The Impossible Dream

Wow so first of let me just say that i have never ever posted a no-makeup selfie before. I am so insecure about my looks, but now i posted this in the hope that taylorswift might end up seeing it and yea that would make my life. So yeah, THIS IS MY FACE TAYLOR

If you have the time to read this, then here’s a little story about me that I would LOVE for you to read:

Dear Taylor, I have been a fan of you since I was 8 years old and I heard Love Story on the radio for the first time. I am not english, and when I first heard your music I didn’t understand it, I just fell in love with it instantly. I remember sitting and translating your songs, and singing along to them the best that I could. Because of you, I got so fascinated by song-lyrics and music in general. My mom ended up buying me your Fearless album, even though I did not understand what you were singing, I just loved you so much. I translated every single song on the album, and that just made me love it even more. I would dance around the room to your music until I had to go to sleep. Now, all because of you, Taylor, I am studying music and english in high school. I write songs, I play the guitar, the piano and the ukulele, and music is basically my entire life- and you are the one I can thank for that, Taylor. I am 1989% sure that if I hadn’t heard Love Story back then, my life would be totally different. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Taylor!

Sadly, I have never ever seen you live, since you have never been to Denmark. I was so sad when you didn’t come here during the RED tour, and I cried when I saw that you wouldn’t come here on your 1989 Tour either. I pretty much lost all hope that I would ever see you, well, that was until MY DAD CAME INTO MY ROOM AND TOLD ME THAT WE COULD GO TO AMSTERDAM! So Taylor- Guess what?  I’LL SEE YOU ON THE 1989 TOUR IN AMSTERDAM, ON JUNE 21ST!!! 

(I’ll be in section C, row 7 seat 71+72, if anyone is close come say hi!)

My dad is also a very big fan of yours, and we are both so excited. One of my biggest wishes(well, the biggest is to meet you and thank you in person) is finally coming true. Dear Taylor, I would be enchanted to meet youI know this is a big dream, especially for an international Swiftie like me. But you said it yourself: Dream impossible dreams, right? 

I love you, Taylor Alison Swift, you amazing, talented, kind and incredibly beautiful girl. I’ll see you on tour! (FINALLY!) Thank you, for everything Taylor.

P.s, sorry if my English is not perfect. I am Danish, afterall <3

Love, Nadia.


TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 2002, Broadway reverberates with Brian Stokes Mitchell’s baritone singing “The Impossible Dream” when he opens a revival of Man of La Mancha at the Martin Beck Theatre, co-starring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Dulcinea and Ernie Sabella as Sancho. It runs 304 performances.

For more on the 2002 revival of Man of La Mancha, including a look inside the opening night Playbill, visit




EVERYONE: Declare your dream on camera - then go out and do it.  Here are some questions you can answer in your video:

  • What is your Final Project / Final Goal / Measure of Achievement?
  • How long do you think achieving this dream might take?
  • How / Where could you start documenting the process?
  • What milestone can you achieve by September 2015?

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