B.J. Novak: Comedy on the Stage and Page

"The more outlets I have, the calmer I am."
Comedy renaissance man B.J. Novak talks about writing comedy in just about every medium short of stone tablets. 

If Parks and Rec ended like other sitcoms


In the beginning of the final season, the fourth wall of the documentary is broken. Leslie begins to form a friendship with the cameraman, and it gets kinda weirdly romantic. The focus of most of the season is on the documentary that viewers are only marginally curious about, and it completely betrays the heart of the show and honestly I lose interest and only watch out of loyalty.


Ben dies for some reason, and Leslie’s kids are super psyched for her to quickly get married to Ron.


The show ended exactly how it did, but then there’s another season next year starring Billy Eichner as Craig, and an entirely new cast as the parks department. Dave Franco is in it.

Wait I would watch the fuck out of that.


The final episode is just filled with meta-jokes about the show and its actors. Some ideas:

-“Hey Andy, this sure is a Jurassic Parks and Rec, huh?”

-“Leslie, would you like some calzones?” “Yes please!” (Leslie stares at the camera for 10 seconds holding up her book).

-“Oh wow, Chris is back—and so is painfully awkward Chris!”

-“Get out of here Craig, get on the street.”

The last scene is just Mark Brendanawicz returning only to get killed and then Mike Schur looking at the camera saying “bazinga” or something I don’t know, I didn’t actually watch Two and a Half Men I just read Gil Ozeri’s article.