The Secret Agent

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Baby Ori wanting to practice writing new words so he asks everyone for words and how too spell them while he writes them out. Nori keeps wanting words like "wanker" and "nob" while dwalin is sappy with "love" and "one" around Nori

Baby Ori misspelling or mishearing some of the creative insults Nori tries to come up with, or writing similar sounding terms of endearments instead. Ori whining because Dwalin’s words are so boring and he did hear them, while Nori’s just “… what does that mean?”

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Personally, I really don't want them to come out with any kind of announcement. If they do, they will ask the shippers to please calm down and that they want their relationship to be private. This is way more fun: them teasing us, we find out things about them, exciting (but respectful) theories... I really hope that if they come out, it's just a picture with them hugging or kissing and that then we go back to this fun secret agents stuff and that we don't have to stop

No, I definitely do. I wouldn’t mind giving up that detective side of shipping them if it means they’ve reached a point where they feel comfortable being open with us. It’s going to happen eventually, and I personally would rather it happen sooner.

Rule 6: Don’t fall in Love (You x Ken- VIXX)

“Hello. Can I request a ken scenario where you’re a secret agent and you get shot but you can’t go to the hospital so you have to treat yourself. And ken doesn’t know about your job? Thank you!! / / sends out hearts…. “Hii. I love your blog. You’re such a talented writer! Can I request a Ken scenario where you’re a secret agent and Ken doesn’t know? One day you come home injured because you didn’t know Ken would be there. You can’t go to the hospital so you have to treat yourself. Sorry if it’s kinda unusual. Thank you!!” -Anon(s)

T/N: Thank you so much! I loved this request, it was like city hunter! I had so much fun writing it. I didn’t know if the anons were the same or not(?) so I combined the two! I also hope there isn’t much of a difference between secret agent and assassin… anyways, enjoy! XOXO ^.^ 

WARNING: There is some gore and blood so if you are sensitive/triggered please do not read! 

“So want to tell me why I came home to my girlfriend screaming bloody murder in agonizing pain on the bathroom floor? And why I had to remove a bullet from your shoulder?”

Several hours earlier:

Every day I either got chased by the police, risk my life, get shot at, or have my life flash before my eyes; I was in constant danger. This was what I did for a living; I am a secret agent.

I hear sirens in the distance behind me and see red and blue lights strobe in the darkness behind as I race through Seouls busy city streets.

An anonymous client had hired my“ special services” for an assassination.

Rule 1: Never kill anyone if they didn’t deserve it.

This specific target was a corrupt politician,  charged for embezzlement, child abuse and neglect, rigging of votes, but all charges were dropped without another word; this man was the worse of the worse. I had succeeded in killing him… except that the police’s aim must of improved and they shot me in the shoulder as I was driving away. My cell phone goes off. Of all times someone decides to call me now.

I sneak a quick glance at the caller ID.


I maneuver my way around cars and finally lose the police. Luckily my black car blended into the night as well as the 100 other black cars in Seoul.

Although I was free from the police I still had a bullet lodged in my back. I couldn’t go to the hospital and just say, “yeah, I got shot by the police because I am a wanted criminal.”

I had to treat it myself so I go to my apartment, and luckily Ken was away for the weekend.

It wasn’t my first time I had to tend to my own injuries; one time I had to stitch up my forehead from getting cut with a knife after I had stole money from the mob; I made up an excuse and told Ken I had fallen off the bed and hit my head on the dresser.  

Rule 2: Never drag anyone into your work. Especially ones you care about.

I couldn’t go to my apartment through the normal way because there were too many people. With my dark clothes, I sneak behind the building and climb the ladder for emergency fire escape that leads into the apartment. All the adrenaline from the police chase had worn off so pulling myself up the ladder was excruciating, but I made it. As I climb up I hear my phone ring. Probably Ken. When I don’t answer I receive a text message. I ignore it and pull myself over the window sill and make my way into Ken and I’s bedroom. I fall. All my weight all goes to my injured arm. The pain is so bad I can’t even hear myself scream in agony. After a minute of laying on the floor and when the pain is only just bearable I pull myself up. I stumble into the bathroom, starting to get from the loss of blood.

Rule 3: Never leave any traces of evidence behind; always clean up after yourself.

I make a mental note, I make cleaning the blood up before Ken got home Sunday morning my second priority; right after I dislodge the bullet from my arm.

I take off my shirt doused in blood. I wince in pain as I take my arm out of the sleeve.

I turn around and twist my head to get a good look; I take note of the damage.

A lot of blood, obviously, cauterized tissue, the bullet is lodged in, but luckily not too deep. Need to remove bullet, clean the wound, stitch up the opening, and bandage it, all by myself. I was never that flexible so this is going to be fun. I reach into the cabinet for the rubbing alcohol. Stand in the bathtub and I pour drop by drop over my shoulder and it makes its my into my wound, I watch as the blood slowly trickles down my arm and makes it way down the drain. I bit my lip trying to contain my scream, when that doesn’t work I bit the other shoulder.

Rule 4: Keep screams and cries of pain to a minimum. You have neighbors and thin walls.

My cries and winces bounces off the walls. Suddenly I hear the door open and close. I instantly stop what I am doing to lock the bathroom door. I stand by the door. “Jagi~ I am home early because I missed you too much~” Ken calls out. “shit” I swear under my breath. “Jagi? Where are you?” I hear him call him behind the door. Blood runs down my arm and starts pooling onto the tiled floor “Jagi?” I see his feets from crack at the bottom of the door. I feel him grab on to the door knob, “Y/N?”

I gather up my sanity as best I could so I don’t sound like I am not a secret agent, i’ve just murdered someone, been shot, and am bleeding out as we speak, “Oppa? You’re here early! I will be out in a few minutes.” I lie. “Just let me get freshened up!”

I hear him walk away and see his feet disappear. “Arasso, but hurry up! I missed you so much~”

“I missed you too oppa!” I step back into the tub and murmur to myself, “shit. I could hardly muffle my screams before.” But I had to tend to my wound.

Ken calls out again, “Hey, I am going to unpack my stuff okay?”

“OKay- wait. Ken!” I remember the blood all over the floor in the bedroom.


“unpack… in the bedroom?”

I can hear Ken chuckle, “Yeah, where else?”

I have to think of an excuse to get him out of the apartment.

“Hey, um, can you go to the store and get some stuff for dinner?”

“The store? I just got home~” he whines. If I didn’t have a bullet lodged into my shoulder I would argue with him.

“Please. I am hungry oppa~” I try my hardest to make my voice sound aegyo-esque.

“Tell you what, oppa will make you a delicious dinner right here from the apartment.”

“Now? Instead of unpacking?”

“Are you that hungry?”


“Then sure. Coming right up.”

He wasn’t leaving the apartment but he wasn’t going into the bedroom either. That was as good as it was going to get.

I wait till I hear kitchen utensils bang together until I step back into the tub. I begin pouring the rubbing alcohol again and bit down on my shoulder even harder and try and not make a sound. When I can’t bear it I turn on the sink faucet as well as the bathroom fan. I decide to get it over with a pour the entire thing. I drop the bottle and bring my hand to my mouth, biting down hard trying to suppress my screams. Only about 1 quarter of it actually made its way to my wound but it was enough. Once the pain slightly subsides I pant in sweet relief and pray that Ken was singing too loudly to himself to hear. Now for the next part, the removal of the bullet. I could hardly keep my screams to a minimum when cleaning the wound, now retrieving the wound without an anesthetic would be 100x worse. Great. The pain level was increasing by the second.

I grab the longest tweezers I could find. “The food is ready~ are you almost done? The food is going to get cold. If you are doing your hair and makeup don’t worry! You will look as beautiful as always so hurry up so I can see you and kiss your face” I hiss in pain as I suppress my cries. A cry accidently escapes.

“Jagi? are you okay?”

“Yah-” another cry. “I am fine.” I take the tweezers and reach behind. I can barely reach. I try a different angle. Even worse. I go back to the original placement and get the tip of the tweezers into the wound, barely touching the bullet. I can’t help but scream. I quickly turn on the shower faucet. Ken. Don’t come in here. You didn’t hear anything. I know it was too much to ask for and hear Ken running towards the door and bangs on the door. “Y/N! Are you okay? What’s wrong?! Why are you screaming! Jagi!” His voice is now frantic. He bangs on the door again. “Jagi! Open the door!” I drop the teasers. It clanks hard against the tile floor. Shit.

“Jagi? What was that!?” not thinking, I bend down to pick it up with my arm that has the bullet in it. Genius. I scream out in pain and fall to the floor. I just… scream. I hear Ken ram into the door and the door cracks. I keep screaming and start crying. It’s no use trying to suppress it. It’s just too much. I already broke all the rules. Ken finally breaks the lock to find me sprawled across the blood covered floor. His knees buckle and he is beside me. He grabs onto my bare skin and turns me over and sees to giant hole in my shoulder. What is he going to do? How am I going to get myself out of this? I broke my rule. I can’t bring him into this. No. Is he going to leave me here to bleed out? I love him… I can’t even think over the intense amount of pain. “Y/N?” he whispers in disbelief. I can hardly hear it over my screams and cries. I can hardly see anything, my hair covers my face. I feel his shaking hand graze over my back. I can’t stop crying. “Ken-”

“Tell me what to do.” I look up to see Ken with a serious look on his face. I can’t read what he is thinking.


“Tell me what to do god dammit!” his voice is forceful and almost scary.

I swallow my tears.

“You-” I wince in pain. He brushes the hair behind my ear.

“Y/N, breathe, tell me what to so I can help you.” his voice is soft, but I can still hear the terror that it masks.

“Need to…  take the bullet out.”

He stumbles back with a terrified look in his eyes.


“Please. Help me” tears stream down my face.

He grabs the tweezers and starts digging into my shoulder, trying to get a grasp on the bullet.

I scream. All I hear is my own screaming and pain. All I see it my blood and tears. All I feel is pain. Not even Ken’s firm, soft hands. Just pain. Terrible, terrible, excruciating, pain. Then, all of a sudden, oblivion. I pass out.

Sweet, sweet, relief.

I wake up laying on my side on my bed. My entire body hurts like hell, but not as much as it had before. I feel Ken’s chin resting on the top of my head and arm draped gently across my waist. I don’t have a shirt on but my chest, torso, and shoulder is wrapped in a bandage. Did he remove the bullet and bandage the wound? There is no blood, no scent of blood. My hair isn’t caked with blood either. I smell like flowers. Did he was me? Even after that hell he had to do he still has his arm around me like nothing has happened.

I listen. Silence. My screams aren’t echoing in the room, only the sound of our breathing.

By the pace of Ken’s breathing I can tell that he is asleep. I try to escape from his grasp so I wouldn’t have to face him when he woke up.

Rule 5: In worse case scenario, do what you do best; run away and never return. If you can’t do that, do your next best thing: kill.

But before I could even move he wakes up and stares at me. His face is straight.

I can’t tell what he is thinking. I start tearing up.

“Yah~ don’t start crying again. I hate to see you cry and be in pain.”

“Ken I-” cups my cheeks in his hands and brushes the tears away with his thumbs. He kisses my lips.

“I love you Y/N. No matter what.”

“Ken-” my voice is raspy and hoarse from all the screaming and crying

“Shh~ Dont speak, your voice must hurt. Let me get you some tea.”

He gets off the bed and turns back to say, “don’t go anywhere.” he points his finger at me and wiggles his eyebrows, “we have a lot to talk about” he smirks. What the hell is going on?

a goes to the kitchen and returns with a steaming cup of tea.

He sits besides me, brushes my hair behind my ear and kisses my forehead.

Rule 6: Don’t fall in love.

“So want to tell me why I came home to my girlfriend screaming bloody murder in agonizing pain on the bathroom floor? And why I had to remove a bullet from your shoulder?”

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just wanted to say, I really love your art. your drawings, and the fact that you were brave enough to pursue your passion, is a real inspiration to me and it makes me want to fight for what I love doing. So I hope things turn out great for you, and also that you'll have a nice day today!

;o; thank you! this is really really nice to hear, since watching other people pursue things like I do was what made me brave enough to try. Good Luck with your