do you love the maine? do you think american candy is an absolute masterpiece? do you want to make some rad friends? well… i present to you… the AMERICAN CANDY NET.


  • fill out this form
  • mbf me (yes, hello i’m zain) 
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what’s in it for you

  • cool friends to talk about the maine with (and not just american candy!)
  • cards against humanity games? i think so!
  • selfie reblogs!

applications close august 13th (est)

i think that’s it! if you have any questions feel free to message me! the number of members will kinda depend on how many people apply but i’m aiming for 6-12. good luck!

I know, I’m usually sappy and emotional on here. I’m usually lovingly making fun of John or talking about how adorable he is. But I really do care about him as a person and his well-being.

But in all seriousness, I’ve never listened to 24 floors, because I know what’s it about. And the thought of John feeling that terrible/sad and wanting to take his own life absolutely kills me and I just can’t even think about it.