The Joe Perry Project

“Let me tell you about weakness! Killing the strong to prove your strength is foolish weakness. Killing fools is easy weakness. Killing the weak is evil weakness. Accomplishing your ends without killing, mastering your mind when you want to kill–that is strength!”Victoria Hanley, The Seer and the Sword

Antipodes Project -Collaborative drawing composed of twenty 11 X 14 pieces of paper placed together. Total size is 70 by 44 inches, Micron pens on cold press bristol paper. Artists: Ben Tolman, Joe MacGown, Joseph H. MacGown, Julianne MacGown, Ryan Thornburg, Otto Rapp, Marnie Pitts, Pizo Meyer, Zachary Nolin, Chloe Marsters, Jay Garfinkle, Marcel Bakker, Paulo Cunha, Alexander Bostic, Deborah Valentine, Gil Perry, and Lars Peterson