The Red Door Meet

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█ ▌❛ ( ʷᵃʳᵈʳᵒᵇᵉ. ) the man in the killer suit.
Only visible with the door open: veneered door edge with RED DOT AWARD

The manufacturer claims that to meet the eligibility for RED DOOT AWARDS is at very high standard. Usually there are at least 1800 companies participating from 45 different countries with over 4500 submissions to the contest. One of the winners is the Grauthoff Door Group, that convinced the 30-member jury of international experts with their “sandwich” door edge for flush doors. In the “sandwich” edge of product HGM is a cross-veneer solid wood strip or a color strip that is inserted into the edge of a white painted lacquer door. The result is an accentuated design element that only with the door open is deliberately visible.

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lucas stood at the front porch of the RED DOOR. heart beating through his chest as the blood collapsed through his veins. knowing all too well his plea of forgiveness was a long shot and bound to get turned DOWN. but his mind couldn’t stop thinking about brooke davis. every SINGLE thought that entered the past few days consisted of something more than just friendship. something bigger, and the more he tried to FIGHT it the more it prevailed. he had been falling in love with brooke davis and just before he fell he ruined it all. and as much as he tried to move PAST it he wasn’t able to. so here he was standing at the red door marking up the COURAGE to bring is knuckles to meet the tinted paint. a breath slipped between his lips and finally he knocked. hands SLIPPED to his pockets and feet shuffled around as he listened to the door knob twisting open. his head immediately shot up and the smile that spread across his face was out of instinct. 

                                             ‘hey pretty girl,’