The New Cruelty

hi guys! for my senior thesis project i’m launching a zine & blog… FERN mag.

what distinguishes FERN from other zines aimed at teens is the emphasis on cruelty-free life… so no animal materials of any sort mentioned for use in any article within these pages. i will be launching an actual website with content from y’all first, and if all goes according to plan, we will be publishing our first physical issue in spring 2017.

but of course, in order for that to happen, we need some content! you don’t by any means need to be vegan in order to submit something, but if you do mention food or makeup or clothing, please keep it cruelty free! possible ideas for submissions include:

  • lists! of your favorite products, books, songs, whatever!
  • any art or photography you’d like
  • essays, either serious or funny, either fiction or non-fiction. if you have something to say, this is the place to say it.
  • ideas for fashion or makeup editorial pieces
  • recipes
  • anything else under the sun that you think would belong in a place like FERN

to submit something, please email your work to

if you would like to be a co-editor, please shoot me a message saying so.

i hope you guys will submit lots of stuff & i’m very much looking forward to this project! even if you aren’t submitting something, please reblog this and follow 

@fernmag on tumblr and twitter and @fern.mag on instagram!! thank u!! :^)

like regardless of this being real or fake this is really… a new level of cruelty to fans. To fans who truly cared the most about the show; who spent hours, weeks, years studying it in depth, appreciating every tiny detail and ounce of work that went into it, who wrote doctorate-level theses on it, who helped drum up excitement and viewership; who clung to this show because they saw themselves in it, because they really were written into it. It’s a disservice to the people who appreciated this show the most


✨Happy new year✨
My first spread of the year + resolutions💜
Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the new year!!💫

Save the earth, go vegan! 
I just finished watching ‘Cowspiracy’, you should check it out if you haven’t before. It’s time for humans to step up! 

Lucy Eliza

Too Faced Love Flush Long Lasting 16 Hour Blush for Fall 2015

Look at these names! They are named after creator Jerrod’s favorite love songs.

I will update you all with more information soon!

I don’t like asking you guys for anything, but this is important. The Ringling Bros Circus is in NOLA from June 18-21.

Please don’t go to the circus. Look at Vicky the elephant in this photo. You can see the lifetime of sadness she’s endured in her eyes.

She was stolen from her mother in 1961 and has been a slave to many different circuses for over 50+ years. She’s been in chains for much of her life for the sake of human “entertainment.”

This was taken at the Jerusalem Shrine Circus when it visited NOLA in March. I know it’s not Ringling, but the elephants stories are all the same. All elephants in the circus live the same life deprived of happiness. They are beaten, stabbed, and electro shocked to force them to perform stupid tricks for people.

Please share this. Tell your friends and family about the reality of the “Greatest Show on Earth.” Urge them to choose compassion, not cruelty.

Was lucky enough to visit my Lush store on the exact day when they got in Halloween, and new permanent range products, plus the new catalogue! Heres my haul for the day: Dream Steam steam tab, Salted Coconut hand scrub, Beautiful shower gel, Lord of Misrule shower cream, Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, and Lord of Misrule bath bomb!

Bringing Home A New Cat

Whether your new cat is coming from a shelter, a home, an urban street or a country barn, the first twenty-four hours in your home are special and critical. Before you bring a new cat into your life, it helps to understand a little bit about how cats relate to their world.

For the cat, territory is of paramount importance. A cat views his territory the way most of us view our clothes; without them, we feel naked and vulnerable. Place us naked in a room filled with strangers and most of us would try to hide! It is common for cats, regardless of whether they come from homes or streets, to hide in a new territory. Very sensitive or under-socialized cats often hide for a week or more! You know that this cat is now a member of the family, but the cat doesn’t.

You can help make the transition to a new home smoother and easier by providing some privacy for your new cat. If possible, start by preparing your home before you bring in the cat. Choose a room for the litter box; a bathroom works well. Set up the litter box with one to two inches of litter, and place it in a corner, if possible.

Now create a safe haven for the cat to hide in. You can buy a covered cat bed but a cardboard box turned upside down with two “doors” cut in it will work nicely. Why two “doors?” Many cats seem to feel more secure if they have a second “escape” route. Get a box big enough for the cat to stand up, turn around, stretch out and lie down in — but keep it cozy! Place the box next to the wall or in a corner where the cat can see the door to the room. You don’t want the cat to feel trapped. Place a sisal, cork or corrugated cardboard scratching post next to it. Finally, clear off a shelf for the cat to perch on to view his new world.

After you have prepared the bathroom, cat-proof every other room of your home. Are there raised surfaces for the cat? If the answer is “no,” make some! Cats need to be able to jump up and survey their territory.
Do you have valuable mementos that are easily broken? Put them away until your cat is happily moved in. Check out all the nooks and crannies. Are there places that could be dangerous for the cat to explore or hide in? If so, block them off. Finally, put a scratching post or pad in every room.

If circumstances require that you bring in the cat before your home is ready, keep him in his carrier until you have his room set up! He will be fine in there for a while longer. Opposite the litter box, place a bowl of fresh water. After the room is set up, place the carrier next to the “safe haven.” Close the bathroom door before opening the carrier. Do not pull the cat out. Allow him to come out on his own and begin to explore his new home. Now, leave the room. Yes, leave…remember you are giving him time to acclimate. Go and prepare a small amount of a premium quality cat food. Quietly place it next to the water bowl.

Do not reach for the cat! Let the cat come to you. If he doesn’t approach, come back in fifteen minutes. Do not be surprised if he doesn’t eat. It is common for re-homed cats to show no interest in eating, often for several days. Pick up the leftovers and leave. Come back in a couple of hours with a fresh meal of the same high-quality food. If the cat is openly soliciting affection, eating and not hiding, you can open the door and give him one more room. Do this slowly until you have introduced the cat to all the rooms in his new home.

Remember to let the cat set the pace. Be patient. It may take weeks for the cat to comprehend that this foreign turf is his new territory.

Article wrote by Elizabeth Teal, Animal Behavior Counselor.