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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton,’ as vital as ever, opens in San Francisco (L.A. Times):

[…] But the deafening din crackled with the spirit of a communal rally. The musical’s full-throated affirmation of diversity, inclusion and tolerance has taken on new urgency now that these values have fallen under sharp attack. “Hamilton” has become part of the resistance.

Parts civics class, part hip-hop extravaganza, part town hall, the show celebrates in rapping flow the ideals our Founding Fathers battled to define and defend nearly 2½ centuries ago — ideals that are still being vociferously fought over today.

The never-ending project of forming a “more perfect Union,” as the Preamble to the Constitution puts it, is what separates “Hamilton” from the other 21st century Broadway juggernauts (“The Producers,” “Wicked,” “The Book of Mormon”) that have given theater a sugar rush of popularity.

Hamilton and Lafayette’s high-five moment on the battlefield acknowledging the contribution of immigrants to the cause of freedom (“We get the job done”) has been provoking thunderous applause since the show’s off-Broadway start at the Public Theater in 2015. But the cheers at the SHN Orpheum were tinged with the ironic recognition of President Trump’s immigrant-phobic policies and proposals. In loudly endorsing the sentiment of the characters, the audience seemed to be rooting on its own activism and dissent.

Similarly, the song “History Has Its Eyes on You” takes on an even more mournful resonance than before. The image of George Washington shouldering with grave dignity his responsibilities as leader of the burgeoning democracy stands in stark contrast to the partisan shenanigans going on in Washington today. History not only has its eyes on us but it also helps us to see how far we are falling short.

“Hamilton” simultaneously highlights some of very real strides that have been made in the struggle for liberty and equality. The musical’s multicultural cast, portraying seminal figures in the story of America’s founding, is part of the show’s progressive message.

I’ll have more to say about the virtuoso spell of Joshua Henry’s Aaron Burr, the swaggering vigor of Emmy Raver-Lampman’s Angelica Schuyler and the intelligent if somewhat muted presence of Michael Luwoye’s Hamilton when the production opens in L.A. But the kinetic charge of the show comes in large part from the teamwork of this diverse and dynamic ensemble.

“Hamilton” is a generational phenomenon, a box office sensation that has been critically hailed for its groundbreaking style. The only Broadway musical in the last 25 years that remotely compares to it in terms of cultural impact is “Rent,” but Miranda’s masterpiece has a wider reach. Not many shows can claim former Vice President Dick Cheney and Jay Z as fans.

The New York company’s controversial curtain call speech to then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who caught the show after the election, may have provoked twitter thunderbolts from Trump, but “Hamilton” is open to all who uphold bedrock democratic principles. No American musical understands better the ideological combat that goes into governing. Patriots from both sides of the aisle have sung the show’s praises. […]


2 shows in 2 weeks! Feeling so fortunate for the amazing arts scene in the Twin Cities, and a husband who will happily come along.

He’s actually the reason we were able to get Rush tickets to Aladdin yesterday - they are only available to students and educators :) we paid $25 per ticket and got seats that were worth $85-$90 each!

Also, this musical is a total spectacle in the best possible way. The Genie and “Friend Like Me” totally steals the show! Definitely would recommend to anyone who loves Disney and/or musicals.



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Joseph Gordon Levitt and Neil Patrick Harris at HitRECord Fall Formal

“Joesph Gordon-Levitt and Neil Patrick Harris perform at The Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles on 10/10/11. HITRECORD - FALL FORMAL 2011 @ THE ORPHEUM” - MsJGLmovies (YouTube Source Channel) 

eternalsunshine13  asked:

crackfic prompt: musician yuuri and mafia victor. Victor smuggles a different kind of organ than usual for Yuuri


This is for the yoi mafia zine discord, which has been victim to my presence lately.

Some days, Yuuri’s fingers and lips buzz with a need to set to work on music — piano, flute, cello, violin, harpischord, anything that inhabits the second story of his home. Said second story is full of sheet music, wood, string, and the dust motes that dance in the rays of the sun, thin layers on the covers of instruments that Yuuri will take a year to cycle back to. 

He is not a musician by conventional definition, he thinks. He’s sold himself to music, but does not purely pursue one path to enlightenment, not like the rest. Yuuri is in perpetual motion, waking up with an itch to compose on something different every week or month or day or hour. He spends more time in the second story with his instruments than the first story with his bed. 

Then again, when his husband is home, Yuuri is compelled to play the instrument that is Victor Nikiforov instead — fingers digging into Egyptian cotton sheets, the tattooed curve of his back that makes Victor sigh whenever Yuuri strokes it, his beautiful mouth that produces sound that resonates with Yuuri’s heart more than any creation of wood and string ever will. 

Whether that sound is Victor’s moans in the middle of them having sex or Russian running roughshod from his mouth, ordering someone’s death, Yuuri doesn’t care. He finds comfort in every sound that Victor makes. 

But… some sounds are discordant and alarm him to his core. Sounds like Victor coming home from a long business trip at four in the afternoon, St. Petersburg snow following him in, calling, “Yuuri! I got you an organ!” 

Basic facts about Yuuri Katsuki: 

Age: 28
Height: 173 centimeters
Profession: Self-employed and highly sought-after musician and composer.
Note: Married to Victor Nikiforov. First instrument was the violin. Prefers piano.

Basic facts about Victor Nikiforov: 

Age: 32
Height: 180 centimeters
Profession: Current Pakhan of the [REDACTED], specializes in organ trafficking and murder. 
Note: Married to Yuuri Katsuki. Uses knives as main weapons. Prefers to cut out people’s kidneys when they’re alive fresh. 

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your faves appreciate your gifts! [x x]

reminder that the general rule of thumb is that things can be sent to [name] c/o [address of theater where they’re working]. (although it sure looks like Oak has a Hamilton mailbox in that pic he posted. you’ll be able to mail him at the Imperial Theatre soon!) 

current fanmail addresses are…

for Broadway company
c/o Richard Rodgers Theatre
226 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

& the address for LMM fanmail is:
Lin-Manuel Miranda
4768 Broadway Unit 743
New York, NY 10034

& for the Chicago cast:
c/o PrivateBank Theatre
18 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603

& for the Angelica tour (for now!):
c/o Orpheum Theatre
1192 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Niall Horan Hunger Games

Here we go again. Here’s the approximate capacities:

  • Dublin, Ireland - Olympia Theatre - 1287
  • London, UK - O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire - 2000
  • Stockholm, Sweden - Annexet - 3950
  • Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre - 1600
  • Tokyo, Japan - Ex Theater - 1746
  • Los Angeles, CA, US - Hollywood Palladium -3700
  • Mexico City, Mexico - El Plaza Condesa - 1900
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Vivo Rio - 5000
  • Philadelphia, PA, US - The Fillmore - 2500
  • New York, NY, US - Beacon Theatre - 2894
  • Toronto, Canada - Massey Hall - 2765
  • Boston, MA, US - Orpheum Theatre - 2700
  • Washington, DC, US - The Fillmore - 2000
  • Miami Beach, FL, US - The Fillmore - 2713
  • Orlando, FL, US - House of Blues - 2100
  • Atlanta, GA, US - Tabernacle - 2600
  • Nashville, TN, US - Ryman Auditorium - 2362
  • Chicago, IL, US - Rosemont Theatre - 4400
  • Dallas, TX, US - South Side Ballroom - 3800
  • Phoenix, AZ, US - Comerica Theatre - 5000
  • San Francisco, CA, US - The Masonic- 3481

Total Capacity: 60,498

Memphis Theater to No Longer Show 'Insensitive' "Gone With the Wind" as Part of Summer Series

Memphis Theater to No Longer Show ‘Insensitive’ “Gone With the Wind” as Part of Summer Series

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GONE WITH THE WIND, from left: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, 1939 “Gone With the Wind” will be gone from The Orpheum’s summer movie series, the theater’s board said Friday. (more…)

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