Shoutout & Minecraft

As some of you know, i own a little minecraft server. ( A really little one )
And I asked a while ago if people where still interrested in Lego minecraft.
The offer still stands. If you are interrested, send me a note.

Also: I am searching for people who are up for Lego-RP or chat/discussion.
(RP can happen in a forum, or skype, or in notes whatever you prefere )

I feel horribly left alone with my legos lately ( aside from one wonderful person ) and would love to change that. Just keep in mind, that I live in a european timezone and have a fulltime job. Again, if interrested, send me a note.

Ok but ya’ll realize that in the last year Chris Pratt has played a superhero who saves the universe with the power of freindship, a talking lego who goes on adventures with Batman (that’s what the trailers look like anyway, I haven’t actually seen that one) and a guy who spends all day playing with dinosaurs and eventually turns them into his own tiny army to destroy the bigger dinosaur right?


Chris Pratt is reliving his childhood and getting paid for it

He’s becoming a superstar for pretending to be the same things nearly everyone wanted to be when we were kids

Chris Pratt is living out everyone’s childhood dreams and is becoming a rich superstar from it

May we all be so lucky