The Phantom of the Opera


Alright guys, I’m putting out my final call for help for finding a recording of Martin Smith as The Phantom

I need each and every one of you to spread this video to EVERY SINGLE Phantom fan website, bootleg collecting website, every older fan you know, anywhere and anything you can think of to let them know of this search. I need your help in finding a recording of Martin Smith playing The Phantom.

I have been searching for nearly 5 years straight now and I exhausted every, single, last avenue that I had left and am out of ideas and need your help.

In these 5 years, I have contacted almost every single major player and most ensemble players in the 1989 London cast of Phantom, nothing. Really Useful Group’s archives had nothing. Cameron Mackintosh’s archives (whom I’ve spoken with twice now), had nothing. And old bootleg traders/collectors have nothing.

I have yet to find contact for Jill Washington (Christine), Penelope Brister (Christine u/s), Paul Leonard (Firmin), and James Paterson (Andre/Phantom u.s) from that cast so any help with that would be most welcome as well.

Please. I NEED your help. I am not giving up hope. I KNOW it is out there somewhere. Now I just need to find it.

Thank you.

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- “southern motherfucking democratic republicans”

- “she was the happiest corpse i’d ever seen”

- “he ran into my knife ten times!”

- “rising on a sea of marshmallow foam”

- “on the lake there was a boat, and in the boat there was a man”

- “it’s not like i’m a healthy person”

- “how do you get this gold shit off?”

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