The Outlawz

They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us | 2Pac ft. The Outlawz | Dedicated to Troy Davis and ANYONE who believes that the United States government gives a fuck about the people in this country. They don’t, and it’s about time that as people, especially minorities realize that. Don’t fall victim to the smoke and mirrors that is our government, you’ll only be disappointed in the end. Rest in Paradise Troy Davis, justice will be served eventually.

“It was all about helping each other out of the struggles, going back to the motherland Africa and we’re gonna help each other..

BUT hip hop has gone way from where it started from the foundation of being positive and helping people getting out of the struggles. Today, hip hop from what we know is about how many guns you’ve shot, how many people you’ve murdered, how many women you’ve disrespected, how cool and bling is your life and basically, it’s even hard to define hip hop.”

Napoleon, former member of the Outlawz.

Alhamdulillah, he’s reverted to Islam :)