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What's the boys way of saying I love you without actually saying it? Like actions or saying something that isn't those words

I’ve played with this a lot in my main rp because I’ve written all the boys in relationships at one point or another. I don’t believe any of them would be open to saying or talking about love for a very long time if it ever happened, so this is a great question. 

Marko dances around the subject like a playful fox when he knows he has these feelings because he can’t bring himself to say the ‘L’ word, but during the heat of passion he might say something about his girl being his indefinitely. That’s a major cue right there that he’s in pretty deep. Showing public affection is also another way, especially around the other guys, since he’s pretty private about his fluff feelings. But finding things he knows she loves and surprising her with them would also be his top priority. 

Paul is pretty easy going about it and his way of saying anything hard is through music. More than likely his first way of saying the ‘L’ word is going to be by leaving his girl some kind of power ballad. He did this for my OC actually and I teared up, because yes, I get emotional over my characters, especially when the chemistry rocks. Another way would be to show her off in public-remember he’s not one to settle, so showing other girls he’s off the market is a majorly big deal. Blowing off other chicks to spend time with her and leaving scribbled notes on mirrors would also be his way.

Dwayne doesn’t quite have the issue of saying what he feels because he doesn’t care what the others think or anyone for that matter, but since he’s also a vampire, the issue of love is tougher because he doesn’t really believe in it. But first he would call her his number one lady, and that’s a sure sign that he’s on the way to love. Lighting candles and making love all night long, every night is another way, and he might even choose to say he can’t live without her.

David is the hardest because his strong will keeps him acting hard, although as a possessive, he might come right out and say ‘You’re mine and you’ll always be mine.’ Could be scary. Respect would be the biggest hint in actions, like having him place his hand on the small of her back as they walked, opening doors, defending her honor if needed and even having her sit on his lap in the cave. He’s really not the type to talk a lot of fluff, but simple compliments would be plenty, and perhaps even single red roses left on her pillow as a sign that he’s thinking about or misses her.