his teeth please?’, Sandy as romantic ace, and Bunnymund as ‘straight but never again due to grievous loss.’

So… that’s pretty much where I stand within the Shadows / Light ‘verse specifically. :)

Time for some housekeeping!

I’m not sure this chapter will be up within the weekly schedule I generally set for myself. This is for a bunch of reasons, and I *am* working on the chapter, and I’m about 2000 words through, but it’s taken an inordinate amount of time to pull those 2000 words out and I’m still not sure I’m happy with them.

So! I know peeps are looking forward to chapter 7, but I just thought I’d let everyone here know in advance that things might be on a delay. Getting this chapter out is a priority, it’s just not the *only* priority in my life right now (alas!)

Hope things will be back to regular posting (or even faster than average posting) soon, and fingers crossed I find my groove and this goes up before the week is out. :)

Just quickly - don’t panic if you start reading through From the Darkness We Rise again and notice small things have changed in the first three chapters on AO3 (everything is the same on since I’ll update that all at once at the end). I’ve started (finally) editing FtDWR for continuity issues and dialogue continuity, and so certain lines have changed and some things have shifted. I’ve also been editing to cut out some of the more redundant lines, so about 1500 words has been shaved off so far. I’ve also been fixing some minor formatting errors (such as paragraphs stuck together in AO3).

It’s inevitable that such a massive story that I mostly winged would have continuity errors, and this beast of a story certainly does. Please forgive them (as you have so far). I am catching a great deal in the edits, and in the meantime the changes are designed to be small and not alter the flow of the story. It will always be a flawed story, but hopefully I can make it a bit of a smoother read for folks. :)

Eventually I’ll have all the chapters edited, and I’ll announce that when it’s done for anyone who wants to download the books from AO3 (of course you’re welcome to do that now, or at any point, but I know at least a couple of people are hanging out for the edits).

anonymous asked:

So I've been wondering for a little while now and I've finally decided to ask.. Could you give me a rough example (picture) of what pitches sword looks like? I know you've described it but I can't wrap my head around it.. I've been thinking of it looking something like Cloud Strifes buster sword but I'm pretty sure it's probably nothing like that..

It’s a pretty standard longsword in design, you can get a good idea of their basic components here:

Its grip was quite long (a la the first picture, and not the descriptive diagram), and as with all long-swords, it was designed for two-handed use. Unlike Clouds (epic) Buster sword, the blade is equilateral on both sides. :)

I hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Would you be okay with someone doing an audio reading of FtDWR and ISWF?

I would be MORE than okay with it - please let me know once you’re done, as well! I used to do reading myself (i.e. I used to broadcast on Information Radio in Western Australia - which reads various items to those who may not be able to access them for various reasons like vision impairment), and anything that increases the accessibility of fic in general is like the most *wonderful* thing ever. Recording FtDWR / ISWF? SO HONOURED.