The Kiss of Life

deep blue

it was one of those days
when love was a still life
painting splashed in shades
of mystic blue eyes
that held a cloudless sky
closer than the horizon
our bench by the lake
calm as a blue heron
hidden in reeds
a refuge in hands
massaging smoothness into
pebbles and ducks dove
for words resurfacing
as open mouthed
kisses deepening
a steel grey blue into
liquid aquamarine


Taurus Traits:
Partnerships are very important to you because you need to feel you belong to someone and someone belongs to you. Kisses and hugs are necessities in your life because sensuality is what brings you peace of mind. You need it in order to feel you are at your best self. A hint of pleasure and fun will excite and renew you.

For sale: Baby shoes (teen wolf)

A/N: This wasn’t requested but I decided to pour out my heart on this so please enjoy it!

Plot: You and stiles are together until something tragic happens

“I can’t believe I’m 9 month pregnant. We are going to be parents.” You grinned and hugged Stiles. 

“I’m excited to have a little Stilinski running around the house.” He said and kissed you. This was great. You’re with the love of your life, you’re even pregnant and you have amazing friends. What else would you want in the world?

“Did you tell the pack to come over?” You asked as you were doing the table for tonight occasion. 

“Yes I did. I told them to come at 8.” Stiles smiled and came closer to you after hiding a small present on a couch under a pillow.

“That is fantastic.” You said and slapped his ass before continue cleaning the place. 

“Hey, aren’t I supposed to be the one slapping your ass.” He joked and went to the kitchen to bring out some snack for the pack. You stuck your tongue out at him and shook patted bum before siting down. If only life could be this perfect everyday. The place is ready, the food is ready, you guys are ready. Now all that’s left is for you is to wait for the pack to come.

You were basically pacing around the living waiting for your friends to get here. “Babe relax, everything will be fine.” Stiles reassured and gave you a heart warming smile. 

“I know, I know, I’m just nervous. Its about to come soon.” You admitted and went to sat down dangerously close to the hidden present, which gave him a mini heart attack.

“I love you, you know.” You said and pecked his lips. 

“And I love you.” He was about to kiss you but the doorbell rang. “They’re here. Okay lets do this.” You said and took some breaths while walking towards the door. 

“Wow they are early.” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, he wasn’t quite sure if it really was the pack. “Um Babe let me get the doo-”

It was too late, you had already open the door and instead of greeting the pack, you were greeted with the a hunter. The hunter slammed into you causing you to cry out in pain and clutch your extremely swollen belly. Then the hunter electrocuted you with some sort of high volt taser, sending you into a heart attack.

“Y/N!” Stiles ran to your side with a bat and swung as hard he could on the hunter head making the hunter body crumple to ground as blood pooled around his head. Stiles wasted no time in calling for an ambulance. Everything was blur and chaos. 

You were immediately sent into the immediate care.

Years ago Stiles became an EMT to save people’s live.

20 minutes of CPR on you proved that it was a lie.

They told Stiles’ that they could save either you or his son.

They were wrong.

The heart monitor chimed its final tune.

Come the end there was no applause.

“No…” Stiles croaked out, tears spilling out of his eyes. His throat felt like it was clogged. He couldn’t say anything. He slowly pulled his hand away from your lifeless corpse. He lost two people in one day. 

He didn’t bother to drive back home in his jeep, he walked back slowly to the place he once called home with you. The sun was rising, little rays of the sunlight peeked through the clouds and each step he took broke his heart into little smithereens. As he reached the house, he went to your room and packed all your stuffs into a box. 

He kept the ultra sound.

Someone he never met.

He sat on the couch in the living room He pulled out the present and unwrapped it, it was a pair of a blue baby shoes. The ones you had asked for.

He set up a table out in the front yard and placed the baby shoe on display.

“For Sale:

Baby shoes. Never Worn.”

people commenting on your intelligence always feels sarcastic even when it probably isn’t… like i remember once i was on some kind of tangent about how black holes work & knowing myself the way i speak, i doubt the phrasing was completely coherent. the guy who i was talking to stopped me mid sentence to tell me “you’re so smart” and he kissed my cheek but i’ve never felt so attacked in my life

I think one of the things that makes me really sad but then also makes my heart swell at Zero’s death scene is the fact that he doesn’t speak at all, he just holds her, just smiles at her and only wants to feel her one last time. The last thing he does before dying is smile, no words come from him and all of his love, his happiness; everything he felt for her he just shows through his touch, his smile and his kiss. This was how I wanted Zero to have lived his life; with happiness and he did, for that I am so grateful.