The Pauly D Project

so i watched the second ep of the pauly d project last night (gif is from jersey shore) and because i’m not ashamed of my interest in horrible reality television that constantly makes me mad, i enjoyed it

but like, they were partying with these girls and one of them was so drunk she started vomiting on her way up to the suite, and one of his dudes played the “big brother” and yk, didn’t take advantage of her or do anything gross. he puts her in the elevator and takes her downstairs to the cab, but pauly was like “maybe he’ll get a kiss!” as his reward for not being shitty

i’m not expecting these dudes to be enlightened and i was pleasantly surprised that this guy even took the time to walk her out, make sure she was safe, etc. but like, even if you’re a horrible human being, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO KISS A PUKING LADY



Imagine for Mariah


You’ve been dating Tom Daley for over 3 years now. Yes, the Tom Daley. You and Tom had a happy relationship, and to celebrate that, Tom took you to Cancun in a surprise vacation. It was your second night there, and you were tired and needed some sleep, but that didn’t stop your boyfriend. “Mariah! Dress nice, we’re going out to dinner.” Tom said, as soon as you walked in your bedroom. “Really? Can’t I get some sleep first?” you asked. He smiled ans said “No, I won’t let you miss the charm of Cancun. Now go get ready!” After hearing this, who could deny? You decided to wear a floral dress and black heels. ( You curled your dark brown hair and smoked your eyes, making them even more brown. You walked downstairs and saw Tom waiting for you. He looked at you stared. He was staring a lot! “Ok boy, put your eyes back in you head and let’s go!” you said, laughing. He smiled at you and took you out. After a few minutes of walking, you ended up in a beautiful beach, with a lovely dinner on top of a little platform. “I though you’d wear heels, that’s why I requested the platform.” He looked at your feet and laughed “Guess I was right!”. You sat and ate. You talked about everything: the past 3 years, what you were going to do in Cancun… Suddenly Tom seemed nervous. Really nervous. “Babe, are you ok?” you asked. “Yeah, fine, I’m just… Happy that I’m here with you.” You smiled and continued to talk. “You know, I came here the other day.” He said. “Really? Why?” He took a deep breath and answered. “You know I love you, right?” You nodded. “You know that when I met you 3 years ago, you made my life better, right?” At this point, you knew what was coming. And you were more than ready. “I came here last night, because I wanted to make sure that this was the right place to ask you to be my wife.” He got down in one knee and asked what you were dying to hear: “Mariah, will you mary me?” You had no words, so you just nodded and hugged him right there, in that beach. You spend the rest of the vacations with your future husband. 

For the anon Mariah! Believe it or not, this was based on a true story. From The Pauly D Project. Anyways, hope you liked it! Feedback would be nice. :)