The Painted Lady


Krieg is a little hazy when it comes to people’s names…okay he’s mentally hazy in general but regardless, he’ll usually give names to the people he associates with, meaning people that he won’t immediately try to kill. Examples include but not limited to are:

Roland: boss man, turret man

Lilith: firehawk, burning lady, purple eater

Mordecai: bird man, sharp shooter, bottle guzzler

Brick: slab king, muscle mammoth, boom guy

Axton: glory man, other turret man

Maya: pretty lady, blue tattoo, magic lady

Salvador: small shooter, tiny angry man, truxican terror

Zero: number face, stabby person, word man

Gaige: system smasher, robot girl, needle hand

Athena: shield-thrower, serious lady

Scooter: car guy, catch-a-ride, naked lady hat

Marcus: no-refund, gun man, fat person

Zed: monster-maker, medicine man

Moxxi: painted lady, sad faced mother

Crazy Earl: Whatchu-want

Claptrap: Robot box, not-master

Rhys: robot arm, whiny man

Vaughn: glasses guy, face-I-hate

Fiona: hat-lady, smirk sister

Sasha: mop-head, atlas-girl

Aang: You know, you're really pretty for a spirit. I don't get to meet too many spirits, but the ones I do meet...not very attractive.

Katara:  Thank you, but...

Aang: You seem familiar, too.

Katara: A lot of people say that.

Aang: really  seem familiar.


Firenation Katara with Painted Lady Makeup and Hat

Photos Taken at the Outside Fountain of Otakon and the fountain across from the exhibit center

Model: Me

Photographer: Octomobiki

Debuted at Animenext 2011

Also got a spotlight in Limelight Masquerade :D

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