The Mists of Avalon


The Mists of Avalon!AU | for @mymargulies

There is no such thing as a true tale. Truth has many faces and the truth is like to the old road to Avalon; it depends on your own will, and your own thoughts, whither the road will take you.” Marion Zimmer Bradley

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as King Arthur
Julianna Margulies as  Morgaine


Arthur : “What are they doing ?”
Morgaine : “They’re praying to the Goddess for a good harvest.”
Arthur :  “The Goddess ? The one Father Cuthbert doesn’t like ?”
Morgaine  : “And now she’ll look after their seeds, and make them grow … all through spring.”
Arthur : “So these people don’t like Jesus Christ ?”
Morgaine : “Some of them do. But others still pray to the Goddess.”
Arthur : “Can there be a God and a Goddess at the same time ?”
Morgaine :”Of course. it’s just like having a father and a mother.“

from the movie The Mists of Avalon (2001)