The Patrol

This day in Toon History

7/27/2017: Today, official news broke on the death of famous voice actress, June Foray. Foray had an 80 year career doing everything from radio shows to television to voice acting, giving speech to famous characters like Magica DeSpell, Rocky and Natasha, Granny from the Looney Tunes and Leena Hyena and Wheezy the weasel (aka me) from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She touched the lives of thousands, made memorable many Saturday mornings, and was an amazingly talented woman. She passed just a month and a half shy of her 100th birthday..she will be missed. You don’t know what it means for a toon to get a voice, even if it’s only two or three lines. It’s making a toon unique, giving them life and a way to express themselves. It was an honor to have been voiced by such a well accomplished actress. Memorial services are being held in the town square for all those who wanna attend.-Wheezy

imagine dragons, the killers, owl city: cool friend you don’t talk to much but you both still love each other

fall out boy, panic! at the disco: passionate friend that will fight anyone at anytime for you

coldplay, snow patrol: soft friend that has fallen asleep on you at least once

gorillaz, blur: weird friend you’ve seen trying to eat a soda can

radiohead, the smashing pumpkins: abstract friend who has probably cried in a denny’s before

beyonce, nicki minaj, rihanna: mom friend that teaches you how to get away with murder

cobra starship, the academy is…, gym class heroes: distant friend you see sometimes and when you do they still kick ass