Best guess for the time gap from DD S2 to The Punisher series…. A little over a  year. 

Because DD S2 starts off talking about the sweltering heat which indicates summer or early fall still in New York. It ends shortly after Christmas when Matt tells Karen that he’s Daredevil (Ellison gives Karen a bottle of whiskey or something on Christmas Eve and she goes to see Matt sometime after that.)

The Defenders, I’m GUESSING takes place the following early spring maybe (based off the light jackets & sweaters everyone’s wearing). And the Punisher is taking place 6 months later…… 

So it’s probably going to be mid-late fall the following year. 

This has been a shitty math analysis by yours truly. 

  • Frank Castle: One batch, two batch, penny and dime-
  • Pennywise: Did someone say...Penny-WISE!
  • Frank: ...
  • Pennywise: Come on, Frankie! Don't you wanna see your daughter again? She's at the fair! Can't you hear it now? There's...merry-go-rounds...balloons...and there’s cotton candy-
  • *BLAM*