The Loop

Imagine the look Draco gives you when he notices you for the first time during potions class. You didn’t know the right answer and although he knew that there was actually no reason why he should care, something inside him just couldn’t endure Snape yelling at you because a part of him suddenly felt so close to you as your eyes met for a short moment, even if he couldn’t classify this kind of feeling yet.

In the loop in Saint Louis there’s a restaurant called Blueberry Hill. It’s a landmark in the city, because usually every artist/comedian will come and perform in their duck room. The owner has a tradition of taking pictures with everyone who performs at his place.

When Childish Gambino came to perform in 2011, the owner snapped this pic with him, crediting him as Danny Glover. Part of me thinks Donald purposefully told him to do that. The curse continues…