I think I have a problem guys. I may like The Office too much.

Unfortunately, I spent a night a jail recently and as soon as I got out and turned on my phone, rather than call my family or job to let them know I was ok, I sent my friends a group chat with the above image… I’m not proud of having been arrested but damnit I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make the joke.

I’m watching The Office episode ‘The Delivery’ and I just got to the part where Pam says she’s not going to the hospital because she can’t do it [by ‘it’ I mean give birth- she’s pregnant], and Jim kneels in front of her and is telling her she can do this and Michael and Kevin are next to them and they’re echoing everything Jim says even though they’re not even remotely part of the equation.

Jim: Pam, I’m scared. I’m real scared
Michael: I’m scared, too.
Kevin: I’m petrified.
Jim: But the best news is…we’re gonna have a baby today.
Michael and Kevin: Yeah.
Jim: Our really awesome baby
Michael: We’re gonna have a baby!
Jim: So let’s have it at the hospital.
Michael: Let’s do that.

And I just thought- Sasuke and Sakura as Jim and Pam from this scene with Naruto and Kakashi as Michael and Kevin because Team 7 baby.

i like the canon version of sarada’s birth with karin too but disregarding that

UPDATE: Michael insisted on driving them to the hospital and when Jim referred to the baby as ‘she’ he got upset because he  ‘wanted to be surprised’. That is so Naruto, oh my god.

UPDATE 2: Michael just showed up at the hospital with a bunch of ballons and said “Where’s my little niblet!” I need fanart of Naruto doing this.

signs as my favourite tv shows

aries; misfits

taurus; charmed

gemini; skins

cancer; heroes

leo; the office us

virgo; doctor who

libra; pretty little liars

scorpio; american horror story

sagittarius; buffy the vampire slayer

capricorn; angel

aquarius; that 70′s show

pisces; bob’s burgers

the signs as characters from "the office"
  • aries:dwight shrute
  • taurus:stanley hudson
  • gemini:phyllis lapin-vance
  • cancer:meredith palmer
  • leo:ryan howard
  • virgo:erin hannon
  • libra:oscar martinez
  • scorpio:kelly kapoor
  • sagittarius:jim halpert
  • capricorn:creed bratton
  • aquarius:pam beesly
  • pisces:michael scott