if you take into account the fact that Severen has what appears to be a fairly modern Los Angeles patch on his pants we can assume that he and by extension the rest of the group had been in California within a certain timeframe meaning that it’s not totally out-of-the-question that a certain two vampire covens would run into each other what i’m saying is Mae/Star is pretty much canon


Vampire Crossover - Near Dark/Lost Boys - Star/Mae

The light that’s leaving that star right now will take a billion years to get down here. You want to know why you’ve never met a girl like me before?

Star had never seen anything like it before, a creature like her but not her, a predator that looks like a pixie, slim and fay and golden haired, wiping the spots of blood from her lips.

Mae points to the heavens, and Star sees the awe in her face, that remains even she turns to Star.

“I love your name.” She says softly, and Star never knew beasts could look so lovely, faced turned up towards the moon, silver and delicate and oh so soft. Mae hears her name and thinks of eternity. Star hears it and thinks of death.”We’re like them, you and I. We’ll still be here when their light reaches the earth, to touch us both, and we’re still be here, together.”

“Even the stars die, eventually,” Star says in reply, and turns from Mae’s frown, the first prick of her tears.

They kiss, unrestrained and yet restrained, lips instead of teeth, even if they feel the pound and throb of blood, like fire ants running beneath the skin.

“Come with me?” Mae asks. Roads stretch further onward from Santa Carla, a deep dark horizon lined with stars. It is a road Mae has charted, from the coast to the desert and back again. Mae looks at Star the way she looks at the heavens, blissful and sad and hopeful, all in one. 

Star will fly her to the heavens and back again, and then straight on till’ morning, if that is what Mae asks, if that is what Mae wants. They kiss, and bite the skin of their mouths, and it tastes like eternity, tastes like love, the way Star always imagined blood to be like, the salt of life and everything in it, a life with Mae. 

“Yes,” She says, and they are gone before the first streak of sun, chasing the stars over the end of the world and beyond.

80’s movies and chill

Pretty In Pink (‘86)

tbh Molly is probably my favorite ‘80s actress


80s movie kisses (part 3)