The Last Shadow Puppets


And we’re onto Santa Cruz, CA from last month. Back then I already shared ‘Bad Habits’ (, here’s ‘The Element Of Surprise’, live from The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA - 18 April 2016.


I don’t even know what I was thinking, but I blame the Miracle Aligner video (no actually just the very first minute of it) and I do apologize for making Alex orange (…) it wasn’t my original intentions but it kinda just happened…

For some reason I feel like this just doesn’t fit with this era at all but I couldn’t help it… maybe it’s something about eycte like a shift in dynamics, that and Miles is just way too adorable and I can’t handle his cuteness. Anyway, this is my first milex drawing and I’m just gonna post this now and go hide somewhere and wait for photos/videos of the gig >///<