The Secret Agent

MBTI Types as Secret Agents

INTJ: Mastermind  

ENTJ: Operations control  

INFJ: Diplomat-spy 

ENFJ: Adviser to president/prime minister

INFP: Mole/sleeper agent 

ENFP: Think-thank member

INTP: Hacker 

ENTP: Double agent 

ISTP: Technology development 

ESTP: Missile control 

ISTJ: Analyst 

ESTJ: Interrogator 

ISFJ: Keeper of records 

ESFJ: Conspirator 

ISFP: Surveillance 

ESFP: Damage control


from the Jamilton agent au

Quick context: Thomas and Alex have to go undercover at a ball but there are rumors that a specific group of people will be there that will recognize ya boy Alex so he has to go deep undercover ;;;;

  • Agent Whiskey: Okay, all the straight's in the club are gonna assume we're one of them. So we'll be like gay secret agents!
  • Roxy : Lesbionage.
  • Eggsy: Bi spy!
  • Merlin: It's an ace case.
  • Agent Tequila: Pan with a plan.
  • Harry: ...
  • Harry : Secret gaygent

Have you ever read something or watched something that changed your life and the way you see the world and it means so much to you that you literally tear up thinking about it?

Do you ever randomly think about it and start crying over how much it has shaped you as a person and how much it means to you?

Do you ever try and tell someone about how much you love it but they don’t care at all?


Loki & Verity.

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of friendship.