The Reference Council


In which our beloved monster ambassador (unknowingly) runs for student council.

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Some people are unbelievable. This sophomore bitch just mocked me for my speech. I expect that behind my back, but to my face? Honestly, you’re just ensuring your own demise. Because, wow, that’s actually hurtful.

North Korea: UN Should Act on Atrocities Report

A new United Nations report has found that crimes against humanity are occurring in North Korea and calls for an international tribunal to investigate and hold perpetrators to account.

The report, by a UN Commission of Inquiry appointed by the UN Human Rights Council in March 2013, recommends that the UN Security Council refer the situation in North Korea to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights carry out investigations.

By focusing only on the nuclear threat in North Korea, the Security Council is overlooking the crimes of North Korean leaders who have overseen a brutal system of gulags, public executions, disappearances, and mass starvation.

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Photo: A North Korean prison policewoman stands guard behind fences at a jail on the banks of Yalu River near the Chongsong county of North Korea, opposite the Chinese border city of Dandong on May 8, 2011. © 2011 Reuters
Proposed Minneapolis ballot item would require police to carry insurance
Supporters say change would add incentive to avoid misconduct.

A measure that would require police officers to carry professional liability insurance could be on Minneapolis ballots in November’s general election.

Members of the Committee for Professional Policing, a local police accountability group, plan to deliver about 12,000 petition signatures to the city clerk on Thursday. If enough of those signatures are verified — 6,869 are required — the group’s proposed city charter amendment will be referred to the City Council to be placed on the ballot.

The “Police Insurance Amendment” would allow the city to pay the base rate for officers’ insurance coverage, but premium increases triggered by cases of officer misconduct would be covered by the officers involved in those incidents. That’s a change from current practice, under which the city is self-insured and determines if it will cover police misconduct settlements on an individual basis.
North Korea: Time for Obama to Act

Something amazing occurred in Geneva today. For the first time in the history of North Korea’s three-generation totalitarian rule, a U.N. body acknowledged the regime’s massive abuses and invoked U.N. members’ obligations to address them.

The U.N. Human Rights Council passed a resolutionurging North Korea’s human rights crisis be taken up at the U.N. Security Council and referred “to the appropriate international criminal justice mechanism,” which could include the International Criminal Court in the Hague or an ad hoc international tribunal.