The Quest

I can’t draw yet because hand is still fucked up but i do have this to represent my feels over the liveblog posts from yesterday night and today!!!


I just want to live in this moment forever ; u; <3333333

THANK YOU evil-bones-mccoy & anonymoussong for creating such a wonderful retelling of a story we all love so much!!! I can say without a doubt that your writing and interpretation of the characters is just amazing and i’ve loved every minute of the whole experience and look forward to keep reading with you guys until the end!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AND I SINCERELY HOPE YOU GUYS GET ALL THE SUPPORT (moral&financial) YOU NEED AND DESERVE!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!

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The Only Reality Series I’ve Ever Liked Beginning To End

Just finished season one of ABC’s reality show The Quest! I can hardly believe I fell in love with a reality show.

What’s it about? Twelve contestants (Paladins) are transported from our world to a fantasy queendom called Everrealm. Everrealm is currently in dire need of a hero prophesized by The Fates that will save them from the evil Verlox. The Fates, pictured above, and Sir Ansgar, the swoon-worthy head of the queen’s army (2nd picture), are the ones who assign challenges for the Paladins to eventually end up with the One True Hero.

If you love fantasy epics, role-playing games, or just a fun ‘evil vs good’ story, you should definitely look up The Quest. Lots of diversity, good actors, cool contestants (for the most part- out of 12 I didn’t like two), lovely costumes and settings, awesome special effects makeup. VERY little or none of the back stabbing, haters, love triangles… all the things that keep me far, far away from reality shows. This is the type of show you actually want to be a part of.

I recommend not googling or searching anything on Tumblr because since the season is over, there are spoilers everywhere. Even some of the frozen frames that identify each episode are spoilery so you have to squint, haha. Definitely do not look up the show on the ABC website. The first thing you see is the worst possible spoiler, plus they no longer have the first episodes posted.

Here’s a link to the first episode on Hulu. Here’s another link to the show on Amazon.

Go now, continue The Quest.