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Your relationship really gives me hope. I'm 18 and have never had any type of romantic relationship and seeing yours lets me know to never settle because there are still nice Christian guys out there who want to be with someone God would have them with.

thank you sweetheart. just like there are Christian women, there are Christian men. the issue is that we’re often too impatient or too busy telling God that He should hurry up to be patient for the blessings God has for us. i’m happy to hear that at just 18 you know not to settle. I pray that that continues my dear. you deserve what makes you happy

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i love you and i think youre super duper kind and adorable however, i am so grossed out by the fact that u call urself an egalitarian... egalitarians ignore VITAL human rights issues while continually shaming feminists who take on such issues...

It literally means equal rights. I don’t believe in anything else other than complete equality. Not women’s issues. Not men’s issues. Everyone altogether as people and not genders. And that’s all I’m going to say.

despite what you think and if you dislike her, halsey is important. regardless of her flaws, which no one is ignoring or erasing, she is an openly and proud bisexual women, her representation on that front and in regards to her mixed race and her mental illness make her incredibly important in the industry whether you like that or not. let people love her. stop trying to crush her credibility of being an incredibly loud and dedicated intersectional feminist, one of the few I’ve seen who openly speak out on the issues trans women and men face, on the issues homeless women face, on the white-washing of feminism and the erasure of poc issues in the media. she has incredible influence over her following and her demographic, stop trying to strip her of that.

I cannot believe how many people are threatened by an educated, confident and successful 20 year old woman.

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do you ever hear a song from a band you saw live a while ago and that song just takes you back to that amazing moment and you wish you were there again