The Red Door Meet

Look Into My Eyes

Pairings: Dean x sister!Reader, Sam x sister!Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Angst, jealousy, drinking, swearing, kind of stalking (you’ll see), death of a major character

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Danish Artists Challenge! This one was very different for me; it’s written in third person, and it’s a Winchesters x sister!Reader, which is something I haven’t really done before. However, I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy it too! The fic was inspired by the song. I chose not to put the lyrics in because I felt that it didn’t really work well.

Prompt: Look Into My Eyes: Outlandish


Dean found out that he had a little sister when he was 32. Dad was gone and Dean had finally brought himself to read the last few pages of his journal.

Once he read those words, he sprinted off to find Sammy at the library, shoving the leather-bound book in his face. “Look at what I just found,” Dean said to his younger brother.

Sam’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he took the notebook from Dean’s hands. His eyes scanned over the words, realization crossing his face as he read.

The case they were supposed to be working on was set on the back burner for a moment.

“We have a little sister,” Sam said in disbelief. His head turned towards Dean, his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Looks like you’re a big brother, Sammy,” Dean said, ruffling the younger man’s hair.

“It’s Sam,” he grumbled, fixing his hair. “We are going to find her, right?”

Dean sits down across from his brother, “Hell yeah we are.”

Sam smiles at his brother and Dean smiles back.

They were going to find their baby sister.

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Chapter 2: Smitten Kitten (Spider-Boy - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)






“Have you seen the new viral video of Spiderman saving that family? It looked so intense. I bet the guy behind the mask is just yummy.” Your friend Tina gushes as you and your friends walk out the iconic red door of Spence.

“I bet you’re going to meet him soon, knowing that your dad is THE Iron Man.” Maddie, another friend of yours, adds.

“I know! Ever since the rumour about him joining the Avengers came out, I’ve been wondering when I’m going to meet him.” Y/n replies.

“I bet he’s like totally ripped underneath that Spiderman costume. You should definitely tell him to visit us here.” Eliza, your third friend tells you.

“I doubt that I’ll ever get to meet him, though. I’m doing an internship for my dad, not for Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers.” Y/n reasons out.

Y/n sees Happy waiting by the car door, signalling the Stark that it’s time to go home.

“Happy’s here! Have to go! I’ll see you girls on Monday!” You walk towards your father’s driver as he gives you a tight smile before opening the car door.

The moment Y/n slides inside the car, you see your dad busy on the phone.

“Hey! Why aren’t you at the Tower?” You ask him.

“First thing’s first, we have to go to Queens, Parker’s coming with me to Germany. Second, I’m gonna need you to look for him. He says he’s studying at Midtown High School and I do not want to go inside. Third, while I’m away, Pepper and Helena will be with you 24/7, I’m bringing Happy with me because he needs a sitter and he’s like 12.” Tony explains.

Happy pulls into the traffic and drives off.

“Hold on, you’re going to Germany without me? What about Aunt May? Have you told her about all of this? You’re going to bring Peter to your fight with Steve? Why won’t you bring me? I’m really useful when it comes to babysitting. Please take me with you.” Y/n ambushes her dad with questions and gives him the pout.

“You know I hate it when you pout at me, it’s like a weapon.” Tony glares at you knowing that you’re not going to give up.

“Fine. But you better bring your homework with you. While I’m doing my thing, you do yours and that is to study and babysit Peter.” He tells Y/n.

“Dad, you do know we’re in the same grade, right?” Y/n retorts.

“I don’t like the way he gapes at you as if you’re the first teenage girl he’s ever seen in his life. Other than that, he’s alright.” Your dad shrugs his shoulders and scrolls through his phone again.

Y/n just shrugs off Tony’s over-protectiveness.


“Dad, I’m wearing my uniform, how the hell can I not blend in?” You ask Happy parks the car in front of Midtown High.

“Happy, do you mind helping Y/n in looking for Mr. Parker.” Tony tells his head of security

“Thanks, daddy.” Y/n claps before walking out the car.

“If somebody comes up and approaches you, I’ll take them down in a second, got it?” Happy tells you.

“God, you’re just like my dad.” Y/n grumbles.


“Are we still up for building my lego death star later?” Ned asks Peter.

Peter puts his books inside his locker and the moment he closes it, he sees the girl who has been on his mind the whole week. He notices that Y/n Stark is still wearing her uniform, just like what she was wearing when they met.

“W-wow.” Peter sighs.

Y/n looks a bit lost while Happy is trailing behind her making sure that nobody gets a second look.

Everybody is looking at Y/n Stark as if she were a goddess just passing by their hallway, Flash Thompson couldn’t help but do a double take when he saw Y/n.

The girl sees Peter across the hallway and smiles at him while walking towards the now-astonished Peter and confused Ned.

“Is she smiling at you? Dude, that pretty girl is coming towards us, what do we do?” Ned panics.

“Calm down, She’s Mr. Stark’s daughter. We’re both interns for her dad.” Peter states.

“No way, that’s awesome!” Ned sighs in astonishment.

“Hi Peter! Am I interrupting something?” Y/n finally approaches Peter and Ned.

Peter looks at Y/n and smiles at her.

“Hi Y-y/n… Wh-what are you doing here?” Peter asks you.

“We have a Stark internship retreat, remember? I’m here to pick you up.” You raise your eyebrows at him, hoping that he’d play along.

“Yeah yeah yeah! The retreat, right. Will Mr. Stark be joining us?” Peter asks you.

“Yeah, he’s actually in the car waiting for you.” You reply.

“That’s so awesome.” Ned interrupts.

“Hi, I’m Y/n Stark, you must be Peter’s friend.” Y/n takes her hand out for Ned to shake.

“N-Ned Leeds. I’m a big fan of your dad.” Ned gushes.

“Aren’t we all?” Y/n mutters.

“So uhh, where’d you go to school? I-I mean you’re wearing a school uniform, I assume you study in Manhattan.” Ned asks.

“Oh I go to Spence, at the Upper East side.” Y/n replies.

“Let’s go?” Y/n suggests to Peter.

“Yeah, o-okay.” Peter nods.

“It was nice meeting you, Ned.” You wave at Peter’s friend who waves back at you.

Peter walks beside you, looking at you with a smile on his face.

“What?” Y/n inquires.

“Nothing, you look…. nice.” Peter looks down at his feet.


“Thank you, you look presentable too.” You reply.

“What’s up, Penis Parker!!!?” Flash Thompson passes by and winks at Y/n before being scared off by Happy.

“I assume the two of you aren’t the best of friends.” Y/n looks at Peter in the eyes.

“Yeah, he’s been tormenting me for years now, I just tune him out.” Peter shrugs his shoulders.

“By the way, this is Happy Hogan. Happy, this is Peter Parker.” Y/n introduces the big man to Peter who looks aghast.

“Hey! You can call me Peter.” Peter puts his hand out but Happy just looks at him.

“Guess he isn’t that ‘happy’ to see me.” Peter jokes.

Y/n laughs at his remark to which Peter follows suit.


2 hours later….

Y/n sees Peter taking a video of the clouds.

“What are you doing?” Y/n asks him.

“I’m making a video.” Peter replies.

“You know you can’t show it to anyone.” Happy chimes in.

“Yeah, I know.” Peter assures.

“So uh, why’d they call you Happy?” Peter asks.

Y/n looks at him again and bursts out laughing. Happy stands up from his seat to move to one of the unoccupied seats at the back.

“So dad, why is Peter coming with us to Berlin?” You ask your father who is still busy scrolling his phone.

“He’s going to fight alongside me.” Tony replies.

“WHAT? Dad, Peter’s just a kid.” Y/n reasons out.

“He can handle that, right Spider-boy?” Tony looks at Peter who just looks like he wants to avoid being caught in the middle between two Starks.

“It’s Spider-man, and yeah, I think I can.” Peter nods.

“Hold on, WHAT? You’re Spider-man?! I always thought he’d be in his 20s or something.” Y/n states.

“Well, turns out Spidey is just as young as you are.” Tony retorts.

“Huh… You better show me your tricks before anything else, Spidey.” Y/n smirks at Peter.

“I’d be happy to.” Peter smiles back at her.

Your cheeks feel a bit flush at the sight of Peter’s adorableness.

Somewhere in your mind, you’d like to thank the Spider who has led you to this moment, smiling at the awkward teenager who is just as smitten as you are.

Hard work.

Summary: Michael is super stressed so you make him feel better.

Warnings: Smut!!! read at your own risk!!

The streets were filled cold, clouds of smoke bedded after the slow breaths. Pinching your jacket closer to your body, it was almost midnight, the majority of the people walking were either drunken, or coming from unholy affairs. Even though the intoxication was noticeable, they still nodded their heads, or took of their hats in the presence of a respected Shelby.

The warmth of the Shelby Limited rooms hit you, before looking for Michael you took off your jacket, placing it and your purse on the chair next to you. All of the other offices were shut and dark except the one located right next to the big doors of Tommy’s office.

Without knocking you enter the white door, only to meet a red eyed, tired Michael. “Hello Lovely.” He mumbles, his eyes leaving the paper to yours. He smiles sluggishly at you, showing how tired he really was.

“You look nice.” He blurts, you frown. “Michael when was the last time you’ve gotten so sleep?”

He groans, leaning back on his chair. “I will soon, Why are you here? Not that I don’t mind see you. A sight for sore eyes.” You smile at his cheekiness, sitting on his right thigh, his left hand laying against the form of your back, the right with a paper clenched.

“Enough flirting, It’s nearly one am, and I was waiting at your house for three hours.” The sudden realization made him mentally face palm himself, he places the papers on his desk, his hands meeting cheeks, leaving kisses on your skin, the skin of your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Before he could even apologize, you kissed his lips softly.

“I’m not mad, silly.” Michael sighs, still feeling very upset that he let you down like that. “I’m still sorry baby.” You smile, looking down at the papers scattered around his desk, filled with numbers and words. “You’ve been working too much.”

“Tommy has the deadline at next week.” Your hands fall to his clothed stomach, making him purr from the touch. “I’ve missed you.” Your wet lips whisper into his ear, making him smirk lightly at you.

“Do ya now baby? You nod, sinking to your knees in front of him. Michael’s leather belt slides easily in your hands, soon falling to his ankles along with his pants.

Michael’s cock twitched as your hand wrapped around the base of shaft. A small groan left his lips as your tongue met with the sensitive head of cock. Finally and without warning you take him into your mouth until he reached the back of your throat. “Fuck baby.” He cussed, as you stayed, leaving his cock tight against your throat. Pulling back and only bobbing your head back to take his cock into your mouth again.

Finally not being able to take it anymore Michael’s hips thrust into your mouth, making you gag from his whole cock completely hitting the back of your throat. The vibrations of your moans against him made his head spin as he was sent into pure bliss, fucking himself back into your mouth once again. His stress and any idea of work was gone, but now was pressed tightly against the warm comfort of your throat.

He whimpers before you press your hands against his hips sending them completely down as once again you take control as you knew he was close due to the grip on your hair getting tighter and his cheeks turning a dark rose color. His greedy hands began to undress the upper half of your dress, playing with the soft, plump breast. “So beautiful.” His eyes meet the soft innocent ones you more, you take him deeper into your mouth, your tongue running softly against the swollen head. His hips buckle into your mouth, half way through his cum coating the inside of your mouth, milking him completely.

The arousal between your legs filled the room, the scent was intoxicating. Michael only smirks at you, lifting you onto his boxer clad waist. “I think it’s time we go home baby.” The night was going to be long.

Pete| Animals |Dunne

Title; Animals

Words; ~9000

Pairing; Pete Dunne/Reader, Trent Seven/Reader if you get drunk and squint

Summary; The cost of my dreams, also known as you, will be you.

Warnings; NSFW. HEATHENS VERSE SO AU AF. Smut, semi  public sex, latex free, werewolves, pack dynamics, VERY unhealthy relationships. Mentions of past child abuse and child exploitation. Not a happy ending. Shit editing because I’m sick.

A/N: repost from the old blog

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wait sorry i forgot the prompt for Lucien lol: "You said you wouldn't forget, but you did. I'll just add it to the list of broken promises."

You said you wouldn’t forget, but you did. I’ll just add it to the list of broken promises.” 

Lucien wakes panting and sobbing, his face buried in his hands, his entire body shaking with the weight of his grief. She had been beautiful in life. Full of soft, musical laughter, bright gold eyes and a smile she would freely offer to anyone to brighten their day. 

In death she is terrible. Skeletal and ghastly, pale skin, hollow, empty eyes, the only smile she has for him now the red one that still weeps across her throat from where his father’s blade tore the life from her. 

Her words echo around his head. Haunting him. Torturing him. Tormenting him. The list of broken promises. There had been so many of those. He had promised her that they would be together forever. He had promised her that he would keep her safe. He had promised her that he loved her, that he would never let anything happen to her. 

He had broken them all. Every one of them. They had not been together forever. And he had not kept her safe. He had let her die. He had watched her die and done nothing to safe her. 

There had only been one left. The oath he had sworn to her as he cradled her body in the halls of the Court he now despised with every fibre of his being. He had sworn that he would never forget her, would never stop loving her. And now…Now. 

“Lucien?” Elain’s voice is soft as her pretty face peers around the door of his bedroom. She flushes as his red, wet eyes meet hers and shuffles awkwardly, “I, I heard you scream,” she murmurs quietly, voice so full of worry while he drowns in self-disgust. “I thought you might be in pain, I thought…” She trails off awkwardly, hovering, clearly requesting permission to come closer, to comfort him. 

He doesn’t want her comfort. He doesn’t deserve her comfort. He turns away from her instead, not even having the decency to look at her when he whispers softly, “I can’t do this.” 

“Lucien-” Her voice breaks slightly, sensing the rejection swelling through their bond because he isn’t fast enough to spare her from it. 

And that’s why he has to say this, why he has to kill this now before it destroys her. As everything else around him does. He may have fled Autumn, may have turned his back on the Court, on his heritage, but it has seeped into his bones. Everything he touches is sure to die and he can’t bare to let that happen to her. This soft, sweet girl of life and spring deserves better than that, better than him. 

“Please leave,” he says quietly, still not looking at her. Coward, coward, coward, his father’s voice whispers to him. He doesn’t care. 

She doesn’t move, doesn’t listen to him. In fact she takes a step towards him. “Lucien, please,” she whispers, her voice trembling. 

Now,” he barks, unable to bear it a second longer, hands fisting in the sheets beneath him as he tries to anchor himself to something. 

She turns and flees with a strangled sob, leaving him quite alone, as he’d wanted. Lucien closes his eyes but not fast enough to stop the fresh tears escaping him. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispers into the darkness that envelopes him, welcomes him home. 


The red hair is back and I am out the door to meet with a manufacturer. We have only spoken via email so I’m a little nervous. But I think I might be a little over prepared! lol I hope each of you have a productive Friday!

Can’t [Jin]

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Rise Series – Can’t


Genre: Vampire!AU

Summary: It didn’t matter to Seokjin, whether it was a stranger or a close friend. He won’t hesitate to suck the life out of them.

“Darling, can you c-come over?”

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Just come over, please.”

Love was something that Seokjin couldn’t feel.

Despite being alive for centuries, and perhaps the oldest out of his band of misfits, he had yet to experience love. All that he knew were those words of affection, and how to feed on his victims. Never had he fallen in love, whether it be another vampire or a human. Yes, he did care for his family, but caring for someone and promising them his everything, it wasn’t possible for him.

“Is that one of Shakespeare’s works? Excellent choice you’ve made.”

Meeting you was a beautiful mistake. He didn’t know anything about this world, and by chance, you were kind enough to help him without knowing it. It was a mistake to meet you, because you fell in love with him. Only on those late nights by the alleyway next to the hospital, they were all spent with him.

“I like you, Seokjin.” The breeze hits his face as soon he hears those words slip from your mouth. His eyes widened in surprise, watching as you sighed. “I know it’s only been a few months, but I can’t help but fall for you. So, what do you say?”

No words could be processed out of his mouth, thinking about the possibilities if he said yes.

“I understand if you aren’t interested-“

“Darling, how would you feel if I said that I liked you in return?”

He was never one to say that he loved you. For that entire period when you said you’d be his, he never said those words. If only you knew how cruel he was back then, and the fact he swore that he would never give his heart to another, until he realized he didn’t want to lose you.

When he caught your interest, he promised that he would take you the next day. Days turned to weeks, then months, then he stopped promising.

“I’ll take her sooner or later.”

“I just want to see her horrified expression when she finds out.”

“She’s just a toy, no more than that.”

He felt his dead heart race as he heard the doorknob twist and turn. He clutched his stomach, your lovely scent seeping into his nose. You smelled wonderful without perfume, raw and sweet.

When you opened the door, your eyes widened to meet glowing red eyes in the dark. Before you could respond to this, you felt the door slam shut in a flash. Your eyes wandered to Seokjin’s bed, white linen stained with red. Your vision was blocked when Seokjin came into view, a desperate smile on his face. He hunches over you, fingers ghosting above your clothed shoulders.

“I’m so glad I called out to you, darling.” He rasped out, pulling down your sleeves to undress your shoulder. He can feel your pulse beating fast, overwhelmed by his glowing red eyes. You found yourself unable to move and run out the door, frozen in his grip. If his heart would beat, it would’ve burst out of his chest at your sweet scent.

You let out a pained gasp, feeling his fangs impale your skin. It was almost as if tens of needles pierced into your shoulder, but you were willing to take it all in. Keeping a calm composure, your arms attempted to encircle around his large frame. He freezes at the contact, his eyes pulsing wide at your actions.

“It’s o-okay, Seokjin.” If it weren’t for his immense hunger, he would’ve stopped his feeding at your voice. At moments like this, Seokjin would’ve kept going with no remorse. For the first time in centuries, he tried to bring himself to stop. Recognizing his attempts, your hand found his head, patting it softly. “I said it’s okay, Seokjin. I’ll be fine.”  

Hunger threatens to overpower his feelings, urging him to fill in his desires and temptations, to end the madness churning deep within him. He bit deeper into your shoulder, attempting to take in more of your sweet taste. He feels you wince, your fingers digging deep into his back without a struggle. His grip on you tightened as your blood tricked through his mouth, craving more of your sweet taste.

“S-Seokjin…” Your weak whimpers mocked him, proving how much of a monster he really was. He wanted to keep going, to end your sufferings now before it got out of hand. It was the better choice to kill you now. Both of you wouldn’t be in pain if he finished you off here. What would it matter if he didn’t stop? Would it matter if he lost you?

Conflicted, he attempted to stop himself. He whimpers into your shoulder, pain building up from his torso. He still feels your fingers running through his hair in a comforting manner, and your arms warming his cold body.

He wanted to laugh at your naivety. He wanted to cry because of your love. Madness crept up from behind, along with those conflicting emotions that would wander to no end. Whether he had the strength to continue or pull away, he didn’t know.

“I love you so much, Seokjin.” Why would you say that to him? To a monster that’s close enough to taking your life away.

“I love you too.”

He can’t.

Oh? Would you like to go back?

Request 14~
come on (y/n) this is nothing compared to before I thought to myself, preparing to knock on the large red double doors infront of me.
 Knock, knock, knock.
“3 minutes until meet and greets” I stammered through the door, just loud enough to be audible on the other side. I heard the two British voices reply with okay and thanks from the otherside and left to check with all the people attending the meet and greet.

After an hour of teenage girls hugging them and crying, Dan and Phil had finished all the meet and greets with time to spare.
“Is there any staff who want a signature” the brown haired boy joked. I took him up on the offer and bounced over to them; my (y/c/h) swaying in a ponytail behind me.
“Hi!” I exclaimed, looking up at the two men who were giants compared to me. “I love your videos so much” I mentioned as they signed my phone case.
“Are you watching the show?” Phil asked, a smile plastered across his face.
“Uh yeah I’m helping with the props so I’ll just be backstage or in the wings watching” I told him before realising the time. “Uh you two should really be getting ready for stage” I smiled as I pointed at the clock on the wall.
“Oh shit” Dan whispered under his breath before they said there good byes and head off in the direction of the stage.

I enjoyed the show so much. The screams when they played the internet is here were immense; and seeing all the teenagers crying took me back to seeing MCR in 2006. Every now and then, I got to hand something to Dan or Phil, both boys smiling and filled with pride.

Another hour passed and the show was over. Everything was packed up and most of the girls had left. I watched as Dan and Phil got back on their tour bus and waved as they pulled away.

Whilst I was clearing out the room they had been preparing in, I found a shirt on the chest of drawers which I immediately recognized to be Dans weed shirt.

time skip 

Knocking on the door of the hotel the boys were staying at, I prepared for what I was going to say.

Moments later the door swung open to reveal a paniced Dan.
“Um hi it’s me from earlier, you left something at the venue” I spoke, surprisingly confident. His eyes flickered down to the dark material in my hand and his shoulders immediately relaxed.
“Oh my God, thank you so much” he sighed as I passed him the shirt.

The Next Day

“Tell the people where we’re going today the Philip” I heard the familiar voice from behind me. I spun round to be met with the two dark haired giants from yesterday holding a phone pretty much above my head, clearly making a day in the life video.
“Oh hi! It's  (y/n)” Dan said after nearly walking into me.
“Guys this is (y/n) she helped with the props yesterday” Phil said, walking to be behind me so I could be on camera.

I saw my face had turned bright red on the screen of the phone.
“Um, (y/n) since we don’t know where we’re going do you want to come round with us?” The other boy asked.

The three of us became inseparable as we walked around the streets.

“So this is the great barrier reef?” Dan asked, a confused look in his hazel eyes.
“Uh yeah”
“Why isn’t it as colourful as the pictures” he asked, still showing signs of confusion.
“Well the people who look after the reef, I think they’re scientists or marine biologist, have said it could be pronounced dead in the autumn” I explained
Both of the 6ft boys had a solemn look on their faces after.

After visiting the reef, we decided to head back to their hotel.

They had been vlogging most of the day and I knew I would appear in the video at some point.
“(Y/n) you do know if we mention any of your social media links you’ll get tons if messages like ’ I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH THEM’” Dan joked.

“I know Dan, I’ve seen the phandom” I laughed, getting off Dans bed to make a drink.

“Anyway…. Mr Philip” Dan laughed, vlogging again. “What are we watching?” He questioned, legitimately not knowing what was on.
“Are you serious?” Phil joked in response “it’s quite clearly the Olympics” he finsished as I walked back into the room. Dan saw me and took it as an opportunity to joke around.

“Look who is still here” He turned the camera to face me as I sat to the left of Phil. “It’s like 10 at night and she’s still here. Third wheel much”
“Guys pleaae remember that was a joke and there is no need to attack (y/n)’s social media with comments like ‘leave them alone’ and that sort of thing” Phil chimed in, slightly more seriously.

“I do need to go soon though guys” I moaned acknowledging that I’d have to leave the boys
“Just stay here,” Dan suggested patting the space next to him on the bed.
“You do realise what the phandoms reaction is going to be after that” I laughed, sitting in the place I had previously been.

Looking back on the events of the past two days I realised how lucky I had been in meeting and bonding with Dan and Phil. The two men who most people wanted to know. The two men with 2007 hair and who wear nothing but black jeans.

Luke Skywalker Imagine- Doubts

[Author’s note: hi guys! This was requested and I am super happy about it! I know some of you star wars fans might not like that I am doing stuff out of order but I didn’t know how to write this fic without Han and Leia dating. Please forgive me and enjoy!]

You and Luke have been an on and off thing for the past few years, but neither of you would admit it, that is until one day he had the guts to ask you out. You were thrilled, but you could sense a little bit of doubt in his voice which caused you to worry that you weren’t good enough but little did you know that it was the contrary. 

Luke sits with with Han Solo at the base while you are off sleeping in a tent somewhere. His actions are indecisive like he has something on his mind that is distracting him from what is important. Him and Han have been working on a secret mission for a while now and it has come down to the crucial  point of finding where Boba Fett is. 

“I think that he might be on Kamino. It’s where he is from. Only seems logical.What do you think?” Han turns to Luke. 

Luke is staring off into the distance toward the direction of your tent. His mind is racing with thoughts of you, but he didn’t know how to convey that. 

“Luke?” Han snaps in Luke’s face. 

It takes a few tires before Han get’s Luke’s attention. He shakes his head, rubs his hands over his face and switches his attention back to Han, muttering something under his breath. Han pauses for a moment knowing something is wrong. 

“Luke what’s the deal? We have to find Boba Fett.” He takes a seat next to Luke. 

“Yeah, sorry. I’m just a little distracted today.” he runs his hands through his fluffy hair. 

“What’s going on?” 

Luke stands up and folds his hands behind his neck roughly. He begins to pace back and forth, his feet leaving footprints on the dusty floor. Han can tell something is really bothering him. It upsets him to see his beloved friend like this. 

“How do you do it? With Leia and all. I love (y/n) so much but I can’t tell her. She is just so perfect. The kindest person I have ever met. When she gets excited, she gets this little twinkle in her eye, more beautiful than any star in the entire galaxy. She can make my day go from zero to one hundred with just a smile. I don’t deserve her Han.”

“Hey, Luke. Don’t talk like that.” Han stands up. 

Han makes his way over to Luke who is dragging a people with his foot. You have woken up at this point, excited to see your boyfriend but when you heard your name you froze and allow them to continue their conversation. The hurt laced in Luke’s voice breaks your heart. 

“You and Leia have been together for quite some time now. She gets to go with us everywhere but how do you keep her?” 

“Look Leia and I have our problems too but I love her. And you love (y/n). I can guarantee you that she loves you too Luke.’ 

“But how do you know! I feel that every time we leave, I leave behind a piece of her that I can’t get back. I don’t want to lose her but I can’t give her what she needs.” 

“Luke.” you emerge from behind the door. 

The color on Luke’s cheeks burn red as his eyes meet yours. You walk over to him and place you hand on his glowing cheek. You can always tell when he gets angry or upset because he starts to radiate heat. His shaking hands fall to your waist and steady immediately. 

“How much of that did you hear?”


“Look (y/n).”  he begins but you cut him off. 

“Luke, don’t ever think that you don’t deserve me. I don’t deserve you. You are the best boy friend I could ever ask for. Close your eyes.” 

The two of you close your eyes, letting the darkness surround you. Your forehead rests on his as you focus on the time of your breathing. 

“Can you feel it? The force is strong. It calls to you Luke. It touches everything we do, it guides us. Listen to it.” You whisper. 

Your heart starts to beat faster, echoing in your chest. Your lips tug into a little girl as Luke starts to chuckle. 

“(y/n) I love you.” 

“I love you too Luke.” 

He kisses you softly. His touch is warm and inviting instead of cold and unsure like the last kiss you shared. Leia walks past the two of you pausing at the sight of her brother kissing someone. She strides over to Han Solo and takes his hand. That night was one of your favorites nights in a long time. 

Roger Taylor One-Shot

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re spending it with your neighbors. As you grumpily throw your clothes on, you think about how pathetic it is that you haven’t got anyone to go to on Christmas besides your senile, old-aged neighbors’ house (you did just move from America to Surrey, after all).

But, with you being an optimist, you look at the bright side and remember that there’ll be a lot of your neighbors’ family and friends there. Maybe you’ll meet someone new. And maybe next Christmas, you won’t have to be alone!

You ring the bell and put on a smile, holding up a gift of neatly wrapped chocolates (never go to a party empty-handed!). A stranger opens the door – his eyes, a very bright blue and his hair, a long blond. He smiles sweetly and leans into the door.

“‘Ello,” he says, his wide eyes full of curiosity. “Please, come in…I’m assuming you’re here for the party, yes?”

He takes your jacket off for you and hangs it up. You thank him and nod your head, hearing the loud voices from the living room.

“Who is it, Roger?” You hear your neighbor, Rose, call from the center of the happenings.

“Ah…wha’s your name?” He asks, turning to you and squinting his eyes a little.

“(y/n) – I’m her neighbor,” you smile and he takes your hand.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he smiles and thoughtfully gazes into your eyes. “I’m Roger – Rose’s nephew.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” You say, grinning. 

Roger leads you into the living area where Rose sits with her wide-ranged family. Children, teenagers, elders – every different age, scattered all over the large room with the very large, glowing, golden Christmas tree.

“Rose, you’re tree is beautiful,” you gawk at how tall it is, laying the chocolates down under the tree. 

Two children crawl over to where you lay your gift and look up at you. “Is that for us?”

You laugh and Roger picks up the little girl, tutting and saying, “Don’t sound so greedy, Hallie.”

“Well, if Rose doesn’t mind you having it, it’s all yours,” you smile at the little girl in Roger’s arms and she smiles back. 

She struggles to get down from Roger’s arms to beg her grandmother with her brother, but Roger has to place a kiss on her head first and then sets her down to run. 

“Daughter?” You ask, grinning.

“Cousin.” Roger smiles back.

You end up having one of the best Christmases ever. You and Roger convince the teenagers to play hide and seek with you and the younger kids, and you run around the house together laughing and giggling. Once the kids fell to the floor from exhaustion and everything quieted down with the adults, you decide it’s time to go home. 

You quietly wave goodbye to Rose and the parents and friends, Roger standing next to you with your coat ready for you to slip on. 

“OH, (y/n), look where you’re standing!” Rose claps excitedly.

You and Roger both look up to see a large mistletoe hanging from the top of the threshold and then to each other. 

“You’ve got to kiss – it’s tradition!” One of the parents say excitedly. 

Roger gives you a look and you both shrug, leaning forward. He plants a kiss on your lips and you feel he’s hit a nerve. Your stomach flutters as you say goodbye and Roger’s cheeks turn a bright rosy red. 

The next morning, you get up and find a tiny red box at your door with a tag that reads, “Meet me for coffee at three?”

anonymous asked:

how do you think the boyfriends react to seeing their love(whoever is smaller) in their uniforms?

This will include two fandoms because there was no specification: Haikyuu boys first, then some Kuroko no Basuke boys.


KageHina: Kageyama would blush at Hinata and ask him what the hell he was doing in his uniform. Hinata would giggle and blush also and say something like, I just wanted to see how much bigger it was than mine. Kageyama would call him an idiot but would let slip that Hinata looked adorable. (Hinata may or may not have spent the rest of the evening in Kageyama’s arms)

DaiSuga: Daichi would just smile, grab Suga and bring him into a hug and kiss. The fact that Suga only has on Daichi’s top and nothing else comes as quite a surprise when Daichi reaches down to fondle Suga’s bottom. (Worked like a charm, Suga thinks later that night while cuddling in bed afterwards.)

TsukiYama: Tsukishima dosen’t say anything. He just stares a little longer at Yamaguchi (In his jersey top and boxers) and then asks what movie he wants to watch that night. Yamaguchi finds himself pulled down to watch the movie in Tsukishima’s lap though. (Tsukki may or may not leave his uniform top out when Yamaguchi is going to stay the night.)

Asanoya: Asahi just sputtered and blushed when he saw Noya in his jersey. For one thing it went down past Noya’s knees and for another thing he looked adorable. Noya didn’t wear it long because it made it hard to move around. Asahi managed to take a picture first though.

IwaOi: Because Oikawa makes a huge deal out of the fact he is a few centimeters taller than Iwaizumi he refuses to ever try it on. However, one time when Oikawa was sick Iwaizumi gave in and tried it on. He spent the rest of the day reminding Oikawa that he was sick and NO they were not having sex. (YET)

KuroKen: Kuroo didn’t really say much because Kenma wouldn’t really care. He only put it on because Kuroo wanted to see what it would look like. Kuroo just grinned, said thanks and cuddled up behind him while Kenma finished up his game. (He did get lucky later that night though)

*KuroTsuki: Kuroo presented himself to Tsukishima proudly one afternoon. “Check it out, I make this look good.” he grins at Tsukishima widely. Tsukishima just grunts and says “You are such a dork.” But Tsukishima doesn’t ask Kuroo to change, something for which Kuroo picks up on fairly quickly.


KagaKuro: Kagami blushes red when Kuroko meets him at the door wearing only his jersey. “Kuroko!” he says loudly “What the heck?” Kuroko’s eyes light up. “You are very large Kagami-kun.” Kuroko states. “Look, this goes down to my knees. Kagami notices that Kuroko appears to be naked under the jersey. “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” Kagami asks him. Kuroko turns and starts walking down the hallway, “I don’t know what you are talking about Kagami-kun.” he says as he grins at Kagami over his shoulder. Kagami wastes no time chasing him to their room.

MidoTaka: Midorima stares at Takao deadpan and asks “Why are you wearing my uniform?” Takao grins and says “Well, my lucky item today is a piece of friends clothing.” Midorima frowns and says “Your lucky items is a hammer, what are you talking about?” Takao grins widely “Well, maybe I meant I want to get lucky in my boyfriends clothing.” Midorima shrieks out “Takao!” Takao just laughs and settles on the bed waiting.

MuraHimu: Murasakibara couldn’t help laughing at Himuro. His jersey went down to the middle of his shins and hung off his shoulders like a sack. He walks over to Himuro and picks him up. “Muro-chin, you look good enough to eat.” he tells him.

AoKise: Aomine saw Kise lounging on his bed in his uniform after coming home from school one day. Kise rolled over and said “Aominecchi, how do I look?” Poor Amonie, he couldn’t get any words out, but the fact that he managed to jump Kise got his point across pretty easily. (Since Kise is the same height or very close here’s the opposite). Kise asked and asked to Aomine to try on his jersey. Just once, he wanted to see him in it. After all he wore Aomnie’s all the time because he liked it. Finally, FINALLY Aomine put it on once just to appease Kise. Kise spent the next ten minutes ooo’ing and ahh’ing over Aomine and he swore he would never do it again. (in reality he was just embarrassed at how much Kise fussed over him.)

First Date:

PJ: PJ loves adventure and new places. He wants to share that joy with you on your first date. He takes you on a hike or to the beach or something else outdoors. The two of you would talk and laugh the entire time. PJ would even make up stories about monsters or creatures that lurked in the area. The whole date was the best adventure both of you have ever been on. 

Chris: Chris would pick you up and take you out for a night on the town. Both of you are fun and love to go with the flow. You would walk through the town at night and go wherever the night takes you. As you walk you two talk and laugh and just enjoy every minute.

Phil: Phil wants to make the first date simple and memorable. He would pick you up and take you to a restaurant. It would be a nice place that has beautiful lighting and quiet areas where the two of you can sit and talk. Phil would make little jokes throughout the night and slip sweet little compliments into your conversations. Overall, the night would be perfect.

Dan: Dan, living up to his reputation, would be quite awkward on your first date. He would pick you up and give you a single red rose when he meets you at the door. He would then take you out to wherever you wanted to go. But, the two of you couldn’t decide and would end up just walking through town. Dan would love talking, but he would love hearing you talk more. Sometime throughout the night, Dan would trip and you would giggle then help him up. He would panic a little, but you would kiss his cheek and he would be the happiest person ever.