• Me:Person A and Person B meet and realize they are perfect for one another. Sadly, Person A dies, and Person B is left devastated and depressed. After a long time, B eventually meets Person C, and even though C isn't A, it's a beneficial match and C is fairly kind and very intelligent. Their engagement is disrupted by an adventurous, mustached man who turns out to be A in disguise. As B gets used to being around A again, it becomes increasingly obvious that C is not what B wants, and A and B still make an excellent couple. Unfortunately, B and C are still getting married anyways. It turns out that C is actually a terrible person, and has A killed without B knowing. Luckily, while struggling through death, A is reminded of his love and how his love's safety is worth living for, so A pulls through. C's near murder plot is revealed to B.
  • Me:Now, did I just describe the Princess Bride, or BBC's Sherlock?
  • My mom:I.....I don't know.....oh....oh my god......
William Goldman

William Goldman goes up to the counter and orders a large chocolate chai. But when his drink is ready, the barista refuses to give it to him. She insists that the drink was made for S. Morgenstern, and can’t seem to understand that Morgenstern won’t ever pick up the order.
“That isn’t fair!” he says.

The barista smiles and shakes her head. 

“Who says life is fair?”