The Real Hustle


So this is a faux loc (dredlocs) wig I made for my BFF.

What’s my point of sharing? I wish TPTB would hit me up to make Danai’s wigs for the show. It cost less than 50 bucks to make it!!! 💇

Sorry I LOVE Michonne I just wish they did better by her show hair styling. Please don’t hate me! I got to get a pic of it but the wig can go into a really nice ponytail too!

Damblamit, my herniated disk popped again this afternoon. I think I stressed it by walking so long yesterday with the wrong shoes, and then spent 8 hours in the kitchen today with my house slippers on instead of my work shoes. Silly of me. 

Ah well. Did my exercises and am going to run a salty bath before bed and have a little scoop of canna fudge caramel. The shooting pains down my ass cheeks are special, but they haven’t traveled down my legs yet. Hopefully I can head that off with the exercises over the next few days, and just get on with it. 

My friend picked up her food tonight, and I have to say seeing her so happy to know that she has real, wholesome food for the next five days filled my crusty broken heart with so much love. It was a wonderful exercise for me all day to drop down out of that terrible argumentative circular thinking, rehashing shit with the baker, and making myself crazy. To bring myself back again and again to a quiet loving attention to the prep and cooking. I feel very good about what I sent her home with tonight. It was nice to be paid, too. If I can find two or three more people who would sign up for the same thing, this could be a happy little side hustle. I can only scale that much before I would need to find a commercial kitchen, though. 

Meeting with Maj on Friday to set up a soup plan for the winter for him, and will talk with Lu about the power bowls, they might be something she’d like to get, too. 

Meanwhile, still trying to find a job/job. Not that I want one. But I need one. 

Everything I can remember from the 11am Being Human Panel at MCM London:

Aidan has never seen an episode of the Real Hustle but Toby Whithouse was obsessed with it.

The writers are the ones with the IKEA problem.

If they could play a supernatural creature in another TV show or film, Aidan would like to play a vampire again, Lenora would like to be a werewolf and Russell would like to be a robot. Or a dinosaur. (and then he roared/squealed)

The scene/filming day they found the scariest was when Laurens sex tape was being filmed. The guy on the dvd is a real porn star whose name is Stephan Hard. (pronounced stiff ‘n) Lenora thought it was a coincidence for a long time.

The placebo tablets Russell took (presumably in the series 2 scene where George sedates himself before transforming) made his “wee smell like seaworld” for two weeks. Fish Piss. He was very keen that we know that.

If Lenora could have played any other non main character on Being Human she would have liked to play Kirby. Although she couldn’t remember his name. Russell thought that Herrick would be fun to play and Aidan chose Lauren so he could get off with himself…

If they were a ghost and they could haunt anyone, Lenora would pop in on Beyoncé, Barack Obama and her mum, Aidan would haunt randomers on Oxford street and Russell decided he’d go up to Heaven to hang out with Robin Williams.

The director told Lenora that she was seeing George and Mitchell behind Annie’s door at the end of series four and they filmed it in about one take.

Hey, remember that time @briancrawfordphotography worked his white cisdick magic on ya girl and convinced me to practice #visvamitrasana prep in wet ass sand while wearing @maleshactivewear. Moments before and after this photo I was literally drenched in water by the biggest waves this east coaster has seen irl. This guy even convinced me to #headstand in the wet sand with waves crashing everywhere. I mean, I have a natural so who cares, right? And even though I look like I pissed myself + I was moments away from slipping out of this pose bc the WAVES WERE THAT FUCKING REAL- in spite of all that, I am cheesing like a fool in all of these photos. I got to be a kid on the beach that day- frankly, I rarely get to be a kid in the other parts of my life. The life hustle is real- big femme pants are of the utmost necessity at all times. But I love the fuck out of my yoga practice for continuously and consistently bringing me back to a place where I can take of my big femme pants and remember how dope it can be to spend an evening rolling around on the beach, not bothering to give even an iota of a fuck. top+bottoms- @maleshactivewear

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We haven’t even gotten over Aquaman & Me Like Yuh, now there’s another track to look forward to, this time “Our Lives” by Dj Wegun ft Jay Park & Ugly Duck! DANNGGGG… AOMG Hustling hard releasing bops after another.  [EDIT] IT’S OUT! WE FINNA LIVE OUR LIVES OMG IT’S ADDICTIVE YET MELLOW but sad there’s no MV but can still cop the track on itunes [x]

We get to see AOMG being dorks as always….

I LOVE these kinds of MVs tho….BTS footages as they travel the globe for their events. 

This was the time they were in Taiwan since Jay’s wearing that fedora….

So sad apparently the clips are only the teasers for the track…there’s no MV.:( But still the track is addictive. 

Yeah we real crew real dudes Seattle to Seoul all the way to Oh Six Two

Full teaser