so I was watching a playthrough of the Order again (with no commentary) and the person who was playing accidentally missed during the scene near the beginning when your supposed to shoot the lycan with the arc gun before it reaches Igraine and Lafayette. Well when he missed Igraine gets her throat ripped out but while watching I noticed something kinda cool? When your standing there prepping the arc gun you can hear Lafayette telling people to get off the streets and if you accidentally get Igraine killed you can actually hear him yell “Oh my god!” As she gets mauled in front of him. Details man, details.


These murals are found in the council. You have to use photo mode to get in close enough to even realize that they’re there with the poor lighting towards the top of the room. 

Now, I know no more than the average person when it comes to Arthurian Legend. So, please, feel free to add your interpretations of these images. 

If I had to take a shot in the dark, I’d say the left image depicts the Lady of the Lake bestowing Excalibur to Arthur. 

In the middle image, the banner the dragon is carrying says, “Live long after they days.” I believe that this is directly referencing the Knights unusually long lifespans as a consequences of drinking the Blackwater. 

Some of the artists from Ready at Dawn have posted some high quality examples of the materials and environments they built for their recently released game, The Order: 1886. The art and visual technology for that game is absolutely jaw-dropping, so any artists interested in some fantastic examples of materials, lighting, or environments should hurry over for the full art experience.

Here are just a few samples of their amazing work:

Those spec maps and microdetails are amazing. Go click the link above to see the rest. You won’t be disappointed.

For those who aren’t sure what’s going on here and why these materials are so awesome, I suggest reading:

The difference between Bump Maps, Normal Maps, Spec Maps, and Ambient Occlusion