The Plant Hunter


Vinelasher, a new Dauntless fan behemoth I’m working on.

Idea behind these fellas is a parasitic creature that lay their eggs in trees, which after maturing into a mass of tentacles tear the tree apart and infuse it into their bodies.

So while a matured one will always have the same quadratic structure, their appearance will vary based on the kind of tree they matured in.

Also a pair of Vinelashers can meld their bodies together to form a single larger entity (A fused one being the drawings above). This fusion is generally a means of simply gaining more strength. A fusion is also not permanent, the two can separate their bodies if they so choose.

It’s believed that more than two can fuse together, but that has yet to be seen.

`、ヽ Waiting for the rain to end   、ヽ(ノ><)ノ `、ヽ `☂ヽ

Hunter exam, 11 years younger Knuckle and Shoot for a comic we started to scribble with Flo :D Hope we will move forward with that project soon!

Digital ink illustation I did for @sunnygays​ because yesterday was a very special day   ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚ Sorry for not posting much, because lately I’m in job/freelance hunting mode and trying to decide which path in my art career to follow. I think it’s time to open commisions soon too! It’s been a while :3

MissNavi’s Guide to Badges in New Leaf

There are a total of 72 badges available in the game, spread among 24 different categories. Each category has three obtainable levels - bronze, silver, and gold. Gold being the highest rank badge of that specific category. Your badges show up on the back of your TPC:

Tap the yellow circular button in the bottom left corner to flip your TPC around and display your badges; they look like this:

Badges will only be given to you on clear or mostly sunny days by Phineas (a sea lion) who will be wandering randomly through your town. You must talk to him to receive your badge(s).

Badges and Their Requirements:

  • Fish Badge
    • Fish Maniac - 50 % of fish caught (36 fish in Encyclopedia)
    • Fish Encyclopedia - 80 % of fish caught (58 fish in Encyclopedia)
    • Prof. of Ichthylogy - 100 % of fish caught (72 fish in Encyclopedia)
  • Angler Badge
    • Skilled Angler - 500 fish caught
    • Expert Angler - 2000 fish caught
    • Master Angler - 5000 fish caught
  • Insect Badge
    • Insect Maniac – 50% of bugs caught
    • Insect Encyclopedia – 80% of bugs caught
    • Prof. of Entomology – 100% of bugs caught
  • Bug-Catcher Badge
    • Skilled Bug Catcher – 500 bugs caught (36 bugs in Encyclopedia)
    • Expert Bug Catcher – 2000 bugs caught (58 bugs in Encyclopedia)
    • Master Bug Catcher – 5000 bugs caught (72 bugs in Encyclopedia)
  • Seafood Badge
    • Seafood Maniac – 50 % of seafood encyclopedia completed (15 seafood in Encyclopedia)
    • Seafood Encyclopedia – 80% of seafood encyclopedia completed (24 seafood in Encyclopedia)
    • Prof. of Seafood – 100 % of seafood encyclopedia completed (30 seafood in Encyclopedia)
  • Diver Badge
    • Skilled Diver – 100 seafood caught
    • Pro Diver 200 seafood caught
    • Dive Master – 1000 seafood caught
  • Balloon Badge
    • Balloon Hunter – 30 balloons shot
    • Balloon Buster – 100 balloons shot
    • Balloon Master – 200 balloons shot
  • Bell Saver Badge
    • Avid Bell Saver – 1,000,000 Bells in Account
    • Wealthy Bell Saver – 10,000,000 Bells in Account
    • Tycoon Bell Saver – 100,000,000 Bells in Account
  • Catalog Maniac Badge
    • Catalog Maniac Bronze – 20% of item catalog completed
    • Catalog Maniac Silver – 50% of item catalog completed
    • Catalog Maniac Gold – 80% of item catalog completed
  • Shopper Badge
    • Good Shopper – 500,000 Bells spent on Main Street
    • Expert Shopper – 2,000,000 Bells spent on Main Street
    • Master Shopper – 5,000,000 Bells spent on Main Street
  • Turnip Trader
    • Amateur Turnip Trader – 500,000 Bell profit
    • Pro Turnip Trader – 3,000,000 Bell profit
    • Master Turnip Trader – 10,000,000 Bell profit
  • Gardener Badge
    • Backyard Gardener – 100 planted trees / flowers
    • Village Gardener – 250 planted trees / flowers
    • Gardening Specialist – 500 planted trees / flowers
  • Weed Badge
    • Weed Hunter – 500 weeds pulled
    • Weed Buster – 2000 weeds pulled
    • Weed Menace – 5000 weeds pulled
  • Happy Homer Badge
    • Happy Homer Bronze – 50,000 HHA points
    • Happy Homer Silver  – 50,000 HHA points
    • Happy Homer Gold – 150,000 HHA points
  • K.K. Slider Badge
    • K.K. Slider Fan – listen to 20 songs on Saturdays
    • K.K. Slider Fanboy / Fangirl – listen to 50 songs on Saturdays
    • K.K. Slider Diehard  – listen to 100 songs on Saturdays
  • Letter Badge
    • Letter Writer – 50 letters sent
    • Letter Author – 100 letters sent
    • Postmaster – 200 letters sent
  • Medalist Badge
    • Bronze Medalist – 300 medals earned
    • Silver Medalist – 1500 medals earned
    • Gold Medalist – 5000 medals earned
  • Refurbishing Badge
    • Refurbishing Beginner – 30 items refurbished
    • Refurbishing Expert – 100 items refurbished
    • Refurbishing Master – 200 items refurbished
  • Samaritan Badge
    • Good Samaritan – 50 villager tasks completed
    • Great Samaritan – 100 villager tasks completed
    • Town Concierge – 300 villager tasks completed
  • Villager Badge
    • Village Representative – 50 hours played
    • Villager Leader – 200 hours played
    • Villager of Honor – 500 hours played
  • Dreamer Badge
    • Dreamer – visit 50 dream towns
    • Heavy Sleeper – visit 200 dream towns
    • Mr. Sandman – visit 500 dream towns
  • StreetPass Badge
    • StreetPass Beginner – 100 players StreetPassed
    • StreetPass Expert – 300 players StreetPassed
    • StreetPass Master – 1000 players StreetPassed
  • Host Badge
    • Good Host / Hostess – 50 visits by others to your town
    • Great Host / Hostess – 200 visits by others to your town
    • Goodwill Ambassador – 500 visits by others to your town
  • Traveler Badge
    • Neighborhood Traveler – 100 towns visited
    • World Traveler – 250 towns visited
    • Space Traveler – 500 towns visited

Additional Notes:

  • For the weeding badge, wilted flowers count as weeds, but clovers do not
  • DLC is not included in the cataloging badge
  • Island catches count towards your badges, as long as they are not a part of a tour
  • Balloons shot on the island do not count towards your balloon badge
  • Stores counted when shopping for the “shopper badge”: Timmy / Tommy’s, Able Sisters, GracieGrace, Kicks, Garden Shop, Museum Shop, and Redd’s Gallery

soo mixed the plant jeremy au with ender eye ryan au and made a comic

i spent a lot of time one some details (like FUCKING PLANTS) but forgot other things (like ryan’s kilt pattern) but i wanted to be done so here it is! the dialog is cheesy and bad plz ignore, instead plz notice the cool effects



@grimmmons and i were drawing @ each other the other night and just yelling about this au, heres what we came up with (INHALES DEEPLY): grif and simmons work in Sarge’s shop, Kaikaina was in a shitty relationship with Temple for a fling and now the asshole is stalking her + grif, theyve always had shitty living situations and this just makes it worse, grif worries about kai being alone so he can never go anywhere, doesnt think simmons deserves to be wrangled into his shitty life, simmons wants to help but has N O clue how, enter Audrey 2 (GriFF with 2 F’s), so Simmons kills Temple and feeds him to the plant :D Sarge finds out and Simmons is “forced” to kill Sarge, but its cool cuz at the end of the play when Grif is accidentally eaten by the plant, Sarge BUSTS both of them out like a badass and things are fine (or you can have your angsty ending where Grif dies but my heart cant take that) and then all of them become alien plant hunters in the apocalypse kaikaina included (her and sarge make a badass team yes) 


also blue team + donut as the Street Urchins. theyre a quartet because i wanted Donut to be included lmao. gay culture.

Here is some more stuff me/people have done for the au