The Majors

They call her a demon.

Some call her fae.

She goes by Flare. An old nickname, she says.

She deals with Them.

Salt nor iron she bears, just a sweetened smile and honeyed words.

She comes back every time.

She’s a forensics major with minors in English and Music.

Flare’s been there as long as anyone can remember. Some say she’s part of the problem of Them.

The Gentry do not fear her, and she does not fear the Gentry.

The last one to ask her about it disappeared. People recall blue flames. Their dorm mysteriously was set ablaze.

No one asks.

No one…. except a young girl, majoring in paranormal investigation. (No one questions why she would go to EU for that). She started to ask around. Collected her evidence.

She went by Arrow.

Sometimes, she and Flare could be seen talking.

She disappeared soon after.

But she came back.

She says she won a game against Them.

She was a success.

Arrow kept playing Their games.

She lost a game against Flare.

She disappeared soon after that.

And sometimes, people will see her. But it’s not her. They do not ask.

They fear Flare’s words. She has Them on her side.

Sometimes they will spot Flare speaking with Them. Sometimes she doesn’t return for days.

She always comes back. And never once has Flare lost a game.

It is unwise to challenge her.

And everyone knows.


My first year at EU was interesting to say the least. I learned the secret behind the many strange traditions early on. I learned of you within the first month. I went from shock at your discovery to fascination. Then to fear and loathing as I saw what you would do.

I didn’t let that get in the way of my schooling. I was majoring in Conservation Biology, so you left me be. I was protecting your places, after all. The fact that I wasn’t doing it for you didn’t matter. I could feel you watching me as I knitted in the common rooms or worked on my book in the food court, and I could hear the baying of the hounds and the cries of the hunt some nights. But you left me be, and so I carried on.

I took the normal precautions, of course, and a few of my own. Vervain in the window-box, iron wire on the bedposts, iron charms for wrist and neck, iron symbols on the walls of my dorm. A pair of iron knives beneath my mattress, salt packs in my pockets when I walked alone, especially at night, shampoo made with rowan, lotion of hazel. I fed the crows, read them poetry, talked to them about how my semester was going. I gave them trinkets, and their favorite foods. I grew popular with them. Far more than I was with the other students. And for the most part, my first year at EU was uneventful.

No, the first year went fine. It was my sophomore year that things got bad. It was an active year, my RA told me. Kidnappings were frequent. You took many, and kept them for a long time. Several were never returned. The faculty started pushing more precautionary measures, warned us all to be careful, though many never learned what they were being careful of. I was safe, though. I was cautious, I was an ally of the crows, I had little to fear. But not all were so lucky.

It was midway through the first semester when you took something of mine.

I say mine. She was everyones.The most personable, gentle, kind person I knew. One of few I would really call friend. But she was in the choir, and could play the flute with skill, and you took her for yourselves. Everyone who knew her was upset, but musicians and singers are the ones most often returned unharmed, so we waited. I waited. For a month, when It finally became obvious that you had no intention of giving her back. And I knew rage, and I would make it felt.

I made a pair of goggles from silver wire and mood rings, sewed iron charms into my clothes, and I wove iron wire into a helm, made iron rings for my fingers. I spoke to members of the chemistry department, who told me of the war they had fought in the 80’s to get back their professor. Burning iron and sprays of silver had taught you that not everyone would suffer your depredations, and if you would not give her back I would do the same. I had no desire to bargain, because a bargain would have implied you had some right to take what you did. Several other science majors came with me, and we entered your world, and we demanded you return what was ours. You laughed until the iron knives came out, and you hissed when we reminded you of the iron that burns hot and bright as the sun. You gave her back, unwillingly, but without violence. You promised there would be a price, and I promised you that if you tried to take something of mine that I would burn you all.

Now, I am a 5th year working on my masters. There is peace between us. I still take my precautions, but I set out offerings for you some nights. I have drunk with you, made bets and won, given and received favors; given gifts. But you remember that what I give you must be given freely or won, and that you do not take what is mine. You know who is responsible for the ring of five rowans in the middle of campus, who gives out iron charms to the freshmen, who has the protection of the crows. You know that while your activities are tolerated, there are lines you would be very very wise to not cross.


hal, john and eddie in some fucked up situation in space: *space oddity starts playing over the ship’s speaker*

john, hanging his head in his hands: oh for christ’s sake

eddie: ground control to major tom…

hal: commencing countdown engine’s on…

john: please don’t 

eddie: check ignition…

hal: and may god’s love be with yoooooouuuuuuuuu 

john: *deep sigh*

hal: get ready!!!


Tiny excerpt from my own Elsewhere doodles

Cadel’s been in all the science buildings. Out of all of them, the medsci wing is the one where the Gentry manages to sneak their way in the most. Cadel thinks it has something to do with the morgue downstairs, (one of the few places she’s fallen prey to actually losing time, but thankfully no one is trying to get her to eat while surrounded by human(?) corpses) but she’s not that type of scientist.

She’s no truthseeker. The medsci building will never have a grand chemistry-branded revolt because the medsci students simply don’t garner the attention of the Gentry (unless they find memorization interesting).

The building itself is one of the oldest buildings on campus because there are no funds to build a new one. It’s all bleached-white walls and ceilings, bones peering out of locked cases. The scalpels are all stainless steel and new, but they say if you go three corridors left and stop three levels and three doors away from the morgue, you’ll find old silver ones at your disposal.


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Here is another OC of mine. He’s called Trick.

He comes from a long line of magicians, although he doesn’t have any family left. A few generations ago, his direct ancestry split from the magicians, so he doesn’t even know where to find them if there are any left.

He’s not very good at doing many tricks although he can pull off a few. He is the type of person to only do what he is confident in and struggles to grow. He ends up following Bae for the length of the story. He looks up to her and is jealous of her strength and ability to take action. 

In the beginning, when he meets Bae, he acts as a sort of guide for her. He fakes confidence for her and tries to take her through the country. She realizes he isn’t very brave, but grows to appreciate him anyway and encourages his efforts. 

I drew him wearing his performance clothes. He normally wears stuff that doesn’t stand out, but after travelling with Bae for a while, he dons these quite normally so he can be noticed. Bae and Trick sort of ground each other throughout the story. The two consider what is best for the other. She begins to see him as a little brother or younger companion that needs support and guidance.

Here are my other OC’s from this idea I like to daydream about:

Bae   Rhyne   Verai