The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Buncha sketches of all the Links from the games I’ve played, in order

1. Sleep well, sweet prince

2. Shazam

3. Cinnamon roll, too pure for this world

4. 2edgy5me

5. ben drowned

6. ignoring the main quest because the world is too big and the side quests too much fun

bonus closeup of my two favorite sketches

Finished this in time for Zelda Day! I wanted this to be a gif, but I couldn’t keep it within Tumblr’s 3mb size limit, and compression got really shitty. So a video file is the only way I can salvage 2 weeks of work.

EDIT: Lots of people (angrily) asking why I left out TP. I like the game, but I only had time to make one Link per console (I wanted to make it by BOTW launch and before I travel for work again.) WW and SS embody their respective consoles better than TP, I felt, so that’s what I went for. 

I’d like to add MM and TP in the future! But I also want to keep the file size low…