The New Power Generation


In honor of Prince Day, here are my favorite outfits of His Royal Badness over the course of his lifetime starting in 1984 to 2000. I love You 💜.

I’m re-reading The Chamber of Secrets and when we meet Percy, he’s reading the book “Prefects Who Gained Power” and Ron makes a comment about how ambitious he is. How he wants to be the Minister of Magic one day.

Which got me thinking so I talked to Inky about it and wow, Slytherin Percy. Percy getting sorted into Slytherin (or choosing Slytherin) and trying to fix everything from the inside out; organizing clubs for the first years so they can find friends who won’t bully them for not being purebloods, making to-do lists, running bake sales, writing pamphlets, leading tolerance training. Creating political movements and unapologetically gaining power. Making enemies with the blood purists, championing his Weasley name and making it ring powerful and important and influential with the new generation of witches and wizards.

Slytherclaw Percy who understands, who uses what he knows about Gryffindor from his family to empower the Slytherins who get glanced over and bullied. Telling them that they’re important and powerful and that this is the time to make the connections that are going to help them get ahead and succeed in life. Spending your time efficiently—that’s the way to succeed.

Slytherin Percy

Legendary Drummer John Blackwell Jr. was diagnosed with brain tumors while in Japan playing at the Blue Note Tokyo in a featuring with bassist Nik West about a year ago. Last night, he transitioned, passing away peacefully in the company of his loving wife Yarizta. Rest in Peace Mr Blackwell and thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us.


On this day in music history: September 14, 1993 - “The Hits/B-Sides” by Prince is released. Produced by Prince, it is recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA, Alpha Studios in Burbank, CA, The Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA, Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood Sound, Ocean Way Recording Studios, Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA, Monterey Sound Studios in Glendale, CA, Kiowa Trail Home Studio, Galpin Boulevard Home Studio, Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN, Lake Minnetonka Home Studio in Minnetonka, MN, The Warehouse in St. Louis Park, MN, First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, Washington Park Warehouse, Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse in Eden Prairie, MN, and Olympic Studios in London from October 1977 - January 1993. The fifty-six track career spanning compilation covers Prince’s output from 1978 until 1993, plus five new and/or previously unreleased songs. Discs 1 & 2 (“The Hits 1” and “The Hits 2”) are sold separately, but the third disc containing rare non-album B-sides is only available with the full set. Prince’s former road manager Alan Leeds writes the liner notes for the set. The set is issued by Warner Bros after they refuse to release the album “Goldnigga”, the debut album by his band the New Power Generation (Prince releases the album on his own NPG Record label in July 1993). The label had wanted to issue a greatest hits compilation in 1991, but the project was put on the back burner when Prince gives them the “Diamonds And Pearls” album instead. There is also an accompanying hour long video compilation released the same day titled “The Hits Collection” (initially released on VHS and LaserDisc only, later issued on DVD on June 8, 1999), featuring thirteen music videos with twelve classics and the video for the new track “Peach”. “The Hits/B-Sides” peaks at number nineteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Why I think this pic is hilarious

It has nothing to do with the fact that Lars is dressed like Captain Harlock, or that this new gem (people are claiming she’s emerald) looks like a completely different art style. No, what I find hilarious is this

Stevonnie’s fusion power is being able to drive!

Way back in Know Your Fusion we learned that every fusion…

Sardonyx: Every fusion gets something new - a new power, a new weapon…
Smoky Quartz: Like a yo-yo?
Sardonyx: Yes…but better. Let’s find out what’s new about you!

… gains a new ability. Most of these abilities are super powers like Garnet’s electricity generation, Alexandrite’s fire breath, or Sugilite’s exaggerated super strength. Others however, like Opal’s archery skills or Smokey’s yoyo tricks, are skills rather than powers.

When Mindful Education aired a few episodes later, I made a post about how I thought Stevonnie’s gift might be the ability to use their hallucinations with Steven’s empath abilities to shove their visions into other people’s heads; a post I closed by joking “either that or it’s that or being able to drive” making a reference to Stevonnie’s unprecedented drag-racing skills in Beach City Drift despite the fact that neither steven nor connie had never even driven before

I know I can’t really claim an off-handed joke counts as me guessing correctly, but I figure if I catch this now I can at least get half credit. With my grades in Fan Theories 101, I’m going to need every half point I can get

Prince watching himself perform on the Act II Tour, 1993