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According to HDD, Taylor,'s final first week sales estimate at or around 625k SPS!

Friday, September 1, 2017



Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” (Big Machine) has had the biggest sales and streaming bow of the year for a single.

She logs about 625k song SPS in its first week. For comparative purposes, Adele’s “Hello” (Columbia) did 1.5m SPS in its first week.

These totals, of course, are calculated by taking total sales and adding that sum to total streams divided by 150.

It should be noted that with 30.7m first-week streams, Taylor surpasses Adele there, while the “LWYMMD” video has earned a record-smashing 120m views and rising. It’s also flown inside the Top 10 at Pop radio after only a week and remains atop the iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify charts, among other rundowns.

In other words, and it bears repeating: It may not be “Hello” huge, but it’s huge.



‘Look what happens when we don’t talk to each other’: Korean American filmmakers’ L.A. riots stories

“The mainstream media made it sound as if the 1992 L.A. riots were caused by black-Korean conflict,” [Kim-Gibson] said. “That boiled my blood, because that was not the case. Black-Korean conflict was one symptom, but it was certainly not the cause of that riot. The cause of that riot was black-white conflict that existed in this country from the establishment of this country.”

Media reports that pitted the African American community against their Korean immigrant neighbors, Kim-Gibson felt, “were tremendously wrong. So I decided I could not have the mainstream media tell our stories. We had to go and tell it ourselves.”


Reports are still coming in but here are the facts we’ve verified at FIJMU:

  • Welcome to Nightvale has cancelled.
  • The game room only has one video game system and one television.
  • The two are not connected.
  • Under 500 people showed up.
  • The hotel does not have wi-fi.
  • People playing in the ball pit have complained of itching.
  • The $17,000 raised at the last minute has been spent on cocaine.
  • Nash Grier is filling in for Welcome to Nightvale.
  • Former supporters are protesting and picketing the entrance.
  • Two cosplayers have died of boredom, several other hospitalized.
  • Nash Grier has been shot.
  • Two more Nash Griers have grown back in his place, and they’re terrorizing the game room.
  • People who played in the ball pit have reported growing new appendages.
  • There are now four Nash Griers. Participants have been asked to stop shooting them but more and more keep coming.
  • George Lucas has cancelled.
  • Water quality is low, more itching is reported.
  • Germany has defeated Brazil 7-1.
  • Those complaining of itching are now quarantined.
  • The quarantine zone does not have wi-fi.
  • Reports of theft are at a record high for the USA since the Great Thieving of 1807.
  • The MRA table has been burned to the ground, there are smouldering fedoras everywhere.
  • The band “The Smouldering Fedoras” has cancelled.
  • Welcome to Nightvale has been caught in bad weather exiting the convention.
  • The “Dash” in DashCon has been stolen.
  • There are now over 128 Nash Griers stampeding in the game room.
  • The itching has become a burning. Heat upon Heat. But the Gom Jabbar is at our necks we cannot withdraw!
  • Jessica Alba has cancelled.
  • The ball pit was apparently filled with the eggs of the giant tse-tse fly.
  • A horde of Griers is now fighting the hatched giant flies.
  • Yet the convention is still boring as watching paint dry.
  • The drying paint has cancelled.
  • The convention has been declared the best in tumblr history.

More news as it comes. And now the weather.


  • Welcome to Nightvale is now suing FIJMU.

|| M O T I O N L E S S  I N  W H I T E ||

Tori your Monster Energy Pit Reporter sat down with Chris from Motionless In White to chat about his experience on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour and their new album in the latest Warped Looks Back interview.


The Great Seattle Windshield Pitting Epidemic

Starting in Bellingham Seattle in 1954 residents began to notice unexplained pitting on the windshields of their cars.  Over time the problem began to grow as more and more people reported pitting on their windshields, most of which the police determined to be kid vandals with bb guns.  However, by April reports of mysterious pitting began to occur in surrounding neighborhoods.  Within a week isolated reports of windshield damage turned into mass delusion as over 3,000 people filed police reports detailing unexplained windshield pitting.  When the epidemic reached metropolitan Seattle the mass hysteria soon grew out of control.  People by the thousands went to the police and car experts to report every nick, ding, dimple, scratch, or pit that appeared on their windshields.  Wild speculation and theories abounded including secret government radio waves, sand flea eggs, gremlins, and cosmic rays.  Many others claimed that they saw pits and bubbles form right before their eyes. One newspaper even reported that a strange and unknown “gravel-like” substance could be found on roads throughout the city.

On April 15th Sergeant Max Allison of the Seattle police crime laboratory stated that the pitting reports consisted of “5 per cent hoodlum-ism, and 95 per cent public hysteria.“ By April 17th reports of phantom windshield pitting had come to an end.  Today scientists and experts blame the incident as a case of “collective delusion”.  Most of the pitting cases were caused by natural forces or wear and tear, but it was only due to media hype that people began noticing windshield damage that they had not noticed before.