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Tousute Extra: Inarizushi (May 11, 2016)

Shokudaikiri didn’t have enough aburaage (deep-fried tofu) to make inarizushi for everyone, so Tsurumaru proposed playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who gets to eat his food. However, Mikazuki didn’t seem to know how the game works… Yamanbagiri steered them back on topic before they could discuss if Mikazuki’s win counted, but then Mikazuki went ahead and ate the inarizushi while everyone else was distracted. ^^;


In which our beloved monster ambassador (unknowingly) runs for student council.

Compressed so the post isn’t so long– I hope reading is still smooth.

If you prefer one long strip please let me know.

anonymous asked:

How the hell does Alderode's govt work? Given how they are very emphatically not a monarchy, as well as references to various councils, I assume they're a republic of some sort, but that doesn't really give much in the way of detail. You've stated that only adult male businessmen are allowed to vote, but how are candidates chosen? Is there a head of state? Do they have any power?

Alderode’s ruled by Vits Council, a body of elected officials and departmentheads led by four Councillors. The country’s two faiths - Ssaelit and Gefendur - are assured a fifty-fifty split of government representation. Each faith body acts as a political party, vetting and nominating its preferred candidates which are then voted upon by its ghers-dwelling male constituency.

Ok, I’m going to risk going on a rant because I know how much people love when I voice my opinions. Sorry, but not really. Anyways….apparently there’s a problem in the Star Wars fandom today because Sam inadvertently didn’t mention Leia when he was talking about the Skywalkers during the discussion of Rey being a Skywalker on Collider Jedi Council (refer to this gifset)

I’ve seen quite a few people comment on how he didn’t mention Leia. Is this even worth getting upset over? This particular conversation happened almost a year ago. Obviously I don’t know Sam personally, but I’m sure he didn’t intentionally forget about Leia (he talked about her in the previous discussion). I don’t want to come off as making excuses for him or demote Leia (or any of the Skywalker women), but I think the only reason he didn’t mention her in this moment is because the men have always been the dominant Force users in the Skywalker family. And that’s a whole different argument in itself. But we all know Leia is Force sensitive, but every generation of the Skywalker family has had 1 supreme Force user. And til now they’ve been male (Anakin, Luke, and Kylo) Rey, if she’s a Skywalker, will be the exception here.

Sam not including Leia has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a woman (and has a vagina). And up until people started getting angry about this it didn’t even cross my mind that this would be such an issue. But I know how tumblr loves to create discourse about every little thing and everyone and everything is problematic.

If you really have a problem with what Sam said, go whine about it to him. See what he has to say in response. That’s not me encouraging you to go spam his twitter with this shit because honestly….just don’t. But stop trying to create problems where none exists. And I say all this as a woman and a Star Wars and Sam Witwer fan. There are much more important issues than this. Dedicate your time and energy to that. Because this is stupid.

Have a nice day! :)