The Rip Offs

On one hand, I no longer look like a plague victim.
On the other hand, it’s 70 degrees and g i r g e o u s outside, and I’m stuck /inside/.

Counting down the minutes until 5pm on Friday? Needs something to tide you over until you can escape the office? Look no further because there’s the VINNIE’S BRAND PIZZA DISPENSER! Fits perfectly on any desk. Blends in well with other supplies. Just rip off little pieces throughout the day to help you get by! Makes paperwork delicious! It’s the perfect office supPie. Available at any Vinnie’s location, while supPies last.


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Tayvin- the ship that everyone wants to forget and ignore but it keeps coming back alive from the dead.


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I just read this post from some SNS fan and boy the amount of ignorance in this post nearly damaged my brain cells. Claims that The Last ripped off SNS just because of Hinata's chakra colour and ignores Kishi's involvement in The Last. Says that Naruto and Sasuke have romantic potential when no such thing happened at all and then has the nerve to say that NH fans didn't read. Hypocrisy at its finest. The rest are just the same bullshit that antis spewed

I read the post you were referring to, and yeah some of the things that they were saying were rather ignorant, such as the whole ordeal with the colour of Hinata’s chakra. They were angry that Hinata’s chakra was portrayed to be purple when that’s supposed to be “Sasuke’s colour”, but that’s just so misinformed, not least due to the fact that Hinata’s chakra was only purple due to Hamura transferring some of his chakra to her. 

Furthermore, the natural colour of normal chakra (when seen through the naked eye) is light blue; that’s the same for everyone apart from the Tailed Beasts. Sasuke’s Susanoo was purple, not the actual colour of his chakra. The colour of a person’s Susanoo changes from user to user; Itachi’s was red, Sasuke’s is purple, Madara’s was dark blue, Kakashi’s was light blue etc:

So yeah, the amount of ignorance in that post was high. I wonder if that person thinks that Itachi’s chakra is naturally red/orange, simply because that was the colour of his Susanoo.

Boueibu 30 Days Challenge

Day 8: OTP’s favorite moment.

There have been so many amazing IoRyuu moments throughout both seasons >.< It is impossible to choose just one so I will pick my top 5

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No Ioryuu fan could not have loved this scene (Which we have Atsushi to thank for it xD

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I really loved this scene since it was really the first evidence showing just how much Io cared about Ryuu

I loved this scene since it showed that Ryuu was more important to Io then anything ;u;

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Ryuu being so scared and clinging to Io the whole time was adorable! Then the best part when Ryuu thought a molester was following them from that unique beach because they are both pretty hot guys, which Io agreed to xD

Then we had the fight episode from the second season which I loved so much since it proved how highly they view the other, thinking they are the most amazing person in the world!!

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Plus Gora ripped their clothes off and tossed them into the bath together which was perfect xD

Honestly every single moment with the two of them was a blessing

From the anime, to comics, the game and the novels, I just love them all. Such wonderful images from the staff and such amazing work in doujinshis and fanart from the fanbase! I cannot express my thanks for this series and characters! <33


I just got back from New York!

Someone at Double Down was all, “How did you end up in this shit hole?”
And I asked, “Do you mean this bar?”
And he responded, “No this city!”

I’m like that t-shirt, I <3 NY!
I made a journal comic for all my shinanigans, only kinda ripping off Julie Doucet’s My New York Diary, SH!  It’s okay, there ya go now.

This is a sketchy ass preview of what’s to come.  So far I’m on page 20 and I haven’t even got to the good part yet.

I’m going to be offline for today bc I have rl duties but let me say this: 

Stop stealing people’s muses. there’s a difference between having similarities or heck, even just having your muse be inspired by them and BLATANTLY ripping them off. This is extremely rude and is a huge slap to the face of the original creator - most muses take time, love and effort and to have that completely stripped is disheartening to say the least. 

Stop it. Stop stealing hcs. Stop ripping off backstories and traits. Stop hand picking at muses like the creator is absolutely fine with you doing so. There is a difference between having similarities and outright stealing, and I am ashamed to see the latter.

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Don't know why people are vehemently against Jerome being the Joker. To me, if he isn't, then the "real" Joker is just a rip off of Jerome. A rip off who is copying Jerome's laugh, his mannerisms, his personality, etc. Why would anyone want that to be the case for this iconic character? It's better if the show was merely taking some liberties with Jokers back story, like with the rest of the show, but ultimately, making Jerome the actual Joker.

This this this, a thousand times this. This is exactly what I’m sayin. Not only is Cameron the best man for the job, but having Joker be a copycat is a huge insult to the character. Joker’s too good for that. Him having a back story is by far, the lesser evil of the two.

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other things to think about include: what if keith fell while running around the cliffs looking into caves and fucked up his leg real bad, so he ripped off the edge of his jacket with his knife and used it as a makeshift bandage and thats why the jacket's cropped.

he would be that resourceful and on the upside it became a fashion statement for the Ages but also?? Sad Fashion