The Local 662


Music Monday Tuesday: Venues Edition

Live music venues are crucial to any fan of any genre. There are a wide variety of clubs around the world that aim to bring you the best concert-going experience and local flavor. Here are a few who are doing just that on Tumblr.

This rock club duplex, nestled in Echo Park, Los Angeles, is home to a glory of shows and weekly events. They’ve expanded their reach to some nontraditional venues, including the Twilight Concert Series held at Santa Monica Pier. The blog illustrates the LA scene with original photos, flyers and playlists. 

Located in St. Petersburg, FL, the Local 662 hosts a wide range of multi-media events. Formerly known as “The Garage,” this venue brings in plenty of local talent - plus, it’s conveniently situated next to a record store to satisfy all your crate-digging urges. 

What started out as Washington, DC’s hotspot for alternative music in 1980 has grown to become Rolling Stone’s “Best Big Room in America.” Their Tumblr offers a Video of the Day plus Throwback Thursdays contests where you can win tickets to upcoming shows. If we lived in DC, we would probably live at the 9:30 Club.


Tallhart will be performing at The Local 662 this Saturday.  Will you be there?