The Johnny Cash Show


Ray Charles & Johnny Cash - Busted

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“At rehearsal, June [Carter Cash] noticed that Linda didn’t have any panties on, so she came running back to the dressing room, [saying], ‘Somebody get down the street and buy her some bloomers, she’s out there showing herself!’,”  “When Linda was told she would have to wear underwear, she was very upset. She said, ‘I sing better bare-butted.‘” June’s response at the time? “Not in front of my Johnny!”


Both Sides Now-Joni Mitchell

From the premiere of The Johnny Cash Show


Dennis Hopper performs “If” by Rudyard Kipling


Derek and the Dominos on the Johnny Cash Show? Absolutely.

I believe this is the only TV appearance the band ever did. Anyone know of any other footage?

(And man, Whitlock was the super secret weapon of this band. Shame where he ended up. What a talent.)