The Little Mermaid

But imagine Lupin watching the Little Mermaid

Just imagine Lupin watching the Little Mermaid and crying through the entire movie because there is this love story with this red head being introduced to a new magical world and she wants to know everything about it and there is this good looking prince with messy black hair who instantly falls in love with her and owns this dog who would never leave his side and just DON’T TOUCH ME I’M NOT OK


The Academy Ball Trailer

I can’t be anymore pumped dear goodness. <3


And I apologize right now for the picture of the Warhammer cosplayer: they were fixing his outfit, so I didn’t really get a chance to ask for his picture (WHICH I ALWAYS DO OTHERWISE), and we were in a hurry and I wasn’t sure if I’d see him again since it’s such a huge con….I feel bad T_T but they both looked amazing if anyone knows them offline! Please tell them!


(via Ariel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)