The Line It Is Drawn

Gay men squeezing my ass, how is that okay? How is that not sexual harassment?

Why is it acceptable for guys to touch/squeeze/push another man’s ass at a gay club or any club without repercussions?

It isn’t. It’s sexual harassment and it’s a load of bullshit. Some gay men ask for equality but they treat others like pieces of meat. Where is the line drawn for gay men?

I have a lot of Feelings about the way Casey sings “Best days ever” in Armed and Ready because the way the line is so drawn out fills it with so much longing, and thinking about how much Yang loved the time she spent at Beacon is makes me so emotional.

300 Follower MEGA COLLAB!

Hello! Here to bring some exciting news!

Since we’ve hit 300 Followers, I have decided to do something risky, but it will be worth it in the end!


This will be a photo with all our main gemsonas in it! Anyone who has a gemsona they can draw can participate! Digital users can follow directions under “How it will work” section while traditional users must draw a clean reference for their gemsona with a pose of their choice. Then, they will take a picture in good lighting and a straight-on angle. Make sure your lines are dark and your colors are clean! This collab will depend on communication, so I need you to personally message me if you want to join. 


As you can see, I have drawn this picture:

The red lines represent the horizon (I couldn’t draw an actual horizon line because it will get in the way).

I will make a download of this and send it to you when it is your turn to draw. It is vital that you keep the PNG transparent and to the same pixel dimensions as the original (4500x3500)

Draw your gemsona on a layer under the main layer (Beraunite needs to stay in front). 

When you are done drawing in your gemsona, please make a download from your DeviantArt St.ash (if you don’t have a DA account, please make one, it’s worth it!) DeviantArt will preserve the pixel resolution for the next person.

Finally, I will download back the drawing and we will continue this for each person.

I promise this will look amazing and I will post it tagging all of you!

Things to note:

-Beraunite is 6′4″, so please draw your gemsona roughly equal to the scale of the drawing.

-The red lines on either side of the drawing mark where the sky will be, so no feet should be inside that area. 

-Don’t leave too much space between characters.

-In the end, it should look like one of those graduation photos (but less tightly packed).

-Use your own style! The difference of styles will look great!

-Any questions? Ask me, I won’t judge!

Again, thank you so much for 300 followers and I think this will work out great!

Lighter Than Black 6

Hi! If you were as destroyed by episode 85 as i was, then you know why i took so long getting this chapter out. its a cute one with Pike and Vax in it, if that makes it better.




Scanlan is dead. They come back cradling his too still body in their arms. He was always so loud and alive and… annoying. Seeing him, lifeless and cold, felt wrong. Like a turtle without its shell. Kynan was in the town square when Vox Machina stumbled through the Sun Tree. Technically, he was there for Cassandra, as she had expressed an interest in being alerted to Vox Machina’s arrivals. She had meant ‘post a guard’, but Kynan felt like he had crossed the tentative line he and Cassandra had drawn between them. He absolutely was not sulking.

None of the members of Vox Machina saw him as he ran for Cassandra’s office. She looked surprised when he burst into her office. Understandable, as he hadn’t bothered knocking.

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namjoon is the cutest make sure to tell your friends

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought of drawing galra Keith?

Not really? I don’t exactly see the appeal of it, but, I mean, sure? Here, one (1) furry Keith for you anon 👍