The Secret Agent

my favourite thing about phineas and ferb is that perry being a secret agent is a secret to absolutely no one aside from the flynn-fletcher family and their circle of close friends, excluding stacy for whatever reason. even after they befriend vanessa doofenshmirtz, who tells anyone who listens about her dad being an evil scientist who fights a platypus named perry, they still dont know. this is the kind of dramatic irony i live for.

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No one knows im a Tony stan I feel like a secret agent.... when I talk about him i call him "stark" to show everyone that I'm not Compromised™, Karen, God, I just agree with his stance in civil war on an intellectual level

honestly this is amazing???? there is. literally no way for me to hide how much of a Tony Stan i am at all its. embarrassing. i Legally Changed my Name to anthony edward because my trans ass needed a cool name and who better,,, and im in the process of getting a tony stark tattoo wow ofc i am (him on his roller skates bc y not) and im just,, literally, as we speak, currently dressed in an im hoodie. i cant hide it. i try but i cannot. theres no goin back for me @ this point

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If MC2 were in a secret agent squad she'd be the best at disguises. She's very people savvy and good at acting and sleight of hand. She's the sort of person to trip you up in a debate and laugh as she watches you realize you just played right into her hands. She likes thrills, motorcycles and roller coasters. She'd be a good actor, spy, magician, or dancer. She teases people to show she loves them. She loves sweet things and hates chips. Seven is offended but also totally smitten with her

(2/2) basically MC2 X Seven is love and life. Especially if MC2 dyes her hair blue so they can be a red and blue couple

Time to Reflect

Alix arrives at school on Valentines day to find a mysterious love letter addressed to her. Alya takes it upon herself to investigate the source of this curious note.

An Aleka/Julix or whatever this rarepair is called these days fic post. I blame @secret-agent-spy-detective-ninja for this, mainly for putting so many ideas into my head in the first place. Hope you enjoy it!


When Rei gets really talkative, he forgets things are still happening… What am I doing? It’s 7am and I’m still drawing RinRei. I need to sleep!  ಥ‿ಥ

They’re wearing the secret agent outfit but I’m too lazy to shade everything black.

Enjoy! I know I have yet to finish all those gift guides that were meant for the holidays but I figured I’d make this in the meantime. I really like all my choices and I made sure to post early so if you wanted to order anything, you’d have time to do so. Some of the bra/thong pieces have other bottom styles so if you’re not a fan of thongs they might have a boyshort or bikini style to go with it as well. I think all of them are sexy but clearly Leo and Scorpio are the sexiest - I decided to embrace the Scorpio sexual stereotype for this set. 

Valentine’s Lingerie Guide by Zodiac Sign // Aries - Samantha Chang Micro Mesh All Lace Full Slip $54 - $107 // Taurus - Topshop Retro Satin Bralet + High Waist Knickers $68 // Gemini - Topshop Lace Balconette Bra + Lace Mini Knicker $52 // Cancer - Eberjey Iris Chemise $72 // Leo - Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Mesh + Lace Garter Slip $78 // Virgo - Huit French Kiss Half Cup Bra w/ Foam + French Kiss Tanga $118 // Libra - Else Serenity Triangle Silk Babydoll $156 // Scorpio - L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Belisa Lace-Trimmed Stretch-Mesh Basque $215 // Sagittarius - Satin + Lace Balconette Bra + Thong $52 // Capricorn - Only Hearts Whisper Teddy $100 // Aquarius - La Perla Studio Volta Underwire Bra $98 // Pisces - H&M Triangle Bra + Lace Thong $22 


Tom Hiddleston and James D'Arcy